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Edward Sterck covers uranium, diamond and platinum group metal mining companies for BMO Capital Markets. He joined BMO in 2007, prior to which he was a mining analyst at Hargreave Hale. Before working in mining research, he spent more than four years trading government bond futures on a proprietary basis. Edward holds a bachelor of science in geology with honors from the Royal School of Mines, Imperial College London.

Recent Interviews

Ed Sterck: Russian Sanctions May Have Utilities Squeezing Less Juice from Uranium Supply (4/29/14)

Russia is a commodities giant, but supply isn't the major issue—enrichment is. With a 44% global market share, Russia's enrichment industry allows utilities around the world to squeeze more juice out of fewer lemons. In other words, Russian sanctions could mean utilities will have to use more natural uranium to make lemonade. That's how Edward Sterck sees it, and the uranium mining analyst for BMO Capital Markets predicts a supply deficit by 2018. In this interview with The Mining Report, Sterck delivers a comprehensive uranium market overview and shares uranium names that can juice profits in lean times.

A Major Uranium Supply Gap Is Looming: Ed Sterck (6/7/12)

With Japan set to restart reactors and Russia's Megatons to Megawatts program near its expiration date, Analyst Edward Sterck thinks uranium stocks could pick up momentum, even if uranium prices show no inclination of heading north. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, Sterck warns of a supply-demand gap that could hit the world as early as 2015. In the meantime, consolidation is the name of the game.

Nuclear Energy Markets Tighten: Edward Sterck (1/19/12)

Demand for uranium is expected to continue growing as China spearheads the conversion of new energy production from coal to nuclear. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, BMO Capital Markets Analyst Edward Sterck brings us up to date on how investors can best play this market and which companies are most likely to pick up the supply-side slack.

Recent Quotes

"We rate BAN Market Perform."

— Edward Sterck, BMO Capital Markets (9/6/12)
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"BAN has received environmental approval for Etango."

— Edward Sterck, BMO Capital Markets (7/17/12)
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"BAN's Etango project could be of interest to a strategic parastatal organization."

The Energy Report Interview with Ed Sterck (6/7/12)
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"Mineralization at BAN's Onkelo West prospect may represent down-dip extensions."

— Edward Sterck, BMO Capital Markets (1/24/12)
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"BAN is proving up the economics of the project and adding shareholder value."

The Energy Report Interview with Edward Sterck (1/19/12)
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"Investor-friendly strategies could include looking at companies like BAN."

The Energy Report Interview with Edward Sterk (9/8/11)
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"AAA's Inferred mineral resources now stand at 596 Mt. KCI."

— Deborah Sterescu, Proactive Investors (9/7/11)
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"BAN gets final environmental clearance for Etango mining license."

— Edward Sterck, BMO Capital Markets (7/28/11)
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