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Keith Schaefer

Keith Schaefer Picks the Companies You Will Want to Own If the Conservatives Win in Canada

Canadian natural gas prices have held up so well that the majors are taking strategic positions to prepare for an eventual demand spike. But the paydays could be delayed depending on the outcome of the Canadian federal election on Oct. 19. In this interview with The Energy Report, conducted on Aug. 26, Oil and Gas Investments Bulletin Publisher Keith Schaefer outlines the sectors that will profit first from a reversal in oil and gas prices, and what he is doing to position his readers for success.

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Can Tesla Make Winners Out of These Lithium Players?

Tesla Motors Inc. (TSLA:NASDAQ), long known for its ability to keep its buzz machine churning, gave lithium investors something to get excited about this weekend. On Friday, Bacanora Minerals Ltd. (BCN:TSX.V) and Rare Earth Minerals Plc (REM:LSE), owners of the Sonora Lithium Project, announced that they had finalized a conditional, long-term lithium hydroxide supply agreement with the car and battery giant. The Energy Report reviewed the commentary of leading lithium experts Simon Moores and Chris Berry to anticipate what the new agreement may mean for the sector.

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"We are initiating coverage on NMX; it represents the new wave of lithium production." (9/1/15) Nemaska Lithium Inc. - Jon Hykawy, Stormcrow Capital More >

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"NXE released very good scintillometer results from its Arrow zone." (8/26/15) NexGen Energy Ltd. - David Talbot, Dundee Capital Markets More >