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Johan Hedstrom

Five Companies in Australia's Cooper Basin Worth Watching: Canaccord Genuity's Johan Hedstrom

Canaccord Genuity energy analyst Johan Hedstrom is tasked with scouring the Australian oil patch looking for good deals even as prices slip and slide. In an interview with The Energy Report, Hedstrom minces no words: Pricing and rig costs are obstacles to taking large profits. But there is a silver lining to the energy price cloudŚAustralian gas exports.

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Simon Moores

Where Will the Graphite, Lithium and Cobalt for the Battery Revolution Come From?: Simon Moores

Following the lead of Tesla Motors, LG Chem, Foxconn and others are racing to build megafactories to build batteries for electric cars. Yet even now the world supply of graphite, lithium and cobalt needed to supply these factories is insufficient. In this interview with The Mining Report, Simon Moores, managing director of Benchmark Mineral Intelligence, explains that we can soon expect healthy prices for all three metals, but the juniors that will succeed in the market must first and foremost learn to meet the needs of the end users.

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How Healthier Food Boosts Margins for Ag Companies and Investors: AltaCorp's John Chu

According to John Chu of AltaCorp Capital Inc., the trend toward healthier eating equals tremendous growth potential for companies specializing in high-margin foodstuffs. (3/19/15) More >

Newsletter Briefs

"TGC's 3-D seismic tests compare favorably with one of the best producing portions of neighboring Senex." (3/10/15) Terra Nova Energy Ltd. - The Mining Report Interview with Carlo Civelli Moreá>

"MVN could be an acquisition target or a major opportunity for an investor." (3/19/15) Madalena Energy Inc. - Power Hedge, Seeking Alpha Moreá>

"RDS' downstream growth and capital discipline will provide plenty of room to continue paying its 5% dividend yield." (2/26/15) Royal Dutch Shell Plc - Bob Ciura, Seeking Alpha Moreá>

"MEI is in good shape because of its prudence, and yet is trading very cheaply versus its peers." (2/26/15) Manitok Energy Inc. - The Energy Report Interview with Brian Bagnell Moreá>

"HME will flourish once the market moves." (2/19/15) Hemisphere Energy Corp. - The Energy Report Interview with Etienne Moshevich Moreá>

"MVN has a solid financial position and an even better land base in what could be the biggest shale play in the world." (2/19/15) Madalena Energy Inc. - The Energy Report Interview with Etienne Moshevich Moreá>

Expert Analysis

"Following pressure and temperature analysis, EW's Cheal-E2 well will be placed on permanent production." (3/18/15) East West Petroleum Corp. - M Partners Moreá>

"We are initiating coverage on HME with a Buy recommendation." (3/19/15) Hemisphere Energy Corp. - David Ricciardi, Mackie Research Capital Moreá>

"RE's polymer flood should provide investors with confidence." (3/20/15) Rock Energy Inc. - Thomas Matthews, Alta Corp Capital Moreá>

"RE drilled 75 wells at an average success rate of 92% in 2014." (3/20/15) Rock Energy Inc. - David Ricciardi, Mackie Research Capital Moreá>

"FCU's first R600W hole is a new discovery and potential game changer." (3/25/15) Fission Uranium Corp. - David Talbot, Dundee Capital Markets Moreá>

"POE stock is trading below its cash value." (3/25/15) Pan Orient Energy Corp. - Bill Newman, Mackie Research Capital Moreá>