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Technical Analyst: Oil Stock Looking Set to Break Higher (10/19/2018)

Technical analyst Clive Maund charts a small-cap oil and gas company with a play in Oklahoma's SCOOP region that he sees as a strong buy.


Wealth Minerals Prudently, Albeit Slowly, Advancing in Chile (10/17/2018)

Peter Epstein of Epstein Research discusses whether the lithium market is oversold and profiles one lithium company that he follows.


Analyst: Canadian Oil & Gas Company 'Crazy Cheap' (10/16/2018)

A Mackie Research Capital Corp. report outlined this Canadian energy firm's recently completed financing and its in-process acquisition.


Undervalued Oil & Gas Explorer, Near Developer Makes Solid Takeout Target (10/16/2018)

A Pareto Securities note explained what the company has to offer, why it is attractive and what it could gain from an M&A-type deal.


Energy Firm Acquiring Oil & Gas Assets Extends Closing and Option Dates (10/12/2018)

The company relayed the recent changes made to its existing agreements for Eagle Ford assets in South Texas.


Lithium Company Files PEA on Argentina Project (10/11/2018)

The report provides support to proceed with development plans.


Energy Companies' Merger to Create 'World's Largest Offshore Drilling Fleet' (10/11/2018)

A Raymond James report described the expected synergies of this proposed transaction.


Texas Oil & Gas Company's Permian Wells Produce Encouraging Results (10/09/2018)

This Texas E&P firm is having success using new well testing techniques.


Two Companies with Nevada Lithium Deposits Plan Joint Venture (10/06/2018)

The close proximity of two properties offers promise of synergies for these firms.


Canadian Oil & Gas Firm 'Too Cheap to Ignore' (10/06/2018)

A Pareto Securities report highlighted the disconnect between this energy company's current share price and where it should be.


Cobalt Development Firm Changes President/CEO at Critical Juncture (10/04/2018)

Two analysts relayed the relevant background of the newly appointed executive and shared their thoughts about the timing of the replacement.


How Commodities Will Perform in the 'Impending Massive Credit Crunch' (10/03/2018)

Technical analyst Clive Maund looks at the factors that he sees are behind a massive credit crunch and discusses how the markets could react.


Western Uranium and Vanadium: A VERY Timely Name Change (10/02/2018)

Precious metals expert Michael Ballanger explains why he believes the stars are aligning for vanadium and uranium.


Company Initiates Blockchain Technology for Real Estate Transactions to Counter Rampant Fraud (10/02/2018)

Technical analyst Clive Maund is following this company whose varied projects include blockchain technology for real estate transactions, a solar power project in Puerto Rico and a California land deal.


Lithium Explorer Files PEA, Launches PFS Work for Nevada Project (10/01/2018)

The company outlined the next steps for its lithium operation.


'Highly Undervalued' Oil & Gas Company Adds High-Impact Play in Alberta, Offers 'Multibagger Return Potential' (10/01/2018)

A Mackie Research Capital note reviewed this E&P firm's newest high-impact play in Alberta that offers the "potential to hold up to 60 million barrels of original oil in place."


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