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Strong Oil Stock Ready for Next Upleg
Source: Clive Maund for Streetwise Reports  (3/17/18)
Technical analyst Clive Maund discusses a company that he believes will break higher regardless of what oil does. More >

A Strong Oil Stock at a Great Entry Point
Source: Clive Maund for Streetwise Reports  (3/17/18)
Technical analyst Clive Maund discusses a small-cap oil and gas company that he believes has lots of upside potential. More >

Small-Cap Oil Company's First STACK Well Ranks Among Highest in Region
Source: Streetwise Reports  (3/14/18)
A small company drilling alongside the large operators has just released results from its first well, which exceeded expectations. More >

Analyst Calls Oil E&P 'Most Attractive Small-Cap Montney Name in Our Universe'
Source: Streetwise Reports  (3/12/18)
Garett Ursu, an analyst with Cormark Securities, highlighted this energy firm's upcoming well test results and upside potential.
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Jack Chan

Is Energy Bottoming?
Source: Jack Chan for Streetwise Reports  (3/12/18)
Technical analyst Jack Chan charts energy and finds that a tradable bottom is in place. More >

Small-Cap Oil Company Ready to Break Out
Source: Clive Maund for Streetwise Reports  (3/11/18)
Technical analyst Clive Maund discusses why he believes this small energy company that is "off the radar" of most investors is ready to break out. More >

Surge in Volume Leads to New High for Oil Stock
Source: Clive Maund for Streetwise Reports  (3/11/18)
Technical analyst Clive Maund reflects on how to proceed following a surge in this oil company's stock. More >

Bob Moriarty

Amazing Energy Drills Amazing Well
Source: Bob Moriarty for Streetwise Reports  (3/7/18)
Bob Moriarty of 321 Gold does the math for an energy company drilling in the Permian Basin and finds it pretty impressive. More >

Keith Schaefer

The Smallest Company in the Lowest Cost Oil Play in the US
Source: Keith Schaefer for Streetwise Reports  (3/7/18)
Keith Schaefer of Oil and Gas Investments Bulletin profiles a micro-cap oil company with land in a prime area. More >

Oklahoma STACK Oil Stock Reversal at Support
Source: Clive Maund for Streetwise Reports  (3/5/18)
Technical analyst Clive Maund charts an oil company active in Oklahoma's STACK. More >

What to Do with Inverse Oil ETFs?
Source: Clive Maund for Streetwise Reports  (2/11/18)
Charting oil, technical analyst Clive Maund expects a relief rally for the commodity, and discusses some strategic moves. More >

Oil Set to Tank: Bear Strategies to Profit from It
Source: Clive Maund for Streetwise Reports  (2/4/18)
Oil charts are showing that the commodity is set to decline, says technical analyst Clive Maund, who discusses trading strategies. More >

Analyst: New Well Data 'Confirm Positive Thesis and Upside'
Source: Streetwise Reports  (2/1/18)
Cormark Securities analyst Garret Ursu discussed this oil and gas E&P's recently released and upcoming well test results. More >

Junior E&P Begins Drilling in Oklahoma's STACK in Area with Monster Well Potential
Source: Streetwise Reports  (1/16/18)
A junior E&P with prime land in Oklahoma's STACK play uses a land swap to jump-start its drilling in an area that is seeing off-the-charts production as oil prices continue to rise. More >

'Revenue Build' in 2018 Anticipated for Energy Firm
Source: Streetwise Reports  (1/16/18)
Mackie Research Capital Corp. analyst Nikhil Thadani explained how a recent milestone may signify the start of a revenue growth spurt for this supplier of power electronics for energy storage systems. More >

Micro-Cap Oil & Gas Explorer's First Permian Basin Well Flowing 465 Barrels/Day
Source: Streetwise Reports  (12/13/17)
Exploration is just beginning for this oil and gas E&P with large tracts of prime land in the Permian Basin in Texas. More >

Shining a Light on an Out-of-Favor Oil Stock
Source: Clive Maund for Streetwise Reports  (12/7/17)
Technical analyst Clive Maund charts an oil and gas explorer that he believes is under the radar of most investors. More >

Development Agreement for Permian Basin Acreage Would Eliminate Capex Budget
Source: Streetwise Reports  (11/28/17)
The letter of intent signed to develop this oil & gas company's large acreage in the red-hot Permian Basin would not only eliminate the company's capex budget, it could give the company a long-term cash flow stream. More >

Oil & Gas Company Has 'High-Impact Exploration Potential'
Source: Streetwise Reports  (11/28/17)
Bill Newman, an analyst with Mackie Research Capital Corp., shared this energy firm's Q3/17 news.
More >

Cheap Permian Driller Has Big Upside
Source: Clive Maund for Streetwise Reports  (11/26/17)
Technical analyst Clive Maund of discusses a Permian driller that he believes is an "attractive speculative play." More >

Low-Cost Oil & Gas Player in High-Rent Permian Basin
Source: Streetwise Reports  (11/21/17)
An oil E&P company has acquired rights at low cost in the prolific Permian Basin that it is now exploring and producing. More >

Oil Charts Showing Extreme Paradoxes
Source: Clive Maund for Streetwise Reports  (11/20/17)
Technical analyst Clive Maund discusses the conflicting signals from oil's price chart and from the COT and Hedgers' charts. More >

Analyst Initiates on 'Potential Tenbagger' Oil & Gas Company
Source: Streetwise Reports  (11/8/17)
Bill Newman, an analyst with Mackie Research Capital Corp., explained how this energy firm could deliver substantial upside.
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Oil Poised to Break Key Resistance
Source: Clive Maund for Streetwise Reports  (11/3/17)
Technical analyst Clive Maund describes the ways in which oil is positioned to rally.
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Oil & Gas Firm Offers 'High-Impact Exploration Potential'
Source: Streetwise Reports  (10/24/17)
Mackie Research provided the recent results from one of the exploration wells this energy company co-owns in Indonesia. More >

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