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Small-Cap Lithium Co. Has Potential Global Reach
Source: Streetwise Reports  (3/20/24)
Atlas Lithium Corp. is looking to make its mark on the critical battery metal's worldwide market this year as it gets its new plant constructed and online in Brazil's Lithium Valley. At least one analyst is raising his price target. More >

Trial of Emission-Free Van Yields Positive Feedback
Source: Streetwise Reports  (3/20/24)
During this test conducted in the United Kingdom, the hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicle is driven a record distance, 2,000 kilometers (1,200 miles), said the company that built it. More >

Is Oil and Gas Co. Operating in Venezuela 'An Untold Story'?
Source: Streetwise Reports  (3/20/24)
One analyst says this oil and gas company with interest in the oilfields of Venezuela may be an untold story worth looking at. He even named it one of his top picks of the year. More >

Earn-In Co. Starts to Drill U3O8 Deposit
Source: Streetwise Reports  (3/18/24)
The explorer is eager to develop this project in the Athabasca basin, which has a historical resource and significant expansion potential, according to management. More >

Michael Ballanger

Saluting Dr. Copper
Source: Michael Ballanger  (3/18/24)
Michael Ballanger of GGM Advisory Inc. shares his view on the copper market, as well as a few stocks he believes should be of interest. More >

Texas Oil Co. Sells CCS for US$148 Million Cash
Source: Leo Mariani  (3/18/24)
Talos Energy, Inc. recently announced the sale of its entire carbon capture and storage (CCS) business for a total of US$148 million in cash, according to a Roth MKM research note. More >

Malcolm Shaw

Navigating a Golden Opportunity With One Experts Top Picks
Source: Malcolm Shaw  (3/15/24)
Malcolm Shaw of Hydra Capital Partners shares some of his own investment ideas in the metals and energy markets. He also shares a myriad of stocks that he owns and follows. He presents these ideas as a jumping-off point for those looking to kick-start their own due diligence in the commodity sector.
More >

Texas Energy Stock's Target Price 90% More Than Current
Source: Stephane Foucaud  (3/15/24)
Increasing revenues, more potential upside in Gabon, and imminent EG potential were factors in a US$10 target price for Vaalco Energy Inc., according to an Auctus Advisors research note. More >

Oil, Gas Co. Seeing Success Restarting Wells in Venezuela
Source: Streetwise Reports  (3/13/24)
This Canadian oil and gas company is having success restarting production in wells at its concern in oil fields in Venezuela. Read why one analyst calls this a "strong positive" for the company. More >

Expert Says This NY Cleantech's Stock Promises a Break Out
Source: Clive Maund  (3/13/24)
Technical Analyst Clive Maund takes a long look at Bion Environmental Technologies Inc.'s charts and fundamentals to explain why he believes it is a Strong Buy on all timeframes. More >

Texas Oil Co. Eyes Potential Merger
Source: Leo Mariani  (3/13/24)
SilverBow Resources Inc. has received Kimmeridge Energy Management's proposal to merge it gas-producing assets in the South Texas Eagle Ford with the company, according to a Roth MKM research note. More >

Investment Firm Impressed With Metals Exploration Co.
Source: Ron Stewart  (3/12/24)
The Canadian corporation checks all of the boxes for a compelling investment and offers a 161% potential return, noted a Leede Jones Gable report. More >

Top Pick Copper Stock Rises 17%
Source: Fundamental Research  (3/11/24)
Also up week over week are gold and bitcoin, both trading near all-time highs, noted a Fundamental Research report. More >

Michael Ballanger

Lift Off: The Golden Bull Returns
Source: Michael Ballanger  (3/11/24)
Michael Ballanger of GGM Advisory Inc. takes a look at current trends in the gold and uranium market, and shares a couple stocks in his portfolio. More >

A Breakout May Be Imminent for This Hardrock Lithium Co., Analyst Says
Source: Clive Maund  (3/11/24)
Technical Analyst Clive Maund shares why he believes IberAmerican Lithium Corp. will break into a new bull market soon. More >

Feasibility Study a Step To Unlocking a Mega Green Hydrogen Project
Source: Stephane Foucaud  (3/11/24)
Chariot Ltd.'s presented feasibility study may be a stepping stone to a mega green hydrogen project, according to an Auctus Advisors research note. More >

Oil and Gas Co. Offers Dutch Auction Tender at 10% Its Market Cap
Source: Stephane Foucaud  (3/8/24)
GeoPark Ltd.'s latest announcement of a Dutch auction is a strong signal that its shares offer value, according to an Auctus Advisors research note. More >

Insiders Lead Energy Co.'s Upsized Private Placement
Source: Streetwise Reports  (3/7/24)
Jericho Energy Ventures Inc. announced it has closed an "insider-led" private placement as it continues to make advancements in hydrogen power, which one analyst calls "the fuel of the future." More >

Ron Struthers

Seven Reasons Gold Broke to the Upside and Oil Might Be Next
Source: Ron Struthers  (3/7/24)
Finally, gold breaks out as it has been very frustrating for precious metal investors. Oil also went over my $80 target this week but could not close above $80. Nevertheless, Ron Struthers of Struthers' Resource Stock Reports believes the chart shows a solid up trend (blue) with resistance at that $80 level and a breakthrough that would mean a test of $85. He shares seven reasons gold broke out and why one gold stock may benefit. More >

2024 To Be Catalyst Rich for Lithium Tech Co.
Source: Streetwise Reports  (3/6/24)
This Canadian firm's technology, intended to eliminate the use of evaporation ponds in lithium extraction, could revolutionize mining of the in-demand metal, analysts said. Read on to learn more. More >

Solid Capital Returns Give This Texas Oil Co. a Buy Rating
Source: Leo Mariani  (3/6/24)
Solid returns of capital, including dividends and buybacks, higher production growth vs. peers, and discounted valuation vs. Permian peers, are the reasons Permian is rated a Buy, according to a Roth MKM research note. More >

Bessemer Tech Stock Shaping up for a Major Bull Market
Source: Clive Maund  (3/5/24)
Technical Analyst Clive Maund reviews Lithos Group Ltd.'s 6-month chart and recent news to explain why he believes it is an Immediate Strong Buy. More >

Oil and Gas Co. Gains Momentum With Operations Update
Source: Adam Gill  (3/5/24)
New Stratus Energy Inc. is building momentum with its update of its Venezuela operations, according to an Echelon Capital Markets research note. More >

Supply Response in the Uranium Market Remains an Unanswered Call
Source: Andrew Weekly  (3/5/24)
Andrew Weekly of SmithWeekly Research shares his thoughts on the current state of the uranium market. More >

New Uranium Firm Announces Incipient Maiden Drill Program
Source: Streetwise Reports  (3/4/24)
North Shore Uranium announced that it had "further refined its targeting criteria, and the drill program is set to commence in mid-March." Read on to see why one technical analyst called this stock an Immediate Strong Speculative Buy. More >

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