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Sector Expert: Kevin Bambrough

Image: Kevin Bambrough

Kevin Bambrough is a seasoned financial executive with more than a decade of investment industry experience and is a recognized leader in the commodity investing space. Formerly of Sprott Resource Corp., he founded the company in September 2007 and from 2009–2013 he served as president of Sprott Inc., one of Canada's leading asset managers, which has more than $8B in assets under management. Between 2003 and 2009, he held a number of positions with Sprott Asset Management, including market strategist, a role in which he devoted a significant portion of his time to examining global economic activity, geopolitics and commodity markets in order to identify new trends and investment opportunities for Sprott Asset Management's team of portfolio managers.

Recent Interviews

Sprott Money Managers Share the Secret for Surviving the 'Bernanke Put' (7/9/13)

The "Bernanke Put," or promises of quantitative easing, has become the standard government response to economic uncertainty. But while the powers that be insist everything's fine, Sprott Resource Corp. Founder Kevin Bambrough and COO Paul Dimitriadis see financial deterioration around the globe. Only one thing is for certain: Taking the contrarian view provides the best opportunities to buy low and sell high. In this interview with The Energy Report, they explain why they expect energy assets to perform better in the long haul, cluing us in on a few names they are considering for big returns.

Why the Pros Bet Contrarian: Sprott Execs Bambrough and Dimitriadis (12/11/12)

When oil was in the limelight, Sprott's Bambrough and Dimitriadis went for wallflower companies in beaten-down sectors. Since 2007, the pair has seen striking highs and lows in natural gas, coal and potash and invested accordingly, infusing companies with much-needed capital and creating startling profits during sector upswings. Read on to benefit from the wisdom these two successful fund managers share in this Energy Report interview and find out where the duo is looking next for major growth.

Kevin Bambrough: Fiat Currencies Are Worthless (2/8/11)

In the world of resource investing, Kevin Bambrough, founder of Sprott Resource Corp. (SCP) and president of prestigious Sprott Inc., is one of an elite few. His rise has been meteoric and it's well deserved. Read on for his take on peak oil (it's real), the merits of nuclear energy, and the worthlessness of paper money in this wide-ranging, exclusive interview with The Energy Report.

Recent Quotes

"VUI is one of the largest undeveloped uranium projects in the U.S., and major producers will likely try to take it out."

The Energy Report Interview with Kevin Bambrough and Paul Dimitriadis (7/9/13)
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"VUI is sitting on a world-class, strategic uranium deposit currently valued at cents on the dollar."

— Kevin Bambrough, Sprott Resource Corp. (11/22/12)
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"up more than 300% over the past six months"

The Energy Report Interview with Kevin Bambrough (2/8/11)
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