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Energy Company 'Still Surfing on the Guyana Wave' with New Oil Discovery
Source: Streetwise Reports(9/21/19)
A Pareto Securities report addresses how the various joint venture wells of the firm derisk potential upside to its share price. More >

Utility Pilot Project Employs Small-Cap's Solar Power Energy Systems
Source: Streetwise Reports(9/20/19)
With this program, the Canadian firm entered the New England energy market. More >

Small-Cap's Large Solar Project in Puerto Rico Moves Closer to Fruition
Source: Streetwise Reports(9/19/19)
The support of the Puerto Rico Financial Oversight and Management Board advances the solar project. More >

Energy Storage Company Partners to Bring Product to U.S. Farmers
Source: Streetwise Reports(9/19/19)
The agricultural market represents a tremendous opportunity for this firm's technology. More >

Another Exploration Well in Thailand Hits Net Oil Pay
Source: Streetwise Reports(9/19/19)
Two joint venture projects, this one and another in Indonesia, continue moving forward. More >

SunPower's Energy Storage Reflecting Well on Its Shares
Source: Streetwise Reports(9/19/19)
SunPower Corp. shares are trading 6% higher today as the firm announced that its Equinox Storage paired with its platform provides energy independence to residential users. More >

Canadian Company Continues Advancing Colorado Vanadium Project
Source: Streetwise Reports(9/17/19)
The mine complex is producing ore, but it is being stockpiled until state requirements are met. More >

Energy Storage Systems Small Cap Receives $1.1M in New Hawaii Orders
Source: Streetwise Reports(9/11/19)
The firm shipped a record amount to that state in August. More >

An 'Electrical Storm' of Catalysts Converge to Jump Start Sales of Eguana's Solar-Power Storage Solutions
Source: Knox Henderson for Streetwise Reports(9/10/19)
The small-cap energy storage firm just signed a global production agreement with industry heavyweight Jabil. More >

Analyst Raises Q3/19 Production Estimates for Texas-Based Oil & Gas Company
Source: Streetwise Reports(9/6/19)
The revisions and the reasons for them are discussed in a ROTH Capital Partners report. More >

Texas Firm Represents 'Inexpensive Way to Buy Integration in Midstream'
Source: Streetwise Reports(9/6/19)
The reasons this energy firm warrants a rerating are discussed in a Raymond James report. More >

Peter Epstein

First Cobalt, Last Man Standing in North American Cobalt Sector
Source: Peter Epstein for Streetwise Reports(9/5/19)
An agreement with Glencore enabling advancement of recommissioning and expansion plans for the junior's cobalt refinery makes First Cobalt a good bet for investors, according to Peter Epstein of Epstein Research. More >

Energy Storage Firm Completes Agreement with Global Manufacturing Giant Jabil
Source: Streetwise Reports(9/4/19)
The company makes this move after building out its distribution and dealer network. More >

Peter Epstein

Cypress Development Makes Lithium Flow Sheet Enhancements
Source: Peter Epstein for Streetwise Reports(9/4/19)
Peter Epstein of Epstein Research outlines the latest from this firm operating in Nevada, which is set to release a PFS in the fourth quarter. More >

Energy Firm Reacts to Oil Price Weakening with 2019 Budget Decrease
Source: Streetwise Reports(8/31/19)
The company's revised estimates, the reasons for and repercussions of them are addressed in a CIBC report. More >

Lithium Explorer Advances Nevada Project, To Publish Prefeasibility Study in Q4/19
Source: Streetwise Reports(8/30/19)
Through recent work, the company determined the best methods for its requisite lithium recovery, concentration and leaching processes. More >

South Dakota Uranium Project Receives Revised Draft Permits from EPA
Source: Streetwise Reports(8/29/19)
This is a significant development for the Colorado-based explorer. More >

Peter Epstein

Standard Lithium Remains on Course to Production in 2430 Months
Source: Peter Epstein for Streetwise Reports(8/29/19)
Peter Epstein of Epstein Research does the math and reviews the details of an expected joint venture and the lithium market overall, and determines this company will benefit from the upsides. More >

'Outsized Dislocation' of Wind Blade Maker's Stock Means Buying Opportunity: Analyst
Source: Streetwise Reports(8/27/19)
A disconnect surrounding the company's EBITDA multiple is discussed in a Raymond James report. More >

Texas Oil & Gas Firm Reports Positive Mid-Q3/19 Operations Update
Source: Streetwise Reports(8/27/19)
Accomplishments and revised estimates are reviewed in a ROTH Capital Partners report. More >

PDC Energy's $1.7 Billion Acquisition of SRC Energy Sends Both Shares Higher
Source: Streetwise Reports(8/26/19)
This morning PDC Energy announced that it will acquire SRC Energy in an all-stock deal valued at $1.7 billion. Shares of both companies are trading higher today on the merger news. More >

Vanadium Producer Curtails Offtake Agreement with Glencore
Source: Streetwise Reports(8/24/19)
The company's move marks an internal shift toward sales and trading of the element. More >

Oil & Gas Firm Reports Strong Q2/19 Financial Results
Source: Streetwise Reports(8/21/19)
Increased production in Thailand drove the quarter-over-quarter revenue boost. More >

Peter Epstein

Lithium Project Could Reach Commercial Production in 2021
Source: Peter Epstein for Streetwise Reports(8/19/19)
Millennial Lithium CEO Farhad Abasov speaks with Peter Epstein of Epstein Research about his company's just released bank feasibility study. More >

Analyst: Discovery of First Oil Is 'Company Making Event'
Source: Streetwise Reports(8/16/19)
This event, its implications and near-term catalysts are discussed in a Pareto Securities report. More >

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