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Etienne Moshevich

Three Key Metrics to Identify a Superstar Investment
Source: Brian Sylvester of The Mining Report  (4/15/14)
Etienne Moshevich, editor of, looks at three things before he decides to get excited about a company: people, projects and structure. In this interview with The Mining Report, Moshevich explains his ground-up approach to evaluating junior resource companies and names the names that are set to rake in the profits. More >

Matt Badiali

Russia Invaded Crimea and These US Energy Companies Made a Killing: Stansberry Research's Matt Badiali Shares O&G Investing Strategies
Source: JT Long of The Energy Report  (4/10/14)
Don't put all your investments in one stock, warns S&A Resource Report Editor Matt Badiali. In this interview with The Energy Report, he shares a basket of companies that are extracting higher margins with ever-evolving shale drilling methods. Find out about his top tenbagger opportunities at home, in the so-called new science and factory shales, as well as his favorites in the far reaches of Kurdistan, where an eventual takeover draft looks likely. More >

Pavel Molchanov

Raymond James' Pavel Molchanov Sees Stars in the Expanding Cleantech Universe
Source: Peter Byrne of The Energy Report  (4/3/14)
Cleantech, an outperformer in the energy space since 2012, experienced a major expansion phase in 2013 that is still unfolding. In this interview with The Energy Report, Raymond James Energy Analyst Pavel Molchanov points to companies with innovative technologies, strong balance sheets and financial flexibility as examples of low risk with high-flying rewards. Find out about his strongest Buy recommendation, as well as a special situation in big oil. More >

David Sadowski

Conjuring Profits from Uranium's Resurgence: David Sadowski
Source: Tom Armistead of The Energy Report  (3/27/14)
It doesn't take a Ouija board to predict a rebound in the price of uranium: Global fuel stocks are insufficient, and unmet demand for uranium is growing. In this interview with The Energy Report, David Sadowski, a mining research analyst at Raymond James, explains the forces that will push the price of uranium, and the companies that are likely to benefit. Being selective, he says, will provide the greatest rewards. More >

Strong Commodities + Weak Dollar = Canadian Energy Investing Bonanza: Chad Ellison
Source: Brian Sylvester of The Energy Report  (3/20/14)
Chad Ellison of Dundee Capital Markets is gearing up for a red-hot Canadian energy sector. Commodity price strength and weakness in the Canadian dollar are creating a discount in the country's oil and gas explorers and producers. In this interview with The Energy Report, Ellison elaborates on why he's excited to be an energy analyst again, and names companies with strong economics and management teams likely to reward energy investors. More >

Tom Varesh: If Canada Opens the Spigot on Drilling, These Oil Services Companies Could Climb
Source: Peter Byrne of The Energy Report  (3/13/14)
One of Canada's top-ranked industrial investment analysts, Tom Varesh of M Partners, tells The Energy Report where to find the best-positioned oil services companies in the oil fields of western Canada. With many pipeline and E&P projects approved and still more seeking approval, western Canada looks primed for an energy renaissance. At this point, it's a case of "if you build it, they will come." Find out about the companies doing the building, and get exposure before share prices start sprinting. More >

Michael Breard

Mike Breard: Buy Small for Deep Profits
Source: Peter Byrne of The Energy Report  (3/11/14)
The Street's eyes may be on North Dakota, but Mike Breard also keeps an expert eye focused on smaller oil and gas companies drilling elsewhere. In this interview with The Energy Report, the Hodges Capital analyst discusses several companies drilling excellent wells in Texas, Oklahoma and the Gulf of Mexico. Breard, a veteran oil and gas analyst, knows the first names of some of the sharpest managers in the industry. Stick with the winning teams, he advises, even when they change firms. More >

Justin Anderson

A Pair of Top Picks, a Risky Pair and an Ace in the Hole: Justin Anderson Shows His Hand
Source: Tom Armistead of The Energy Report  (2/27/14)
Since its inception in 2007, the Salman Partners' Top Pick Index has made a 251% return. The index is a huge pot for investors in the international oil and gas space to bet on, but it's not for the untutored. Salman Partners Analyst Justin Anderson walked The Energy Report through the risks and returns of the game. Find out how he plays his hand. More >

Lawrence Roulston Keith Schaefer Eric Coffin

The Most Important Question Top Stock Pickers Keith Schaefer, Eric Coffin and Lawrence Roulston Ask Company Presidents
Source: JT Long of The Mining Report  (2/18/14)
Payback time? Fallback plan? Money in the bank? What would you ask the CEO of a company you were considering investing in? In advance of the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada convention in March, newsletter writers Keith Schaefer, Eric Coffin and Lawrence Roulston are bringing 15 energy and mining companies together for a "meet the management" Subscriber Investment Summit in Toronto. In this interview with The Mining Report, the experts share their sometimes surprising responses to the state of the industry. More >

Bob Moriarty

Food, Water and Fuel Are Necessary to Life and Investors: Bob Moriarty
Source: Karen Roche of The Energy Report  (2/13/14)
Likening central banks to "your crackhead cousin" running loose with your American Express platinum card, Bob Moriarty sees serious economic threats in the future. This leads the owner of 321energy to look at resources like food, water and energy for protection and profit. He tells The Energy Report where energy opportunities exist, and why Chinese demand for everything will set prices in the future. More >

Chen Lin

Fight China's Smog with Ethanol, Says Chen Lin
Source: Peter Byrne of The Energy Report  (2/6/14)
In decades past, we have seen that any commodity China really wants goes through the roof. We saw it in copper. We saw it in oil. We saw it in liquefied natural gas. If China starts mandating a 5% blend of ethanol to gasoline, ethanol should trade on par with gasoline. So says Chen Lin, author of the widely read newsletter What is Chen Buying? What is Chen Selling? But there's more to the story: because China produces no ethanol, U.S. ethanol producers could be looking at a massive new market, not to mention a spike in profit margins. In this interview with The Energy Report, Chen discloses his favorite ethanol picks, as well as some compelling fracking names. More >

Porter Stansberry: Are You Playing the Right Energy Trend?
Source: Karen Roche of The Energy Report  (1/30/14)
Are you cashing in on America's free energy source? Porter Stansberry of Stansberry & Associates is more bullish than ever on what he calls America's "free energy," natural gas. He's stocked the model portfolio of his newsletter, Stansberry's Investment Advisory, with natural gas companies as well as the companies packaging it and moving it. His energy position was by far the highest-producing segment of his model portfolio over the past two years, some of those holdings even having doubled. In this interview with The Energy Report, Stansberry discusses the macroeconomic climate facing North American investors and how to take advantage of a building natural gas trend. More >

Ronald Muhlenkamp

Get Positioned Now for the Next Great Natural Gas Switch: Ron Muhlenkamp
Source: Tom Armistead of The Energy Report  (1/23/14)
Cheap natural gas means Americans can buy the equivalent of a barrel of crude for $35. That's the exciting reality that has Ron Muhlenkamp, founder and portfolio manager of Muhlenkamp & Co. Inc., putting his investment dollars behind the next great fuel switch, this time in the transportation sector. With his fund having finished 2013 with a tidy 34.4% gain, he is now eyeing companies poised to outfit the U.S. transportation sector with all things natural gas, from fuel tanks to motors to filling stations. And let's not forget the folks who get it out of the ground. As Muhlenkamp tells The Energy Report, we've only just begun, so there's plenty of room to run with well-positioned companies. More >

Bill Powers

Five Ways to Play the End of the Natural Gas Renaissance: Bill Powers
Source: Tom Armistead of The Energy Report  (1/16/14)
Shale gas is not the foundation of U.S. energy security that conventional wisdom claims it is, says Bill Powers in this interview with The Energy Report. But as shale gas peters out, the law of supply and demand will drive gas prices up. Powers, an independent analyst and author of "Cold, Hungry and in the Dark: Exploding the Natural Gas Supply Myth," sees a good future for gas-leveraged junior companies, and shares his top ideas as demand and price skyrocket in tandem. More >

Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali's Insider Tips from the Energy Fronts in Kurdistan and Tuscaloosa
Source: JT Long of The Energy Report  (1/2/14)
How can investors get exposure to the hottest new oil and gas plays without getting burned by conflict premiums abroad or regulatory hurdles in North America? Fresh off three months of travelling the globe, S&A Resource Report Editor Matt Badiali shares his insights with The Energy Report readers on how to go where no one else wants to be and make a lot of money doing it. More >

Fracking, Uranium and Solar, Oh My!: Growth and Innovation in 2013
Source: The Energy Report  (12/26/13)
A more profitable outcome often requires a new way of doing things. The Energy Report profiled some of the most innovative stories in the energy space in 2013. Our experts talked about everything from developments in hydraulic fracturing techniques to new ways of finding and processing natural resources. As we look forward to exciting new opportunities in 2014, let's revisit some stories our experts shared last year. More >

Chad Mabry

Chad Mabry: Where to Drill for Portfolio Outperformance
Source: JT Long of The Energy Report  (12/19/13)
Looking into 2014, Chad Mabry, an analyst at MLV & Co., is more focused than ever on company-specific fundamentals and relative performance indicators, which help him identify the outperformers. In this interview with The Energy Report, Mabry also talks about some companies with exposure to up-and-coming plays that could offer major upside. More >

Peter Dupont

Has Shale Broken OPEC's Grip? Peter Dupont Names Powerhouses of the Future
Source: Tom Armistead of The Energy Report  (12/12/13)
The Shale Age is the age of the nimble junior, and exploration has revealed oil and gas resources that could forever alter the global production profile. Peter Dupont, oil and gas analyst for Edison Investment Research, tells The Energy Report how companies in North and South America, Australia, Africa and the U.K. are upending the oil and gas order and creating a whole new energy investment landscape. More >

Evan Smith

Producers that Can Pump at $60/bbl Oil: Evan Smith
Source: Tom Armistead of The Energy Report  (12/5/13)
As impressive as shale gas and oil production has been in North America, Evan Smith, co-portfolio manager of U.S. Global Investors' Global Resources Fund, expects 2014 to break records as producers move to a pure manufacturing process and drill multiple horizontal wells from a single pad. In this interview with The Energy Report, Smith tells us why a few of the companies in his fund had a stellar 2013, and why they could go even higher in 2014. More >

Thomas  Drolet

Why Uranium and Coal Rank High for Energy Return on Energy Invested: Thomas Drolet
Source: Tom Armistead of The Mining Report  (12/3/13)
Not all energy options are equally good, says Thomas Drolet, principal of Drolet & Associates Energy Services Inc. Using an "Energy Return on Energy Invested (EROEI)" calculation to decide which energy sources yield the most for the least energy investment, Drolet sees hydroelectricity, natural gas, uranium and coal at the top of the list. Drolet adds that the need for reliable power will keep baseload power fueled by uranium and coal at the center of the world's electricity systems for many years, but he tips The Mining Report to some technologies looking for investment that can help make coal a more environment-friendly fuel. More >

Xavier Grunauer

Xavier Grunauer: Small Oil and Gas Companies Are Rising Stars in Latin America
Source: Peter Byrne of The Energy Report  (11/26/13)
Independent oil and gas companies with technical skills, local know-how and bottom-up knowledge are playing a larger role in Latin American oil and gas, according to Xavier Grunauer, analyst with Edison Investment Research. Rather than looking to national oil companies and global oil majors, the "fallen stars" operating in the region, Grunauer tells The Energy Report that investors would be wise to get up to speed now on some of the smaller independent oil and gas companies that are poised to unlock value in Colombia, Argentina and Brazil. More >

Amin Haque

Plenty of Opportunities Still Left in International Junior E&Ps: Amin Haque
Source: Peter Byrne of The Energy Report  (11/21/13)
You may not think "oil" when you hear "Albania," but the once war-torn nation is home to the largest onshore oil field in Europe, says MGI Securities Analyst Amin Haque. Furthermore, the underexplored jurisdiction is likely hosting large undiscovered oil reserves. In this interview with The Energy Report, Haque explains the political and fiscal environment in this transitioning country and profiles some promising companies making headway there. He also brings us up to speed on some plays in Nigeria that could return big bucks for patient investors. More >

Karim  Rahemtulla

Karim Rahemtulla: Profit from Natural Gas Infrastructure Expansion
Source: Brian Sylvester of The Energy Report  (11/14/13)
Karim Rahemtulla, investment director of Oil and Energy Daily and emcee at the upcoming Liberty Forum, believes the day is near when you will be able to fill up your tank with natural gas in stations from coast to coast. Why? The same large oil companies with gas stations all over the country now have a considerable stake in the success of natural gas. For producers, the trend toward greater adoption could buoy prices for the energy source, increasing margins. In this interview with The Energy Report, Rahemtulla discusses benefactors of the trend—and throws in some good news on gold. More >

Steve Palmer

Steve Palmer: Change Up Your Portfolio's Sector Weightings to Capture Profits
Source: Peter Byrne of The Mining Report  (11/12/13)
Steve Palmer's AlphaNorth Partners Fund didn't make a 130% return by adhering to a strict natural resource weighting. In this interview with The Mining Report, Steve Palmer describes how his fund uses "bottom-up analysis" to find profit opportunities in metals, energy, life sciences and tech stocks. Small-cap equities may not be leading the pack now, but they are still the best-performing asset class in the long term, says Palmer, and he names some companies that are already outperforming. More >

Christopher Brown, P. Eng

Four International O&G Juniors for a Globe-Sweeping Shale Revolution: Christopher Brown
Source: Tom Armistead of The Energy Report  (11/7/13)
Shhh! The market is sleeping. Meanwhile, international juniors are stealing into old oil and gas basins with the same equipment and technical expertise that forever changed the oil and gas landscape in North America. In this interview with The Energy Report, Canaccord Genuity Research Director Christopher Brown and Research Associate Kimberly Thompson name some promising junior companies that are poised to tempt majors back into these basins or simply clean up on premium international pricing. For investors, it's a case of massive potential upside for practically nothing—at least until the market wakes up. More >

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