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Peter Dupont has been involved in investment research for 30 years in the industrial and resource sectors. Between 1983 and 1998, he worked for Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) in London covering engineering and metals stocks. In early 1998, Dupont moved to Commerzbank to head its research activity in the European and UK metals and natural resources sector. Between 2005 and 2009, he worked as a consultant analyst for a London-based boutique investment bank, Libertas Capital. Since 2009, Dupont has worked for Edison Investment Research covering the oil and gas sector. Dupont produces regular macro oil and gas studies and covers developments in the "unconventionals" field. He has a Bachelor of Science from the London School of Economics.

Recent Interviews

Fracking, Uranium and Solar, Oh My!: Growth and Innovation in 2013 (12/26/13) A more profitable outcome often requires a new way of doing things. The Energy Report profiled some of the most innovative stories in the energy space in 2013. Our experts talked about everything from developments in hydraulic fracturing techniques to new ways of finding and processing natural resources. As we look forward to exciting new opportunities in 2014, let's revisit some stories our experts shared last year.

Has Shale Broken OPEC's Grip? Peter Dupont Names Powerhouses of the Future (12/12/13) The Shale Age is the age of the nimble junior, and exploration has revealed oil and gas resources that could forever alter the global production profile. Peter Dupont, oil and gas analyst for Edison Investment Research, tells The Energy Report how companies in North and South America, Australia, Africa and the U.K. are upending the oil and gas order and creating a whole new energy investment landscape.

Shale Envy: Why North America Is the Global Oil & Gas Sweet Spot (2/28/13) With its wide open plains and existing infrastructure, services and workforce, North American oil and gas development is attracting admiration around the globe—and prompting other countries to scratch beneath the surface in search of their own shale revolution. Peter Dupont, oil and gas analyst at Edison Investment Research in London, tells The Energy Report why the U.S. and Canada have retained their lure and discusses vast untapped potential in a number of developing international plays.

Recent Quotes

"If TCF renegotiates the JV so Exxon Mobil carries more of the financing, this would transform the outlook for the company." (12/12/13) CBM Asia Development Corp. - The Energy Report Interview with Peter Dupont More >

"MVN has first-mover advantage with 35–90% in three blocks in the Neuquén Basin comprising a sizeable 135,000 net acres." (12/12/13) Madalena Energy Inc. - The Energy Report Interview with Peter Dupont More >

"TCF's momentum is increasing rapidly following the joint venture with Exxon Mobil." (2/28/13) CBM Asia Development Corp. - The Energy Report Interview with Peter Dupont More >

"Ukraine announced a big joint venture with RDS to potentially unlock the country's shale resources." (2/28/13) Royal Dutch Shell Plc - The Energy Report Interview with Peter Dupont More >

"We initiate coverage of TCF; coal characteristics appear highly propitious for coal-bed methane development." (2/5/13) CBM Asia Development Corp. - Peter Dupont, Edison Investment Research More >

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