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Simon Tonkin

The Message from the Australian Front Is Uranium Is Looking More Attractive: Patersons' Simon Tonkin

Australia has a lock on a significant portion of the world's uranium reserves. Patersons Securities' Simon Tonkin is the go-to man for analyzing the Australian energy markets. In this interview with The Energy Report, Tonkin tells us how the uranium investment space works—and which junior explorers in Australia, Africa and North America look attractive as the price of yellowcake continues to stabilize.

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Joe Reagor

Joe Reagor: Four Uranium Companies Poised to Profit from the Growth of Nuclear Power

Nuclear power is enjoying a renaissance, and the world will soon need more uranium. Up to 50% more within a decade, says Joe Reagor of ROTH Capital. In this interview with The Mining Report, he explains that the share prices of uranium juniors remain low because the uranium spot price has not yet risen to reflect the increased demand just around the corner. This provides a great opportunity for canny, long-term investors, and Reagor identifies four companies that have the means to profit from the inevitable need for their product.

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Expert Analysis

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