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Energy Fuels Inc. is the largest conventional producer of uranium in the United States. The company owns the only conventional uranium mill in the U.S., the White Mesa mill in Utah. Energy Fuels also owns several producing and near-producing mines in Utah, Arizona and Colorado. It also owns the Sheep Mountain project, a large advanced-stage uranium development project in Wyoming. The company acquired Titan Uranium in February 2012 and the U.S. mining division of Denison Mines in June 2012, making 2012 a transformational year and positioning Energy Fuels as the leading conventional producer of uranium in the U.S., and a major producer of vanadium.

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"It's been three months since the merger of Energy Fuels Inc. and Uranerz Energy was announced. The deal is transformational in that it creates multiple avenues of producing returns for shareholders. Energy Fuels had been a conventional uranium miner and producer. Adding Uranerz will give it an in-situ recovery (ISR) method of production and therefore the flexibility to fluctuate between the two methods as needed. ISR also provides a low-cost option should the uranium price flatten or trend downward. And the merger also provides the new company with additional cash flow to reinvest into larger uranium conventional projects should the uranium price reach the $55–60/lb range. . .Energy Fuels has contracts beyond this year. I believe the contracts do get a little smaller as we go out, but Energy Fuel's goal is to produce only from its conventional mining methods what it needs to deliver into those contracts. Should the uranium spot price rise above $50/lb, Energy Fuels would be able to increase production. On the other hand, should the spot price remain flat, we'd expect the company to produce just enough to meet contracts, with perhaps a slight amount beyond that to provide a cushion. The 75 Klb is just it finishing up the Pinenut mine in Arizona. Next year, Energy Fuels will switch to its Canyon mine in Arizona, which is expected to produce the 700 Klb it will need for next year's deliveries. . .we're maintaining a Buy rating and an $11 target price for Energy Fuels until we get further guidance. My overall view is that the Uranerz acquisition will result in a stronger, better company. Its current valuation is based solely on Energy Fuels, so there is upside for the combined company, even though reworking the numbers may or may not result in a higher valuation after the fact. . .given the potential for price shocks, up or down, having flexibility in its production schedule and investment decisions is a significant differentiator for Energy Fuels. It stands apart from the other uranium juniors that have solely conventional or ISR production." read more >

The Energy Report Interview with David Talbot (4/9/15)
"We have a Buy rating on Energy Fuels Inc. This is a pro forma target that includes its Uranerz Energy Corp. purchase, although that deal will probably close in mid-year. We believe that the Uranerz merger will strengthen Energy Fuels. It should have a stronger ISR production profile and lower average operating costs. Energy Fuels also holds high-value contracts that help insulate it from lower uranium prices. The larger, better capitalized firm that will emerge from the deal should have a good chance of financing completion of the Nichols Ranch ISR plant and funding Energy Fuels' Sheep Mountain and Roca Honda pipeline projects. We estimate that about 50% of the company's net asset value (NAV) is locked up in the two pipeline assets alone. Energy Fuels' 8.8 Mlb uranium inventory is worth about US$28M. This product is ready to be sold into beefed-up contracts that Uranerz holds, or into the spot market. Energy Fuels' total uranium resource is 150 Mlb U3O8, which makes its resource base the largest among producers in the U.S. With its pipeline projects, Energy Fuels could ultimately surpass Cameco's U.S. production rate."

"The Energy Fuels Inc. and Uranerz Energy merger is a brilliant move by both companies. They will have the low-cost production from Uranerz to fill their contracts for the next couple of years. Then Uranerz will have the upside of Energy Fuels' only operational mill in the United States and its long-term contracts. This new company will have a market cap of over $200M and will become the pre-eminent North American uranium name to institutions and U.S. investors. It will be listed on the Russell 2000 and be a prime choice for those looking to benefit from the U.S. nuclear renaissance." read more >

Maudes Capital, Seeking Alpha (1/20/15)
"Energy Fuels Inc. agreed with Uranerz Energy Corp. on Jan. 5, 2015 to merge. . .Uranerz is really a very good acquisition because of the stock market valuation. . .for Energy Fuels, the most important factor is that it will acquire a dominant position in relation to comparable companies. In addition, it will obtain a stronger balance sheet as well as more production and more future projects."

"We currently follow Energy Fuels Inc., which recently announced its acquisition of Uranerz Energy. I think it's probably just the right move for the two companies. From Energy Fuels' standpoint, it's a great acquisition. It provides the in-situ recovery (ISR), low-cost production option, while maintaining the conventional mining option. Should there be a significant uranium price spike, it would have the flexibility to restart large-scale mining, which gives it more of a production upside than, say, some of the ISR-only producers out there." read more >

Vulcan Investments, Seeking Alpha (1/8/15)
"Energy Fuels Inc. and Uranerz Energy Corp. announced the execution of a definitive agreement pursuant to which Energy Fuels will acquire all of the issued and outstanding shares of Uranerz. . .Mr. Market is seemingly ignoring what appears to be an excellent opportunity. Now may be the time to take advantage before he catches on."

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