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Philip Juskowicz, CFA, is a managing director in the research department at Casimir Capital, a boutique investment bank specializing in the natural resource industry. Juskowicz began his career at Standard & Poor's in 1998, where he was one of the first analysts to recommend Mitchell Energy, credited with discovering the Barnett Shale. From 2001–2005, he worked with a former geologist in equity research at both First Albany Corp. and Buckingham Research. At Buckingham, Juskowicz was promoted to a senior oilfield service analyst position, leveraging his extensive knowledge of the E&P space. From 2006–2010, he was an insider to the oil and gas industry, serving as a credit analyst at WestLB, a German investment bank. In this capacity, Juskowicz was responsible for $500M of loans to energy companies and projects. He earned a master's degree in finance from the University of Baltimore.

Recent Interviews

Micro-Cap E&Ps with Less Risky Businesses: Casimir's Philip Juskowicz (12/4/14)
Oil Driller

Many small-cap exploration and production companies have had a good run in recent years, but are now getting whacked given their strong connections to oil prices. But the news is not all bad: Philip Juskowicz of Casimir Capital makes a good case for certain micro-cap names. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, Juskowicz discusses four companies with strong narratives, two with defensive assets, and notes that natural gas names could see market love as margins widen.

Phil Juskowicz: How to Beat the Street to North American Energy Profits (5/15/14)

When differentials emerge, it's time for investors to take notice. Phil Juskowicz, a managing director in Casimir Capital's research department, smells opportunity in micro-cap oil and gas companies, which have lagged behind the small caps for the last three years. In this interview with The Energy Report, Juskowicz explains how they are undervalued, and why they are the ultimate leveraged plays in the (very likely) event of natural gas demand growth.

Micro-Cap Oil Stocks that Hit the Jackpot: Phil Juskowicz (8/29/13)

If you want the most bang for your buck, quality E&P micro caps are the way to go. At least that's the opinion of Analyst Phil Juskowicz of Casimir Capital, an early follower of the company that ended up discovering the Barnett Shale. In this interview with The Energy Report, Juskowicz explains his investment rationale and talks about several of his favorite micro caps, including one that went shopping at an asset bankruptcy sale and absolutely cleaned up.

Recent Quotes

"ENSV has done a good job gaining market share in existing markets, making small acquisitions and growing organically into new markets."

The Energy Report Interview with Philip Juskowicz (12/4/14)
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"ENSV has been growing its well maintenance business, hedging the company to weak pricing."

— Philip Juskowicz, Casimir Capital (11/11/14)
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"ENSV's latest acquisition may result in cross-selling opportunities."

— Philip Juskowicz, Casimir Capital (11/4/14)
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"As leverage remains manageable, ENSV shouldn't have a problem debt-finance its increased capex."

— Philip Juskowicz, Casimir Capital (7/11/14)
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"ENSV's EBITDA estimates may increase given customers' strong results."

— Philip Juskowicz, Casimir Capital (6/20/14)
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"ENSV is an oilfield service company that's benefiting from the shale boom and is undiscovered by the Street."

The Energy Report Interview with Phil Juskowicz (5/15/14)
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"ENSV's management has a demonstrated track record of success."

— Philip Juskowicz, Casimir Capital (5/2/14)
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"We reiterate our Buy rating on ENSV."

— Philip Juskowicz, Casimir Capital (3/20/14)
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