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Spencer Churchill

World's Increasing Appetite Points to Upside for Ag Input Companies: Paradigm's Spencer Churchill

A rising middle class in Asia and elsewhere means an increasing demand for food. Paradigm Capital Analyst Spencer Churchill uses the stock-to-use ratio to predict grain prices, and that methodology leads him to predict price support/appreciation for a handful of major crops in 2015–2016. In this interview with The Energy Report, Churchill examines agricultural trends and discusses companies that can benefit from the world's increasing appetite, including one company with a streaming model unique in the ag sector.

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Experts' Guide to Getting the Most Out of Company Presentations

What can you really learn from the fuzzy project diagrams, site photos and columns of numbers often shown in dark rooms at conferences? A lot, if you know what you are looking for, according to the experts. Beyond the warnings about forward-looking statements, corporate presentations often contain the details that could make or break a project's economics. And many companies time the release of important information to coincide with events like the Sprott-Stansberry Natural Resource Symposium, going on now in Vancouver. For those who weren't able to make the trip or are doing their homework in a hotel room somewhere, The Gold Report asks veteran investors what they look for in a corporate presentation when evaluating a possible opportunity. As a bonus, we included links to several company presentations shown in Vancouver so you can practice your analyzing skills.

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Newsletter Briefs

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Expert Analysis

"The Senate's changes to the biodiesel blenders credit could support a material uplift to REGI's profitability." (7/22/15) Renewable Energy Group, Inc. - Craig Irwin, ROTH Capital Partners More >

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