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Pinetree Capital Ltd. is a diversified investment firm focused on investing in early stage micro- and small-cap resource companies. It invests primarily in the following resource sectors: uranium, coal, oil and gas, precious metals, base metals, potash, lithium and rare earths. Pinetree also invests in biotechnology, energy-related (and other) technology sectors. The company has strong, strategic investments and experienced, forward-looking management with a track record of success. Chairman and CEO Sheldon Inwentash brings more than 25 years of investment-industry experience and a deep understanding of progressive investments and financial management strategies.

Pinetree Capital Investees

This partial list of Pinetree’s holdings represents investee companies which are both currently Sponsors of Streetwise Report and investee companies that meet Pinetree’s disclosure policies (which can be found at Pinetree Capital Disclosure Criteria.)