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Caza Oil & Gas Inc.


Caza Oil & Gas Inc. is engaged in the acquisition, exploration, development and production of hydrocarbons the Permian Basin (West Texas and Southeast New Mexico) and the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast (onshore) through its subsidiary, Caza Petroleum Inc.

The information provided below is from analysts, newsletters and other contributors. Please contact the company and visit its website before making an investment decision.

Expert Comments:

The Energy Report with Angelos Damaskos (11/13/14) "Caza Oil & Gas Inc. is our favorite North American play. This is a company that goes from strength to strength. It has a very successful drilling record and has continually added to its production rate over the last two years. It is now almost at 2,000 bbl per day, which could potentially change its valuation and make it a very attractive takeover target by a larger oil company. Plus, it has a very large inventory of potential targets in its territories with substantial seismic data that point to a very large number of drillable prospects. Major expansion would require a significant capex, so Caza is mobilizing at a slow rate. If a major were to take it over, however, it could employ a significant capex plan in a low-risk exploration and development strategy. We think that this company is a potentially attractive prospect for another company to either joint venture or take it over outright.

[Broadcaster initial well results] are extremely attractive because Broadcaster is in the Bone Spring formation. This has become one of the fastest growing oil regions in North America based on improved technology. Horizontal drilling has enabled local operators to multiply production rates several times. Bone Spring underpins Caza's future production growth. Broadcaster is a low-risk operation with the potential to greatly increase production." More >

The Energy Report interview with Ashley Kelty (7/31/14) "Caza Oil & Gas Inc. is a small-cap exploration and production company focused on the Bone Spring play in New Mexico. . .it's been around for a few years. The company recently targeted transformational big gas discoveries along the Gulf Coast in Texas and Louisiana. It had a couple of disappointing exploration wells. Then it reevaluated its strategy and decided to go for organic growth. The company is now concentrating on the Bone Spring play in New Mexico, which has multiple stacked intervals and is one of the more exciting unconventional plays onshore U.S. Caza has had 17 successful wells in a row. It has managed to triple production just over the last year.

Caza is still a comparatively small company, with a market cap around 42M, but it has grown rapidly. It also has a lot of upside, particularly given that most of the well locations have between four and six stacked productive intervals, with one or, at best, two producing at the moment. No one else on the London market is active in the Bone Spring." More >

Jamie Ashcroft, Proactive Investors (7/21/14) "Caza Oil & Gas Inc. told investors that the latest well on the West Coppperline property, in the Bone Springs play, has flowed at a rate of 1,598 boe/d. It is another emphatic success for the company in the Bone Springs play. . .across Caza's portfolio, 24 wells have now been successful."

The Energy Report Interview with Angelos Damaskos (5/1/14) "Caza Oil & Gas Inc. is listed on both London Stock Exchange and the TSX. It controls large acreages in Texas, Louisiana and New Mexico, and holds a very large database of geological mapping and seismic-processing results. That enables them to identify lower-risk drilling candidates. Caza keeps getting good drill results, adding to their production. It has just exceeded 1,000 bbl/d and is targeting to grow to 2,000 bbl/d in the next 12 months. For companies such as this, there can be a significant valuation uplift as it develops its resources and grows its production. . .the company has had some excellent results announced recently, with much stronger flow rates than expected. They have always been confident that the average result of their wells will be better than forecast." More >

Ashley Kelty, Cenkos Securities (3/11/14) "We believe the success at West Copperline and other nearby properties in the Bone Spring Sands indicates a substantial potential that could prove transformational for Caza Oil & Gas Inc. With multiple wells to be drilled in the coming months, we would anticipate that reserves and production will grow materially in the next 612 months. . .with funding secured for the current program of wells, we see the lift in production and reserves moving Caza back towards profitability."

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Jamie Ashcroft, Proactive Investors (3/11/14) "Caza Oil & Gas Inc. shares advanced in early deals in London after it revealed its latest success in the Bone Spring play in New Mexico. The West Copperline 29 Fed #3H well flowed at rates up to 1,108 boe/d, 879 bbl and 1,374 MMcf gas. . .it follows an earlier success in the 1H well, and as facilities have already been built at the field, oil and gas sales are already underway."

Jamie Ashcroft, Proactive Investors (2/5/14) "Caza Oil & Gas Inc. continues to pick up the pace of development in the Bone Springs play in New Mexico, with five new production wells due in the current quarter. The oil junior revealed a 32% increase in production in the last three months of 2013, in which production totaled 47,996 boe for an an average of 522 bbl/d."

Ian Lyall, Proactive Investors (12/20/13) "Caza Oil & Gas Inc. has unveiled some more encouraging drill results from the Bone Springs play in New Mexico, underlining the area's and the company's huge potential. . .drilling on the Jazzmaster property was followed by fracture stimulation of the second Bone Spring sand interval that yielded a peak 458 boe and 470 Mcf gas, or 536 boe. Caza has a near 20% net revenue interest in the Jazzmaster 17 State No. 4H well."

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