Streetwise Expert Interviews

Etienne Moshevich

From Argentina to the Athabasca: Etienne Moshevich on Hot Prospects

Unearthing lucrative investments sometimes means following the money. In this interview with The Mining Report, Etienne Moshevich, editor of, describes how juniors—and investors—can capitalize on the valuable resources the majors recognize in the vast shale oil fields of Argentina, Canada's glowing Athabasca Basin and elsewhere. Moshevich discusses companies equipped with both the management and resources to hitch a profitable ride on the majors' gravy train. (7/29/14) More >

Steve Palmer

Steve Palmer Buys the Summer Sleepers

Steve Palmer, founder of AlphaNorth Asset Management, has a "buy cheap, sell dear" investment strategy that wins, as the outperforming return on one of his investment funds demonstrates. In this interview with The Energy Report, Palmer unveils a handful of resource stocks that are slumbering through the summer doldrums, gathering strength for the Fall Revival, when undervalued stocks soar. (7/24/14) More >

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Newsletter Briefs

"MVN's acquisition in Argentina provides a sizeable footprint in arguably one of the biggest shale plays in the world." (7/29/14) Madalena Energy Inc. - The Mining Report Interview with Etienne Moshevich More >

"We've been impressed with how far DAN has moved the Lac ŕ Paul project along." (7/29/14) Arianne Phosphate Inc. - The Mining Report Interview with John Chu More >

"MMT is a good mid-cap name that pays a dividend." (7/24/14) Mart Resources Inc. - The Energy Report Interview with Steve Palmer More >

"ENSV stock has been on a tear lately." (7/22/14) ENSERVCO Corp. - Rob Goldman, The Stock Junction More >

"FXEN successfully completed production testing on the Lisewo-2K well in Poland." (7/22/14) FX Energy Inc. - The Mining Report Interview with Jocelyn August More >

"I expect great things from UCU over the next 12–18 months." (7/21/14) Ucore Rare Metals Inc. - The Gold Report Interview with Byron King More >

Expert Analysis

"Encouraging results underpin the growth potential of FCU's R780E zone." (7/28/14) Fission Uranium Corp. - Rob Chang, Cantor Fitzgerald More >

"Acquisitions, synergies and LNG upside support our positive look on E." (7/22/14) Enterprise Group Inc. - Steven Salz, M Partners More >

"FXEN's new drill schedule is a positive step towards commercial production at Edge." (7/21/14) FX Energy Inc. - Joe Reagor, ROTH Capital Partners More >

"URZ is being derisked from both financial and technical viewpoints." (7/14/14) Uranerz Energy Corp. - David Talbot, Dundee Capital Markets More >

"NRG is is on the cusp of a period of rapid product adoption and undervalued at these levels." (7/9/14) Alter NRG Corp. - Michael Niehuser, Scarsdale Equities LLC More >

"So profound is the royalty incentive news that it gives RE fresh legs." (5/14/14) Rock Energy Inc. - Alistair Toward, PI Financial More >