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A Year of Tips for Winning the Natural Resource Investment War
Source: The Energy Report Staff   (12/29/15)
Energy investors are no strangers to boom-and-bust cycles. In fact, a number of the experts interviewed by The Energy Report in 2015 took a certain amount of glee in the opportunities they knew would open up in low-price markets for oil and gas, uranium and lithium. Let's take a trip around the world as we recall the words of wisdom these experts shared, and see if they can spark a better understanding of what we can expect during the next turn around the sun. More >

Brett Wong

Piper Jaffray's Brett Wong: How to Profit from Government Mandates in Biofuels
Source: JT Long of The Energy Report  (10/6/15)
New proposed EPA requirements for the renewable fuel standard program, combined with challenging sugarcane harvests in South America, could increase demand for biodiesel, creating opportunity in a struggling energy sector. In this interview with The Energy Report, Piper Jaffray Analyst Brett Wong names a growing company that could profit from government mandates. More >

JinMing Liu

The Tao of Investing in the Renewable Energy Market: Practice Patience, Not Panic, Says JinMing Liu
Source: Tom Armistead of The Energy Report  (10/29/14)
With the market bucking like a rodeo bull, investors should hang on and sit tight, JinMing Liu advises, especially with the high-beta cleantech and renewable energy industries he covers. In this interview with The Energy Report, the senior vice president and director of research at Ardour Capital Investments explains how the recent market correction affects both the cleantech and waste-management companies in his portfolio. His advice throughout: Be patient. More >

Energy Independence: Financial Fact or Political Fiction?
Source: JT Long of The Energy Report  (7/3/14)
energyind82It has been more than a year since Citigroup Inc. published "Energy 2020: Independence Day," outlining the impacts of progress toward North American energy self-sufficiency. For this special 4th of July edition of The Energy Report, we reached out to experts in the energy investing space for an update on how recent political events and production trends in the field impact our ability to produce what we use. For Porter Stansberry, Marin Katusa, Chris Martenson, Bill Powers and Cactus Schroeder, the prospects for the future—and the associated investing opportunities—depend on the perspective. More >

Pavel Molchanov

Raymond James' Pavel Molchanov Sees Stars in the Expanding Cleantech Universe
Source: Peter Byrne of The Energy Report  (4/3/14)
Cleantech, an outperformer in the energy space since 2012, experienced a major expansion phase in 2013 that is still unfolding. In this interview with The Energy Report, Raymond James Energy Analyst Pavel Molchanov points to companies with innovative technologies, strong balance sheets and financial flexibility as examples of low risk with high-flying rewards. Find out about his strongest Buy recommendation, as well as a special situation in big oil. More >

Chen Lin

Fight China's Smog with Ethanol, Says Chen Lin
Source: Peter Byrne of The Energy Report  (2/6/14)
In decades past, we have seen that any commodity China really wants goes through the roof. We saw it in copper. We saw it in oil. We saw it in liquefied natural gas. If China starts mandating a 5% blend of ethanol to gasoline, ethanol should trade on par with gasoline. So says Chen Lin, author of the widely read newsletter What is Chen Buying? What is Chen Selling? But there's more to the story: because China produces no ethanol, U.S. ethanol producers could be looking at a massive new market, not to mention a spike in profit margins. In this interview with The Energy Report, Chen discloses his favorite ethanol picks, as well as some compelling fracking names. More >

Edward Guinness

How Edward Guinness' Alternative Energy Portfolio Climbed 67% in One Year
Source: Tom Armistead of The Energy Report  (10/17/13)
Alternative energy is a long-term investment, but returns are already rolling in, says Edward Guinness, co-manager of the Guinness Atkinson Alternative Energy Fund, which is up a whopping 67% year to date. Before you know it, rooftop solar could be as ubiquitous as mobile phones, and developments in wind energy are already creating a compelling value proposition for energy consumers—especially in Europe, where energy prices are high. Learn about the holdings driving growth for Guinness' fund in this interview with The Energy Report. More >


Hot Alternative Energy Mutual Funds
Source: Zacks Investment Research  (10/14/13)
"The most promising among the new options is power derived from the sea. A number of ocean power technologies may soon become commercially viable options." More >

US Energy Independence: The Next Big Thing for 2013?
Source: Rita Sapunor of The Energy Report  (12/27/12)
Energy investment is about more than just the commodities; it's about growth. That's why, for example, the emerging economies theme has been an important one for investors who know that every business and modern home in Brazil, Russia, China or on the African continent will need to keep the lights on somehow. But the next big thing for 2013 may be in our own backyards: the drive toward U.S. energy independence. How feasible is this goal, and how can investors profit from it? With this question in mind, The Energy Report looked back at some of the most memorable interviews of 2012 for expert advice on how to get positioned. More >

The Beverly Landfillies: New Technologies Turning 'Yuk' to 'Ka-Ching'!
Source: Jim Lane, Biofuels Digest  (12/4/12)
"Is it landfill or jet fuel? New technologies blur our ideas about waste." More >

John McIlveen

How to Pick Renewable Energy Stocks in Changing Markets: John McIlveen
Source: Zig Lambo of The Energy Report  (11/29/12)
It's impossible to generalize when it comes to renewable energy investments. Therefore, investors must approach opportunities on a case-by-case—and state-by-state—basis. But Jacob Securities Senior Vice President of Research John McIlveen knows how to pick his plays in any market environment. In this interview with The Energy Report, John McIlveen names his best bets. As always, safety first. More >

Election Results Bode Well for Renewables
Source: Mavis Scanlon, Energy Prospects West  (11/14/12)
"The tricky part will be translating the ability to work together into real policy drivers for renewables." More >

Election Roundup: Who Are the Winners and Losers in Energy Markets?
Source: Rita Sapunor of The Energy Report  (11/8/12)
Energy policy was a pivotal issue in this year's presidential election, with Obama favoring clean energy, Romney championing coal and both candidates emphasizing the need for U.S. energy independence. President Barack Obama took the opportunity to reaffirm his stance in his victory speech, calling for bipartisan collaboration to face challenges, including "freeing ourselves of foreign oil." But he made no further mention of his energy policy agenda. What's next for energy investors? More >


Evolving Microbes Help Turn Bio-Oil into Advanced Biofuels
Source: R&D Magazine  (10/15/12)
"Iowa State researchers are using a hybrid approach to produce the next generation of biofuels." More >


Six Treacherous Biofuels Crevasses, Six Guides to Steer You
Source: Jim Lane, Biofuels Digest  (10/11/12)
"Six major policy decisions and issues await the U.S. elections. What chasms must companies cross, and how might it shape technology, grants or source crops in the industry?" More >


Aquadudes: 15 Saltwater-Based Energy Technologies Here to Save the Day
Source: Jim Lane, Biofuels Digest  (9/11/12)
"For abundant energy, look for abundant resources. Last we looked, there were 343 sextillion gallons of seawater and 173 million GW of solar energy per year—unimaginable abundance." More >

Don Coxe

Invest in What China Needs to Buy: Don Coxe
Source: Peter Byrne of The Energy Report   (8/28/12)
The U.S. is no longer the safest place in the world to invest, says Don Coxe, a strategic advisor to the BMO Financial Group. While U.S.-based companies are forced to wade through red tape and legal challenges, relatively lax regulation in emerging economies created stiff competition. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, Coxe explains how investors should position themselves as China and India rise to superpower status. More >

New Regulations Could Make Biodiesel Juniors More Competitive
Source: Meghan Gordon, Platts  (8/15/12)
"The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency expects to propose a regulatory fix aimed at restoring the market for renewable fuel credits after three fraud cases shut out all but the largest biodiesel producers." More >

Triple Win for Biofuels on Capitol Hill
Source: Biofuels Digest, Jim Lane  (8/6/12)
"The Senate Appropriations Committee added $100M to the Defense Production Act, which includes funding for the Navy's proposed military biofuels program." More >

us natural gas

Buy American with These Three Commodity ETFs
Source: Eric Dutram, Zacks Investment Research  (7/3/12)
"Agricultural products are feeding biofuel demand, while natural gas exports could drastically reshape energy markets." More >

stock outlook

Alternative Energy Stock Outlook
Source: Zacks Investment Research  (7/2/12)
"Historically, the growth outlook of alternative energy companies has been directly related to the state of the economy and inversely related to the prices of petroleum products. But other macroeconomic uncertainties are weighing on the sector's fortunes." More >

White House Announces Investments in Next-Generation Biofuels
Source: Houma Today, Christopher Doering  (7/2/12)
"The Obama administration said a key part of the spending was $30M in federal funding being made available to quicken the development of biofuels to replace diesel and jet fuel consumed by the military and the commercial aviation and shipping sectors." More >

Tax Breaks May Boost Biofuels
Source: Katharine Fraser, Platts  (6/26/12)
"Biofuels subsidies are relevant to an energy policy debate mainly because oil companies retain subsidies. And there's a move afoot that may boost renewables further." More >


Little Guy Beats Up Big Guys in Biofuel Race, Shares Skyrocket
Source: 24/7 Wall St.  (6/20/12)
"The fuel in question is isobutanol, which could be a substitute for corn ethanol. Gevo's fermentation process can produce isobutanol at a cheaper price than other makers." More >

Biofuels on Busy Aerospace Agenda
Source: The Herald, Michelle Dunlop  (6/18/12)
"There's a lot on the horizon for Washington's aerospace industry, which is positioning the state as an aviation biofuels hotspot." More >

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