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Bill Powers is an independent analyst, private investor and author of the book "Cold, Hungry and in the Dark: Exploding the Natural Gas Supply Myth." Bill is the former editor of Powers Energy Investor, Canadian Energy Viewpoint and US Energy Investor. He has published investment research on the oil and gas industry since 2002 and sits on the board of directors of Calgary-based Arsenal Energy. An active investor for over 25 years, Powers has devoted the last 15 years to studying and analyzing the energy sector, driven by his desire to uncover superior investment opportunities.

Recent Interviews

Energy Independence: Financial Fact or Political Fiction? (7/3/14)

energyind82It has been more than a year since Citigroup Inc. published "Energy 2020: Independence Day," outlining the impacts of progress toward North American energy self-sufficiency. For this special 4th of July edition of The Energy Report, we reached out to experts in the energy investing space for an update on how recent political events and production trends in the field impact our ability to produce what we use. For Porter Stansberry, Marin Katusa, Chris Martenson, Bill Powers and Cactus Schroeder, the prospects for the future—and the associated investing opportunities—depend on the perspective.

Five Ways to Play the End of the Natural Gas Renaissance: Bill Powers (1/16/14)

Shale gas is not the foundation of U.S. energy security that conventional wisdom claims it is, says Bill Powers in this interview with The Energy Report. But as shale gas peters out, the law of supply and demand will drive gas prices up. Powers, an independent analyst and author of "Cold, Hungry and in the Dark: Exploding the Natural Gas Supply Myth," sees a good future for gas-leveraged junior companies, and shares his top ideas as demand and price skyrocket in tandem.

Bill Powers: Give Up the Shale Gas Fantasy and Profit When the Bubble Bursts (9/17/13)

The numbers don't lie—but politicians and industry bigwigs do. While pundits still wax poetic about an era of American energy independence, Bill Powers, author of the book "Cold, Hungry and in the Dark: Exploding the Natural Gas Supply Myth," sees productivity plummeting in almost every major shale play. In this interview with The Energy Report, Powers tells us to forget about LNG exports and a manufacturing boom and get positioned for a bust. How? Invest in energy equities. Powers names his favorites for maximum returns when the bubble bursts.

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"EXXI has a very good mix of high-impact exploration and lower-risk development."

The Energy Report Interview with Bill Powers (1/31/12)
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