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Thibaut Lepouttre

Looking for Lithium Mega-Deals with Thibaut Lepouttre

Where will Tesla Motors get the tons of lithium it will need to make advanced batteries at its Nevada gigafactory? Is there an opportunity for profit in lithium mining as supply shrinks? For an answer, The Energy Report caught up with Thibaut Lepouttre at his home base in Belgium, where he edits Caesars Report, a newsletter that analyzes international mining projects. In addition to the lowdown on lithium, Lepouttre talks about several low-profile firms with phosphate and uranium mining projects. (9/17/14) More >

Malcolm Gissen Marshall Berol

Malcolm Gissen and Marshall Berol: Welcome to the Golden Era of Oil & Gas

Few things in life are certain, but Encompass Fund managers Malcolm Gissen and Marshall Berol are convinced that the world needs much more energy, and that this is great news for oil and gas companies and their investors. In this interview with The Energy Report, Gissen and Berol highlight eight oil and gas producers with potential for dynamic expansion, and two premium companies in the burgeoning sector of oil and gas services. (9/11/14) More >

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Newsletter Briefs

"FCV's Bayovar 12 project is in a strong phosphate region; this is a dream situation for any mining company." (9/17/14) Focus Ventures Ltd. - The Energy Report Interview with Thibaut Lepouttre More >

"REL just finished the phase 1 program." (9/17/14) Roughrider Exploration Ltd. - The Gold Report Interview with Eric Coffin More >

"After a strong IPO, WATT stands to benefit tremendously from the growing wireless charging market." (9/17/14) Energous Corp. - Michael Fitzsimmons, Seeking Alpha More >

"FCU is really a bet on higher uranium prices." (9/15/14) Fission Uranium Corp. - The Gold Report Interview with Brien Lundin More >

"RDS is one of the largest oil companies in the world and an integrated producer." (9/11/14) Royal Dutch Shell Plc - The Energy Report Interview with Elliott Gue More >

"I expect that FCV's resource at Bayovar 12 could easily double with more drilling." (9/14/14) Focus Ventures Ltd. - Brent Cook, Exploration Insights More >

Expert Analysis

"We see significant upside if POE's initial bitumen production results indicate the potential commerciality of the Sawn Lake project." (9/17/14) Pan Orient Energy Corp. - Bill Newman, Mackie Research Capital More >

"URZ's first sales from Nichols Ranch are a major milestone and could net $4M or more." (9/16/14) Uranerz Energy Corp. - Colin Healey, Haywood Securities More >

"FCU's PLS is almost guaranteed to become a uranium mine at some point, and a highly lucrative one at that." (9/11/14) Fission Uranium Corp. - Brien Lundin, Gold Newsletter (Jefferson Financial) More >

"We expect further growth momentum from MMT and maintain our Buy rating." (9/11/14) Mart Resources Inc. - Amin Haque, Industrial Alliance Securities More >

"UEX's data review identified several high-quality Hidden Bay targets." (9/8/14) UEX Corp. - David Sadowski, Raymond James More >

"NZ's sales averaged 224 bbl/d in Q2/14, ahead of our estimate." (9/3/14) New Zealand Energy Corp. - David Buma, M Partners More >