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Bob and Barb Moriarty brought to the Internet almost 16 years ago. They later added to cover oil, natural gas, gasoline, coal, solar, wind and nuclear energy. Both sites feature articles, editorial opinions, pricing figures and updates on current events affecting both sectors. Previously, Bob was a Marine F-4B and O-1 pilot with more than 832 missions in Vietnam. He holds 14 international aviation records.

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Companies Commented On

  • A.I.S. Resources Ltd.
  • Aurania Resources Ltd.
  • Auryn Resources Inc.
  • Avrupa Minerals Ltd.
  • BCGold Corp.
  • BonTerra Resources Inc.
  • California Gold Mining Inc.
  • Canada Zinc Metals Corp.
  • Castle Silver Resources Inc.
  • Columbus Gold Corp.
  • Cougar Metals NL
  • DNI Metals Inc.
  • Emgold Mining Corp.
  • Gold Standard Ventures Corp.
  • Imagin Medical Inc.
  • Irving Resources Inc.
  • Japan Gold Corp.
  • LiCo Energy Metals Inc.
  • Luminor Medical Technologies Inc.
  • MGX Minerals Inc.
  • Millennium Minerals Ltd.
  • Molori Energy Inc.
  • Neah Power Systems Inc.
  • Nexus Gold Corp.
  • Nordgold SE
  • Novo Resources Corp.
  • Osisko Gold Royalties Ltd.
  • Osisko Mining Inc.
  • Red Eagle Exploration Ltd.
  • Red Eagle Mining Corp.
  • Redstar Gold Corp.
  • Rise Gold Corp.
  • RJK Explorations Ltd.
  • Smartcool Systems Inc.
  • SolGold plc
  • Southern Arc Minerals Inc.
  • Stakeholder Gold Corp.
  • Torchlight Energy Resources Inc.
  • TriStar Gold Inc.
  • Winston Gold Mining Corp.
  • ZZZZZSouthern Arc Minerals Inc.

Recent Interviews

Bet on the Jockey, not the Horse (8/15/17)

Bob Moriarty of 321 Gold explains why in some cases—and particularly in the case of this explorer—you don’t need to know all the details, you just need to know the geologist.

Smartcool Is Really Cool (8/7/17)
Air conditioners

A new device for air conditioners positions this company in ten-bagger territory, says Bob Moriarty of 321Gold.

Don't Go Swimming with the Sharks (7/26/17)

Bob Moriarty, president of 321 Gold, warns investors to never put in market orders when buying or selling junior mining shares.

Recent Quotes

"R picked up some giant-in-potential land packages which it spun off."

— Bob Moriarty, 321 Gold (6/16/17)
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"The R team has learned how to work with the government and how to move a mining project to production in the least time at the least cost."

— Bob Moriarty, 321 Gold (5/3/17)
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"Columbus Gold's Montagne d'Or project was exceptional before the bankable feasibility study; it's better now."

The Gold Report Article by Bob Moriarty (3/22/17)
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"CGT has what you might think of as a golden future."

The Gold Report Article by Bob Moriarty (1/23/17)
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"TRCH has been doing everything right."

The Energy Report Article by Bob Moriarty (11/14/16)
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"Investors need to start moving to the really quality stocks. GSV is one of them."

— Bob Moriarty, 321 Gold (8/9/16)
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"Between the very lowest prices of 2014 until now, AKG has provided a 266% return to shareholders."

The Gold Report Article by Bob Moriarty (7/12/16)
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"The technical team at GSV is the best of any junior in Nevada."

— Bob Moriarty, 321 Gold (5/18/16)
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"With NG, you're buying really excellent management."

The Gold Report Interview with Bob Moriarty (2/18/16)
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"With RD, you are getting an excellent story with brilliant management."

— Bob Moriarty, 321 Gold (12/23/15)
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"I expect GSV to continue to be among the leaders in the next bull phase."

— Bob Moriarty, 321 Gold (12/23/15)
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"NG is exactly the kind of aggressive company you want to look for right now."

The Gold Report Interview with Bob Moriarty (11/30/15)
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"In any rational market, GSV's shares would be substantially higher."

— Bob Moriarty, 321 Gold (11/18/15)
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"RD announced it has commenced construction."

— Bob Moriarty, 321 Gold (8/21/15)
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