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Cub Energy Inc. is an upstream oil and gas company with a proven track record of exploration and production cost efficiency in the Black Sea region. The company's strategy is to implement western technology and capital along with local expertise and ownership to increase value in its undeveloped land base, creating and building a portfolio of producing oil and gas assets within a high pricing environment.

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"Cub Energy Inc. is drilling in Ukraine. Unfortunately, more than half of its production is in East Ukraine, a conflict area. It is still producing, but it cannot drill more wells. It is, however, getting good results from West Ukraine. Cub is a good, long-term Ukraine gas play." read more >

Christopher Brown, Canaccord Genuity (10/10/14)
"Cub Energy Inc. provided a Q3/14 operational update that was largely in line. Average production for the quarter was 2,174 boepd, reflecting a 16% increase from the 1,868 boepd reported in Q2/14; the quarter-over-quarter increase was largely attributable to the M-17 well in Eastern Ukraine."

Etienne Moshevich, (6/19/14)
"Cub Energy Inc. has announced drilling of the North Makeevskoye-4 exploration well commenced on June 16, 2014. . .as the Ukraine/Russia fiasco settles, the company could have a positive move to the upside so make sure to keep it on watch!"

"We cover Cub Energy Inc., [which has] operations in eastern Ukraine. We are cautiously optimistic on [the company]. The reason for caution is that on a gas pricing basis, and netback basis, there was concern when Russia lowered gas prices in the region. We saw a bit of pressure on gas prices in the first quarter, but now we are starting to see Russia decoupling, it will no longer be able to sell low-cost gas to the Ukrainians. That decoupling will fantastically benefit Cub's netbacks in the Ukraine. We are going to see an upward movement of the gas price into the $1012 per thousand cubic feet ($1012 Mcf), which will be amazingly profitable. Both companies have fallen under the investment radar, because no one wants to look at Ukrainian investments right now. In terms of being a contrarian regarding the Russian impact on the Ukraine, Cub and Serinus provide great entry opportunities at their current trading prices." read more >

Christopher Brown, Canaccord Genuity (5/19/14)
"Cub Energy Inc. announced successful test results from its 100% working interest RK-21 well in Western Ukraine. The well, which comprises a portion of Cub's 2013 reserve volumes, flowed at 2.6 MMcf/d. . .we believe the company's Western assets are becoming an increasingly important part of its portfolio, given its 100% working interest and relatively stable geo-political context. . .we reiterate our Buy recommendation."

Etienne Moshevich, (4/28/14)
"Cub Energy Inc. has provided an operational update on its Rusko-Komarovske-21 (RK-21) development well. The well has reached a total measured depth of 1,818m with multiple gas-bearing zones. The RK-21 well spud in March 2014 and is the second well for Cub to drill on the RK license and company has commenced completion operations and will begin testing selected zones that appear to be gas-bearing. . . to date the political unrest in Ukraine has had no material impact on the company's operations. . . .the stock has taken a hit, trading at $0.14/share, but could see a strong rebound once the climate in the east is settled."

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Successful record of exploration and production in Black Sea region
Oil and gas assets within a high pricing environment
Utilizing western technology combined with local expertise and ownership
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