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McAlinden Research Partners (MRP) provides independent investment strategy research to investors worldwide. The firm's mission is to identify alpha-generating investment themes early in their unfolding and bring them to its clients' attention. MRP's research process reflects founder Joe McAlinden's 50 years of experience on Wall Street. The methodologies he developed as chief investment officer of Morgan Stanley Investment Management, where he oversaw more than $400 billion in assets, provide the foundation for the strategy research MRP now brings to hedge funds, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds and other asset managers around the globe.

Recent Articles

Gold and Bitcoin Break Out 12/05/2023

As gold broke out to an all-time high and Bitcoin hit a 20-month high, McAlinden Research reviews current movements in the market and where its believes these are headed.

Burgeoning Downtrend in Us Dollar Could Ease Difficulties Facing Emerging Market Economies 11/17/2023

McAlinden Research shares thoughts on the current state of the U.S. dollar and how this may impact the market.

Israel Begins Phase 2 of Its War on Hamas 10/31/2023

McAlinden Research shares how the current war in the Middle East may lead to impacts on energy markets and arms sales.

US Takes Steps To Speed Development of Drone Warfare As Israel-Hamas Conflict Continues 10/25/2023

McAlinden Research shares its thoughts on the drone industry and defense stocks as the U.S. boasts development in light of current events in the Middle East.

UAW Takes Aim At Fords Biggest Plant 10/13/2023

McAlinden Research updates us on the current implications of UAW strike.

Hamas Strikes Shatter Israel-Saudi Detente, Risk Regional Conflagration 10/12/2023

McAlinden Research Partners reviews current news and movements in Isreal in light of the attack by Hamas, and shares two charts for the Aerospace and Defense ETF.

UAW Maintains Strong Leverage in Auto Negotiations 10/02/2023

McAlinden Research takes another look at the current implications that may come from UAW strike.

UAW Strike Eventual Agreement Could Carry Inflationary Implications 09/22/2023

McAlinden Research takes a look at the current implications that may come from UAW strike.

FTC Settles Suit, Potentially Averting Further Hurdles 09/06/2023

McAlinden Research shares a deep dive into a market driver with alpha-generating potential.

Stakes Raised for West's Bid To Boost Uranium Output 08/30/2023

McAlinden Research Partners shares a deep dive into a market driver with what it believes is alpha generating potential.

More Banks Face Credit Rating Downgrades as Funding and Deposit Concerns Persist 08/23/2023

Another round of credit rating downgrades impacting several U.S. banks with a combined US$426 billion in consolidated assets, this time from S&P Global Ratings, has compounded a similar move by Moody's earlier this month. Concerns regarding deposits and funding continue to loom over U.S. depositories, which cannot seem to break free of borrowing from the Fed and other expensive sources of liquidity.

Indian Trade Restrictions Create 10 Million Tonne Hole in Global Rice Market 08/17/2023

Rice futures recently jumped out to 15-year highs in Asia, following an expansion of India's halt on certain rice exports. India makes up 40% of the global rice trade, and with nearly half of its rice now on the market, other major exporters like Vietnam, Thailand, and Pakistan are picking up the slack. However, overwhelming international demand could eventually cause these countries to follow in India's footsteps, initiating trade restrictions in an effort to protect supplies in their own domestic markets.

Rare Earths Crucial to Advancement of Green Economy, Defense Systems 04/12/2022

With geopolitical tensions rising, the US recently banned defense contractors from purchasing REE metals from China and will consequently attempt to revive its domestic rare earths industry. However, the US has just one rare earth mine and no processing technology, which highlights the need for a new wave of investment, writes McAlinden Research Partners.

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