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Hinds Howard manages investments in master limited partnerships (MLPs) as chief investment officer of Guzman Investment Strategies. Howard publishes equity research on MLPs as the senior research analyst for Guzman & Co. Since 2009, he has published an MLP blog, MLP HINDSight. Before joining Guzman, Howard managed MLP investments as a partner of Curbstone Group LLC, and served as research associate for Lehman Brothers MLP Partners. He has a Bachelor of Science in business administration and obtained his Master of Business Administration from Babson College.

Recent Interviews

Three Ways to Profit from MLP Funds: Hinds Howard (9/5/13) Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) started to enter the limelight in 2011, but the best may be yet to come. Low interest rates are acting as a tailwind in the space, and the sector experienced its best performance in Q1/13. Hinds Howard, chief investment officer of Guzman Investment Strategies and author of the MLP HINDSight blog, tells The Energy Report about the unprecedented growth MLP funds are enjoying. He names the top performers, reveals the pros and cons of this complex investment vehicle and shares his secrets for wringing the most value out of it.

Hinds Howard: The MLP Market Is Wide Open (9/13/11) MLPs may be the best-kept secret on Wall Street. Representing the midstream segment of the energy supply chain, Master Limited Partnerships offer stable returns through U.S. energy infrastructure investment. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, Fund Manager Hinds Howard explains the peculiarities of this growing niche market and shares some quality stocks at fire-sale prices.

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"I would include ETP in a portfolio that includes low-yield and high-yield names." (9/13/11) Energy Transfer Partners L.P. - The Energy Report Interview with Hinds Howard Moreá>

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