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Mark Lackey

Presmont Group

Image: Mark Lackey

Mark Lackey of Presmont Group has 30 years of experience in energy, mining, banking and investment research sectors. In his previous role at CHF, Lackey involved himself with business development, client positioning, staff team coaching and education, market analysis and special projects to benefit client companies. He has worked as chief investment strategist at Pope & Company Ltd. and at the Bank of Canada, where he was responsible for U.S. economic forecasting. He was a senior manager of commodities at the Bank of Montreal. He also spent 10 years in the oil industry with Gulf Canada, Chevron Canada and Petro Canada.

Recent Interviews

Mark Lackey: What Happens to a Mine Deferred? (3/25/14) The shuttering of huge copper and iron ore projects gives the Street the blues, but the resulting squeeze in supply can lead to explosive price hikes. Meanwhile, Mark Lackey, executive vice president of CHF Investor Relations, is eyeing infrastructure buildouts in China, Korea, Brazil and India that point to a swelling of demand. In this interview with The Mining Report, find out how Australian partnerships, the deepening of the Panama Canal and the South Korean-Canada trade agreement could result in major returns on investment, and why 2014 looks like a bounce-back year for potash.

Mark Lackey: Energy Stocks Could Deliver Stealth Profits (1/8/13) In the midst of a global market lull, many companies are sitting on their hands, argues Mark Lackey of CHF Investor Relations. That's why he's scoping out smart management that's keeping busy and making great progressŚwhether or not the markets are quick to notice. Learn who's getting a running start in the uranium, oil and natural gas spaces in this Energy Report interview.

Mark Lackey Homes in on Golden Mining Opportunities in West Africa (1/7/13) Gold has been produced in Africa for thousands of years in places like Ghana and neighboring countries whose names have changed over the centuries. One thing that has not changed is that there's still a huge amount of gold to be found and mined in West Africa. That's what Mark Lackey likes about the area and in this interview with The Gold Report, he talks about companies that are or will be producing significant amounts of the world's prized metal.

Recent Quotes

"FDC recently announced successful drill results at Fir Island." (5/5/15) Forum Uranium Corp. - Mark Lackey, CHF Capital Markets Moreá>

"FRA took over an excellent near-term production project in Mexico, a jurisdiction where it has a proven track record." (3/25/14) Cyprium Mining Corp. - The Mining Report Interview with Mark Lackey Moreá>

"CHM has a major player behind it with a proven track record in Australia's iron ore business." (3/25/14) Champion Iron Mines Limited - The Mining Report Interview with Mark Lackey Moreá>

"I've liked STM over the years because whenever management told me they were setting certain milestones, they met them." (1/8/13) Strathmore Minerals Corp. - The Energy Report Interview with Mark Lackey Moreá>

"FIS had some very good drill results in the Athabasca Basin." (1/8/13) Fission Energy Corp. - The Energy Report Interview with Mark Lackey Moreá>

"TGZ reported a record high Q4 profit." (1/7/13) Teranga Gold Corp. - The Gold Report Interview with Mark Lackey Moreá>

"ORE has a strong development team and large near-surface tonnage; it's going to be a relatively low-cost producer." (1/7/13) Orezone Gold Corporation - The Gold Report Interview with Mark Lackey Moreá>

"The expected zinc price increase makes a number of zinc plays attractive, especially CFB." (1/7/13) Chieftain Metals Inc. - The Gold Report Interview with Mark Lackey Moreá>

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