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Kal Kotecha

Kal Kotecha: Going Against the Grain in Five Names

Economics professor and newsletter writer Kal Kotecha says to obtain superior results, you cannot do what everyone else is doing. He maintains that much of the risk associated with junior resource equities has been beaten out by the herd mentality and that selectively buying what's left presents mindboggling opportunity. Kotecha shares some of those names in this interview with The Mining Report . (9/30/14) More >

Keep Truckin': Russell Stanley on How to Snap Up Growing Energy Services Companies

energy servicesThe oil and gas fields in western Canada are sucking up rental equipment, trucking services and well site accommodation services like the proverbial black hole. Russell Stanley of Jennings Capital, an expert on mergers and acquisitions, knows how to find the margin in the increasingly profitable energy service industry, and explains the rules of this investment game to The Energy Report. (9/25/14) More >

Newsletter Briefs

"FCV's Bayovar 12 project is in a strong phosphate region; this is a dream situation for any mining company." (9/17/14) Focus Ventures Ltd. - The Energy Report Interview with Thibaut Lepouttre More >

"REL just finished the phase 1 program." (9/17/14) Roughrider Exploration Ltd. - The Gold Report Interview with Eric Coffin More >

"After a strong IPO, WATT stands to benefit tremendously from the growing wireless charging market." (9/17/14) Energous Corp. - Michael Fitzsimmons, Seeking Alpha More >

"FCU is really a bet on higher uranium prices." (9/15/14) Fission Uranium Corp. - The Gold Report Interview with Brien Lundin More >

"RDS is one of the largest oil companies in the world and an integrated producer." (9/11/14) Royal Dutch Shell Plc - The Energy Report Interview with Elliott Gue More >

"I expect that FCV's resource at Bayovar 12 could easily double with more drilling." (9/14/14) Focus Ventures Ltd. - Brent Cook, Exploration Insights More >

Expert Analysis

"Continued exploration success at PLS supports our Buy rating for FCU." (9/25/14) Fission Uranium Corp. - David Talbot, Dundee Capital Markets More >

"We see significant upside if POE's initial bitumen production results indicate the potential commerciality of the Sawn Lake project." (9/17/14) Pan Orient Energy Corp. - Bill Newman, Mackie Research Capital More >

"Mineralization levels in six of the seven new drill holes at FCU's PLS registered off the chart." (9/29/14) Fission Uranium Corp. - Rob Chang, Cantor Fitzgerald More >

"URZ's first sales from Nichols Ranch are a major milestone and could net $4M or more." (9/16/14) Uranerz Energy Corp. - Colin Healey, Haywood Securities More >

"FCU's PLS is almost guaranteed to become a uranium mine at some point, and a highly lucrative one at that." (9/11/14) Fission Uranium Corp. - Brien Lundin, Gold Newsletter (Jefferson Financial) More >

"We expect further growth momentum from MMT and maintain our Buy rating." (9/11/14) Mart Resources Inc. - Amin Haque, Industrial Alliance Securities More >