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Energy Fuels Inc. is one of the largest producers of uranium in the United States, which is highly strategic as the United States is the World’s largest consumer of uranium. The company owns low-cost in situ uranium recovery (ISR) and conventional production operations in the U.S., including the Nichols Ranch ISR Project in Wyoming; the White Mesa Mill in Utah; and the Alta Mesa ISR Project in South Texas. Combined, the Company has over 11.5 million pounds of production capacity in its portfolio. The company also owns several mines on standby and in permitting that it can put into production as uranium prices recover.

Expert Comments:

Brent Cook, Exploration Insights (5/15/16)
"Energy Fuels Inc. ended Q1/16 with cash and working capital positions of US$16.5M and US$37.4M. . .the company 'believes' that it has sufficient cash and resources to carry out its business plan beyond Q1/17 if adverse current market conditions persist. . .despite the negative market sentiment, Energy Fuels managed to generate $18M in revenue during Q1/16 by selling 85% of its total 350,000 lb U3O8 at a term-contract sale price of US$54.19/pound. . .we are confident that the company is pulling as many levers as possible to manage its working capital."

Heiko Ihle, Rodman & Renshaw (5/9/16)
"Energy Fuels Inc.'s long-term contracts continue to allow for production to be sold at a greater than 50% premium to spot prices, which directly contributes to the firm's ability to achieve a 33% gross margin during the quarter. While uranium companies without higher priced long-term contracts continue to somewhat struggle with current spot prices, we feel Energy Fuels remains uniquely positioned to not only survive, but thrive during the downturn in spot prices with average contract prices of approximately $59 per pound through 2017 while continuing to stockpile excess production for when higher uranium prices prevail."

"With Energy Fuels Inc. acquiring Uranerz Energy Corp. last year, the company has moved to being a lower-cost producer and to have a mix between conventional and in situ recovery (ISR). When a uranium price recovery happens, Energy Fuels has a significant number of assets that could be brought into production, some former producers, some larger assets with large capital budgets. So Energy Fuels has a little bit more leverage to the uranium price than some of the other companies we cover. . .Energy Fuels has done a good job of selling some of the assets that it had smaller stakes in and purchasing the remaining interest in some of the assets that it thinks are more elite. Energy Fuels also purchased an ISR mill in Texas, which gives it another potential location to process uranium. The company had a number of smaller projects in Texas, and it picked up some more projects with the mill." read more >

"One of the companies I've recommended for a while is Energy Fuels Inc. The company is a fairly diversified producer and is the second largest producer in North America. It's one of the survivors from the uranium mania that we had about 10 years ago. Energy Fuels acquired other junior companies over the years and has built up a remarkable portfolio of producing and near-production assets. Because it's in production right now, it can benefit immediately from rising uranium prices. It also has a number of projects that it can bring on-line fairly quickly to also give it upside leverage. So I really like Energy Fuels." read more >

Brent Cook, Exploration Insights (4/10/16)
"We continue to be positive on the potential upside embedded in this U.S.-based uranium producer that would be triggered in a rising uranium price environment. . .we maintain our positive sentiment on [the uranium market's] supply-and-demand fundamentals, [which] will eventually favorably impact both the spot and long-term U3O8 price. . .this should favor marginal producers with excess capacity such as Energy Fuels Inc. . .the company generated US$61M in gross revenue, up 33% year-on-year. . .Energy Fuels is in the process of acquiring Mesteña Uranium, which owns the Alta Mesa Project and processing facility in Texas. The transaction is expected to close in early May 2016."

Brien Lundin, Gold Newsletter (Jefferson Financial) (4/1/16)
"Few uranium companies are better positioned than Energy Fuels Inc. to leverage a rising uranium price environment, when it materializes. The company made a flurry of news this month, including a key in-situ recovery acquisition in Texas, a boosting of its interest in the Roca Honda project to 100%, a successful equity financing and the release of 2015 financials. . .the good news for investors is that Energy Fuels has all the tools to crank up production once higher prices arrive. . .the pullback in the share price makes now a good time to build or add to your position."

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Rob Chang, Senior Analyst and Head of Metals & Mining – Cantor Fitzgerald
Eric Coffin, Owner – HRA Advisory
Brent Cook, Analyst, Geologist Exploration Insights
Jeb Handwerger, Author Gold Stock Trades
Colin Healey, Analyst – Haywood Securities
Heiko Ihle, Managing Director – H.C. Wainwright & Co., Rodman & Renshaw
Brien Lundin, Author Gold Newsletter (Jefferson Financial)
Rick Mills Ahead of the Herd
Joe Reagor, Analyst – ROTH Capital Partners
David Talbot, Vice President, Senior Analyst – Dundee Capital Markets

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