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  • Advantage Oil and Gas Ltd.
  • Athabasca Nuclear Corp.
  • Blackbird Energy Inc.
  • Canada Carbon Inc.
  • Carmax Mining Corp.
  • Continental Gold Inc.
  • Copper Fox Metals Inc.
  • Equitas Resources Corp.
  • Excelsior Mining Corp.
  • Global Cobalt Corp.
  • GoldQuest Mining Corp.
  • Great Panther Silver Ltd.
  • InZinc Mining Ltd.
  • Kootenay Silver Inc.
  • Lakeland Resources Inc.
  • Lion One Metals Ltd.
  • Mart Resources Inc.
  • Mason Graphite Inc.
  • Nevsun Resources Ltd.
  • New Carolin Gold Corp.
  • North American Nickel Inc.
  • Painted Pony Petroleum Ltd.
  • Parex Resources Inc.
  • Primeline Energy Holdings Inc.
  • RMP Energy Inc.
  • Sabina Gold & Silver Corp.
  • Sintana Energy Inc.
  • Strike Diamond Corp.
  • Talon Metals Corp.
  • U3O8 Corp.
  • Uranerz Energy Corp.
  • VMS Ventures Inc.

Steve Palmer

AlphaNorth Asset Management

Image: Steve Palmer

Steve Palmer is a founding partner, president and chief investment officer of AlphaNorth Asset Management and currently manages the award-winning AlphaNorth Partners Fund, AlphaNorth Growth Fund and AlphaNorth Resource Fund. Prior to founding AlphaNorth in 2007, Palmer was employed as vice president at one of the world's largest financial institutions, where he managed equity assets of approximately CA$350M. Palmer managed a pooled fund, which focused on Canadian small-capitalization companies, from its inception to August 2007, achieving returns of 35.8% annuallized over a nine-year period, which ranked it No. 1 in performance by a major fund ranking service in its small-cap, pooled-fund category. Palmer earned a bachelor's degree in economics from the University of Western Ontario and is a Chartered Financial Analyst.

Recent Interviews

Hard-Core Investors Found Real Resource Projects in a Vancouver Conference Center (6/8/15) When the market bears are growling, contemplating a trip to a showcase of the companies currently in the grip of that punishment can seem daunting, but resource experts say now is exactly the time hard-core investors need to be out talking to management, hearing their stories and figuring out which companies will be on top when the good times come. The Gold Report spoke to some of the experts at the recent Metals Forum and Cambridge House Vancouver Resource Investment conferences, who shared some of the nuggets they gleaned from the podium and exhibit hall.

Contrarian Steve Palmer's Balancing Act Stretches from Western Canada to the East China Sea (3/5/15) Building a small-cap energy portfolio that maintains balance in turbulence requires the ability to spot junior firms with solid backbones. Steve Palmer of AlphaNorth Asset Management has made a career of spotting companies loaded with value, and he tells The Energy Report not only what he looks for, but also where he has found it.

Are You Ready for the January Effect? (1/6/15) As far back as 1942, economists have noted that small-cap companies in particular tend to surge at the beginning of the year in a cycle known as the January Effect. After the year we have seen in the natural resources space, The Mining Report checked in with sector experts to find out whether they are expecting this traditional gift, how they are preparing for it and what companies could benefit.

Recent Quotes

"BBI has just finished drilling two high-impact wells; its odds of success are quite high." (3/5/15) Blackbird Energy Inc. - The Energy Report Interview with Steve Palmer More >

"CNL owns a very high-grade gold mine." (7/24/14) Continental Gold Inc. - The Energy Report Interview with Steve Palmer More >

"MMT is a good mid-cap name that pays a dividend." (7/24/14) Mart Resources Inc. - The Energy Report Interview with Steve Palmer More >

"LLG has a very sizable resource." (7/24/14) Mason Graphite Inc. - The Energy Report Interview with Steve Palmer More >

"I look for companies with growth potential, such as MMT, which is getting very significant results at the wellhead." (11/12/13) Mart Resources Inc. - The Metals Report Interview with Steve Palmer More >

"LLG is run by a very experienced team that has been getting good drill results at its project in Quebec." (11/12/13) Mason Graphite Inc. - The Metals Report Interview with Steve Palmer More >

"URE has secured contracts significantly above current spot prices and above long-term prices." (4/11/13) Ur-Energy Inc. - The Energy Report Interview with Steve Palmer More >

"UAX is one of the better small caps and could find an economic deposit in Canada." (7/24/12) Atom Energy Inc. - The Energy Report Interview with Steve Palmer More >

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