Revolve Renewable Power Corp.

Revolve Renewable Power Corp. is a fast-growing owner, operator and developer of renewable energy projects in North America with the focus on wind, solar and battery storage technologies. The Company has a management team with extensive experience in the renewable energy sector and a proven track record of success, developing and selling 1550MW of utility scale projects in the US and Mexico.

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Renewable Energy Firm Hits Milestone in Sale of Projects to Global Co.

Revolve Renewable Power Corp. (TSXV:REVV;OTCQB:REVVF) announced the completion of a major milestone related to its sale of the Bouse Solar and Storage Project in Arizona to ENGIE IR Holdings LLC, a subsidiary of global energy leader ENGIE S.A. Read to see why analysts believe this sector is set to take off.

Renewable Energy Co. Reports Significant Revenue Growth, Strategic Acquisition Impact

Revolve Renewable Power Corp. (TSXV:REVV;OTCQB:REVVF) announced its financial results for the three and nine-month periods ended March 31, 2024. Read on to find out what these numbers say about the company and renewable energy's future.

Renewable Energy Co. Starts Installing Solar Project in Mexico

Revolve Renewable Power Corp. is installing a 450-kilowatt-peak rooftop solar project at the site of a food manufacturing business in central Mexico. Find out why one technical analyst says its a good time to buy the stock.

Expert Says Now Looks Like a Good Time To Buy This Renewable Energy Stock

Contributed Opinion
Technical Analyst Clive Maund shares an update on Revolve Renewable Power Corp. to explain why he believes now might be the time to buy this clean energy stock.

Renewable Power Co. Hits Milestone in Utah Battery Project

Revolve Renewable Power Corp. announced it has signed an interconnection agreement for its Vernal BESS Project in Utah, a "major milestone" for the Utah site. Find out where this stock shakes out against its peers.

Renewable Energy Firm CEO Increases Stake in Expanding Co.

Revolve Renewable Energy announced Chief Executive Officer Steve Dalton has increased his stake in the expanding company, which develops utility-scale wind, solar, hydro and battery storage projects in North America. Some researchers say the industry is ready to take off.

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Expert Comments:

Shawn Severson, Water Tower Research

"Revolve Renewable Power Corp. completed the proposed acquisition of WindRiver Power. This acquisition is a key milestone in Revolve's stated strategy of utilizing both a development strategy and acquiring operating assets."

Shawn Severson, Water Tower Research

"Revolve Renewable Power Corp. announced the acquisition of WindRiver Corp., a Canada-based owner, operator and developer of wind and hydro projects, with a net operational and development capacity of 96.63 MW. This is expected to add further revenue and cash flow to Revolve's business, in addition to two 'run of river' hydro projects that are under development."

Experts Following This Company

Clive Maund –
Shawn Severson, president & co-founder – Water Tower Research

Company News 

6/10/2024 – Revolve Receives US$3.4 million Bouse Solar and Storage Project Milestone Payment

5/30/2024 – Revolve Reports Q3 FY2024 Revenue Increase of 65%

5/1/2024 – Revolve Announces Release Date for Q3 2024 Financial Results

4/25/2024 – Revolve Commences Installation Works on 450kWp Rooftop Solar Project

4/12/2024 – Revolve Engages ICP Securities Inc. for Automated Market Making Services

4/9/2024 – Revolve CEO Increases Ownership Position to 6%

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Revolve Renewable Power Corp. (TSXV:REVV;OTCQB:REVVF)

*Share Structure as of 2/1/2024
Investing Highlights
North American focused renewable independent power producer with operating portfolio of 6MW, 3.45MW under construction and 2,988MW under development.
Management team with successful track record in the sector delivering historical revenue of c.US$20m from the sale of 1,550MW of development assets and US$8m equity capital raised.
Diversified investment strategy providing investors access to higher development returns from utility scale project development balanced by long term recurring cashflow from distributed generation projects.
catalyst Calendar
Expected completion of the acquistion of WindRiver Corp.
Q2 FY2024 Financial Results
Expected milestone payment from ENGIE from sale of Bouse Solar & Storage project
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