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Sector Expert: Christopher Brown

Canaccord Genuity

Image: Christopher Brown

Christopher Brown serves as director, research, international oil and gas at Canaccord Genuity and has provided international analytical coverage since 2006. Previously, Christopher worked as the international oil and gas analyst for BMO Capital Markets. Brown's industry experience includes reservoir engineering work at various large-cap oil and gas companies. Prior to that, he was employed at an international M&A firm with mandates out of London. Brown holds a Bachelor of Science in chemical engineering.

Recent Interviews

Cash in on Energy in Ukraine and the Rift Basins of Eastern Africa (5/22/14)

Sometimes a major's trash is a junior's treasure. That's the story in East Africa, where majors began outlining resources and then ditched them for onshore assets. In their wake, junior companies with technical expertise are ready to unlock more wealth than the large caps thought possible. In this interview with The Energy Report, Canaccord Genuity Director of Research Christopher Brown fills us in on hidden opportunities in the rift basins of east Africa. He also shares an interesting perspective on how to make money on oil and gas ventures in Ukraine.

Fracking, Uranium and Solar, Oh My!: Growth and Innovation in 2013 (12/26/13)

A more profitable outcome often requires a new way of doing things. The Energy Report profiled some of the most innovative stories in the energy space in 2013. Our experts talked about everything from developments in hydraulic fracturing techniques to new ways of finding and processing natural resources. As we look forward to exciting new opportunities in 2014, let's revisit some stories our experts shared last year.

Four International O&G Juniors for a Globe-Sweeping Shale Revolution: Christopher Brown (11/7/13)

Shhh! The market is sleeping. Meanwhile, international juniors are stealing into old oil and gas basins with the same equipment and technical expertise that forever changed the oil and gas landscape in North America. In this interview with The Energy Report, Canaccord Genuity Research Director Christopher Brown and Research Associate Kimberly Thompson name some promising junior companies that are poised to tempt majors back into these basins or simply clean up on premium international pricing. For investors, it's a case of massive potential upside for practically nothing—at least until the market wakes up.

Recent Quotes

"A draft bill is currently circulating through Ukrainian parliament and could become effective as early as October 1, 2015. If passed, royalty rates would decline from ~55% to 29% on existing production. In our view, this is one of the biggest potential catalysts for the stock."

— Christopher Brown, Canaccord Genuity (8/18/15)
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"KUB's average Q3/14 production was 16% higher than that of Q2/14."

— Christopher Brown, Canaccord Genuity (10/10/14)
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"When Russia is no longer able to sell low-cost gas to Ukraine, that will fantastically benefit netbacks for KUB."

The Energy Report Interview with Christopher Brown (5/22/14)
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"MVN is experiencing very positive share price increases now that Argentina's government has reimbursed Repsol for expropriated assets."

The Energy Report Interview with Christopher Brown (5/22/14)
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"Canacol is partnered with RDS to pursue a multiple-billion barrel opportunity in Colombia."

The Energy Report Interview with Christopher Brown (5/22/14)
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"KUB announced successful test results from its RK-21 well."

— Christopher Brown, Canaccord Genuity (5/19/14)
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"In 2013, NZ increased its 2P reserves 145% over those of 2012."

— Christopher Brown, Canaccord Genuity (4/2/14)
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"KUB is beginning to ramp up production on its Makeevskoye and Olgovskoye blocks."

— Christopher Brown, Canaccord Genuity (3/26/14)
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