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Michael Waring

Michael Waring Has Seen the Energy Downturn Movie Before, and He's Not Worried

With oil and gas prices down, it's time to cull the herd, sell marginal producers and double down on the strong ones in your portfolio, says Michael Waring, founder of Galileo Global Equity Advisors Inc. In this interview with The Energy Report, Waring explains that this kind of correction happens every 10 years in this space. It presents opportunities for companies to improve and investors to profitŚand he names four companies he considers most likely to succeed.

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Want to Avoid Oil's Gloom? Turn to the Sun, Says Outsider Nick Hodge

With the shale sector quivering before the specter of falling oil prices, the founder of the Outsider Club and investment director of Early Advantage argues that nuclear energy is about to reassert itself, and that solar power is on the verge of becoming a major energy source. (1/21/15) More >

Newsletter Briefs

"FCU's PLS project is the best unmined deposit of uranium in the world." (1/21/15) Fission Uranium Corp. - The Energy Report Interview with Nick Hodge Moreá>

"FCU blew the doors off with its 105 Mlb maiden resource for the Triple R project." (1/28/15) Fission Uranium Corp. - The Gold Report Interview with Brien Lundin Moreá>

"With the merger, EFR will acquire a dominant position among its peers." (1/20/15) Energy Fuels Inc. - Maudes Capital, Seeking Alpha Moreá>

"Energy Fuels' acquisition of URZ is probably just the right move." (1/20/15) Uranerz Energy Corp. - The Mining Report Interview with Joe Reagor Moreá>

"EFR's acquisition of Uranerz provides an in-situ recovery, low-cost production option." (1/20/15) Energy Fuels Inc. - The Mining Report Interview with Joe Reagor Moreá>

"FCU has the best new discovery we've seen in the Athabasca Basin in quite a long time." (1/13/15) Fission Uranium Corp. - The Mining Report Interview with Brent Cook Moreá>

Expert Analysis

"MVN is well positioned to weather the storm and come out the other side with strength." (1/14/15) Madalena Energy Inc. - Etienne Moshevich, Moreá>

"Medanito crude oil price should benefit Argentinian producers such as MVN." (1/26/15) Madalena Energy Inc. - Bill Newman, Mackie Research Capital Moreá>

"All five of FCU's drill holes hit off-scale mineralization." (1/26/15) Fission Uranium Corp. - Rob Chang, Cantor Fitzgerald Moreá>

"HME is well positioned to ramp up quickly when oil prices improve." (1/28/15) Hemisphere Energy Corp. - Michael Charlton, Industrial Alliance Securities Moreá>

"RE's Q4/14 production was 13% higher than its Q3/14 production." (1/28/15) Rock Energy Inc. - Nav Malik, Octagon Capital Corporation Moreá>

"We believe RE's deferral of its highest productivity locations will pay off." (1/27/15) Rock Energy Inc. - Thomas Matthews, Alta Corp Capital Moreá>