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How Investors at the California Capital Conference Picked the Next Top Small-Cap Companies
Source: Staff of The Gold Report  (12/7/15)
If only someone could bottle the experience of finding an overlooked company, investing for pennies a share and cashing in for 10, 20 or 30 times what you paid. Priceless, right? But how to find those companies? Small caps aren't covered by the mainstream press and analysts the way blue chips are, and determining value of an early-stage company before profit and loss statements take on real meaning and big questions about science and markets are answered can be difficult. That is why veteran investors like Tom Swaney, president of California-based Harwood Capital Inc., like to meet management in person at events like the California Capital Conference. More >

Doug Casey

How is Doug Casey Preparing for a Crisis Worse than 2008? He and His Fellow Millionaires Are Getting Back to Basics
Source: JT Long of The Mining Report  (9/2/14)
Trillions of dollars of debt, a bond bubble on the verge of bursting and economic distortions that make it difficult for investors to know what is going on behind the curtain have created what author Doug Casey calls a crisis economy. But he is not one to be beaten down. He is planning to make the most of this coming financial disaster by buying equities with real value—silver, gold, uranium, even coal. And, in this interview with The Mining Report, he shares his formula for determining which of the 1,500 "so-called mining stocks" on the TSX actually have value. More >

Energy Independence: Financial Fact or Political Fiction?
Source: JT Long of The Energy Report  (7/3/14)
energyind82It has been more than a year since Citigroup Inc. published "Energy 2020: Independence Day," outlining the impacts of progress toward North American energy self-sufficiency. For this special 4th of July edition of The Energy Report, we reached out to experts in the energy investing space for an update on how recent political events and production trends in the field impact our ability to produce what we use. For Porter Stansberry, Marin Katusa, Chris Martenson, Bill Powers and Cactus Schroeder, the prospects for the future—and the associated investing opportunities—depend on the perspective. More >

us russia

Why Uranium and Coal Rank High for Energy Return on Energy Invested: Thomas Drolet
Source: Tom Armistead of The Mining Report  (12/3/13)
Not all energy options are equally good, says Thomas Drolet, principal of Drolet & Associates Energy Services Inc. Using an "Energy Return on Energy Invested (EROEI)" calculation to decide which energy sources yield the most for the least energy investment, Drolet sees hydroelectricity, natural gas, uranium and coal at the top of the list. Drolet adds that the need for reliable power will keep baseload power fueled by uranium and coal at the center of the world's electricity systems for many years, but he tips The Mining Report to some technologies looking for investment that can help make coal a more environment-friendly fuel. More >

Peter Epstein

Capture Upside in Undervalued, Underfollowed Energy Stocks: Peter Epstein
Source: Rita Sapunor of The Energy Report  (7/25/13)
Big gains are rarely found by jumping on the bandwagon. Peter Epstein, independent analyst and founder of MockingJay Inc., argues that market darlings won't reward latecomers; that's why he spends his time finding undervalued, underfollowed junior resource companies. In this interview with The Energy Report, Epstein shares his resource stock diamonds in the rough, including a uranium name commercializing a groundbreaking technology and a graphite company beating its competitors to market. More >

Malcolm Gissen Marshall Berol

Survival of the Fittest in Energy Investment: Malcolm Gissen and Marshall Berol
Source: Peter Byrne of The Energy Report  (2/19/13)
Times may be tough for energy commodities, but Encompass Fund Managers Malcolm Gissen and Marshall Berol are hard-core survivors. In this interview with The Energy Report, the dynamic duo share their tactics for winning in 2013 after decades of experience investing in uranium, oil and gas, coal, hydroelectric and geothermal energy. More >

Kevin Bambrough Paul Dimitriadis

Why the Pros Bet Contrarian: Sprott Execs Bambrough and Dimitriadis
Source: Zig Lambo of The Energy Report  (12/11/12)
When oil was in the limelight, Sprott's Bambrough and Dimitriadis went for wallflower companies in beaten-down sectors. Since 2007, the pair has seen striking highs and lows in natural gas, coal and potash and invested accordingly, infusing companies with much-needed capital and creating startling profits during sector upswings. Read on to benefit from the wisdom these two successful fund managers share in this Energy Report interview and find out where the duo is looking next for major growth. More >

Rick Rule

Rick Rule: A Global Perspective on US Energy Independence
Source: Karen Roche of The Energy Report  (11/27/12)
Could politicians' talk of the U.S. becoming energy self-sufficient be coming true? Rick Rule, founder and chairman of Sprott Global Resource Investments Ltd., explains how world energy market dynamics will shift as the U.S. reaches natural gas exporter status. From oil, gas and uranium, to hydro and geothermal, with a detour into energy infrastructure plays, Rule shares the rules he invests by in this Energy Report interview. More >

James West

James West Sees Catalysts in the Energy Sector
Source: The Energy Report Editors  (11/15/12)
As we head into the last quarter of the year, James West questions how important macroeconomic trends are for individual investors. But he does believe stock catalysts in the energy space are easier to understand than precious metals market forces. In this interview with The Energy Report, West updates us on some possible top performers in the space and what they're doing right. More >

Siddharth Rajeev

Stop Gambling and Find Stable Profits in Energy Investment: Sid Rajeev
Source: Zig Lambo of The Energy Report  (10/30/12)
Are junior resource stocks the investment equivalent of a game of blackjack? It depends on the investor as much as it does on the company. Sid Rajeev of Fundamental Research Corp. has come to expect stability from his picks. How? By using fair-value metrics and a longer-term timeline. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, learn how this pragmatic analyst plays a speculative market for reliable returns. More >

Elliott Gue

Deepwater Service Stocks Are Tapping the Supercycle Sweet Spot: Elliott Gue
Source: Zig Lambo of The Energy Report  (9/6/12)
Elliott Gue, author and Energy Strategist editor, is excited about energy services companies. With high day-rates, long-term contracts and an international shortage of rigs for hire, many companies in this space are thriving and poised to deliver even greater shareholder dividends. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, Gue highlights catalysts that should unlock more upside potential. More >

Mark Lackey

This Is Your Energy Entry Point: Mark Lackey
Source: Zig Lambo of The Energy Report  (8/30/12)
Oil prices are starting to creep back up while gas, coal and uranium are poised for moves this fall, according to Mark Lackey, long-time energy analyst now representing resource companies with CHF Investor Relations. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, Lackey shares his current insights on energy markets and talks about a number of companies he thinks are sleepers, ready to move quickly when the energy commodities take off. More >

Don Coxe

Invest in What China Needs to Buy: Don Coxe
Source: Peter Byrne of The Energy Report   (8/28/12)
The U.S. is no longer the safest place in the world to invest, says Don Coxe, a strategic advisor to the BMO Financial Group. While U.S.-based companies are forced to wade through red tape and legal challenges, relatively lax regulation in emerging economies created stiff competition. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, Coxe explains how investors should position themselves as China and India rise to superpower status. More >

Chen Lin

Build Profits with Deep-Value Energy Stocks: Chen Lin
Source: The Energy Report Editors  (7/12/12)
Chen Lin is the ultimate do-it-yourself investor, and uses his know-how to add value to his own portfolio. He's up yet again this quarter, a feat he attributes to gains in some of his top energy holdings. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, the What Is Chen Buying? author profiles his favorite picks and explains why dividends are pivotal in a risk-averse market. More >

Jerome Hass Jimmy Chu

Canadian Coal Moles: Jerome Hass and Jimmy Chu
Source: Peter Byrne of The Energy Report   (5/10/12)
For low-risk returns, Lightwater Partners' Fund Managers Jerome Hass and Jimmy Chu look seaward. Bulk commodities like metallurgical coal, they explain, offer greater stability because a small number of major buyers determine pricing, while shipping logistics provide a yardstick to determine a project's economics. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, Hass and Chu talk about how international supply is shifting and which junior stocks may experience a jump in a steady-as-she-goes market. More >

Chen Lin

An Oil and Gas Play-by-Play: Chen Lin
Source: The Energy Report Staff  (5/3/12)
Chen Lin isn't one for doom-and-gloom prophecies, nor is he particularly interested in energy-related political squabbles. As the title suggests, the publisher of What Is Chen Buying/Selling? is first and foremost a trader, and he's booked the profits to prove it. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, the ever practical Lin discusses where to look, when to buy and which names will have him coming back for more later this year. More >

Geordie Mark

Uranium Markets Evolve: Geordie Mark
Source: George S. Mack of The Energy Report  (3/13/12)
With the "Megatons to Megawatts" program scheduled to end soon, uranium market dynamics are shifting. Geordie Mark, a uranium analyst with Haywood Securities in Vancouver, explores the possibilities in this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, emphasizing the industry's strong long-term fundamentals. More >

Mark Lackey

The Nuclear Revival: Mark Lackey
Source: Brian Sylvester of The Energy Report  (3/8/12)
Emerging from the shadow of Fukushima, the nuclear sector is on the cusp of a comeback, according to Mark Lackey, chief investment strategist with Toronto-based Pope & Company. Nuclear plants have been reopened, and as many as 200 new plants worldwide are scheduled to come online. At the same time, uranium supply shortages loom on the horizon, making for bullish fundamentals for uranium miners. Lackey's faith in the coal sectors also burns brightly. He reveals his favorites in both sectors in this exclusive Energy Report interview. More >

James West

The Who, What and Where of Energy Investing: James West
Source: Brian Sylvester of The Energy Report  (2/23/12)
James West, publisher of the Midas Letter, asks himself three questions when considering energy investment opportunities: Who is the management? What is the asset mix? Where is the project located? He shares the names of companies in the oil, gas, uranium and lithium sectors that have all the right answers in this exclusive interview with The Energy Report. More >

Geordie Mark

Geordie Mark: Coal and Uranium Generate Heat
Source: Brian Sylvester of The Energy Report  (11/15/11)
From fossil fuels to fission, growing global demand for power generation offers investment opportunities. Thermal coal is heating up and the uranium junior mining sector is set for development and a wave of consolidation. Geordie Mark, mining analyst with Haywood Securities in Vancouver, shares his thoughts in this exclusive Energy Report interview. More >

Schneur Gershuni

Shneur Gershuni: Coal Stocks Fired Up
Source: George Mack of The Energy Report  (3/22/11)
The earthquake, tsunami and resulting problems at the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan could impact some coal plays as global demand shifts to fossil fuel. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, UBS Securities Analyst Shneur Gershuni argues a bullish case for coal demand and shares some select coal stocks poised to benefit significantly. More >

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