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Zimtu Capital Corp. (TSX.V:ZC FSE:ZCT1) is a publicly held investment issuer focused on private, micro- and small-cap resource companies. Zimtu's focus is building new resource issuers and investing in early, private and seed-level opportunities. The company also locates and acquires mineral properties of merit and connects them with public resource companies. Zimtu currently holds investments in marketable securities and has cash available for future investments and opportunities.

Core Holdings

Commerce Resources Corp.

Commerce Resources Corp. is an exploration and development company with a particular focus on developing its Blue River tantalum and niobium deposit (British Columbia) and its Ashram rare earth element project (Quebec). More

Pasinex Resources Ltd.

Pasinex Resources Ltd. is a base and precious metals company with a particular focus on exploration in Turkey. Pasinex has a joint venture with Turkish mining company Akmetal AS to explore for zinc and lead mineralization in Adana and Kayseri provinces, Turkey. More

Prima Fluorspar Corp.

Prima Fluorspar Corp. is focused on the exploration of the Liard fluorspar property in northern British Columbia. More

Expert Analysis

Stephan Bogner, Rockstone Research Ltd. (4/30/14) "Zimtu Capital Corp. is one of the very few vehicles on the TSX that supplies shareholders with vast upside potential, no matter what commodity prices may do. . .in this volatile market, the odds of long-term business success as a for such a prospect generator and its shareholders is much greater than typical prospect generators and infinitely larger than individual exploration plays."

The Mining Report Interview with Etienne Moshevich (4/15/14) "Many retail investors don't have the necessary expertise to invest in the right company at the right price. That is why investors would greatly benefit by investing in a public vehicle that has the right management team to intelligently invest their capital. Zimtu Capital Corp. is a perfect example of this. By investing in one entity like a Zimtu Capital, you not only gain exposure to a number of different companies and decrease your risk, but you are also investing in an undervalued company where its asset value is worth more than its current market cap." More >

Stephan Bogner, Rockstone Research Ltd. (4/3/14) "While building its asset base, Zimtu Capital Corp. has been able to maintain the integrity of its share structure, a fact worth noting. . .the company is well positioned to take advantage of the recent appreciation of its equity holdings but also to accelerate the growth of its asset base through its unique prospect generation business model."

The Mining Report Interview with Stephan Bogner (4/1/14) "Many of Zimtu Capital Corp.'s core holdings have more than doubled year-to-date. . .Zimtu is one of my overall top picks if the mining market recovers. Its share ownership and diversified investment portfolio offer unparalleled upside to a wide variety of commodities, including potash, uranium, REEs, tantalum and niobium, copper, zinc, graphite and gold. The company consistently adds new positions and commodities through property transactions, as well as creating publicly listed companies. And Zimtu is probably the only publicly traded company in which investors can participate in the company-building process as it is a second-to-none prospect generator that is all about people.

"Zimtu has been in this business for more than a decade and has established a reputation that is paying off now. Zimtu's share structure is so tight, with only 11M shares in the market and no warrants outstanding, that its stock is poised to move up in an unparalleled fashion. Management has been very diligent in structuring this company and its shareholder base. I believe that its stock will thrive once the market understands that Zimtu is not only about its core investment holdings but more about future transactions as that is where tremendous value is created and when shareholder value is maximized as no other company in the resource space is capable of doing such on a regular basis." More >

The Mining Report Interview with Jeb Handwerger (3/18/14) "Zimtu Capital Corp. is one of the forces behind some high-quality, early-stage junior mining companies. This provides a great way for investors to participate and profit in the junior, especially during the starting stage. One of Zimtu's more advanced projects is Western Potash Corp., which has an advanced potash deposit in Canada. Zimtu also has a major position in the Athabasca Basin with a company, Lakeland Resources Inc., that has performed very well. Zimtu also is active in the graphite space and one of the companies that we've invested in, which is Big North Graphite Corp. in Mexico. Zimtu has found what we consider some of the higher quality, early-stage junior miners that are in industrial minerals and metals that I'm also very bullish on, such as uranium, graphite and potash. We think Zimtu stock is quite attractive now. It's trading at a huge discount to its net asset value. It's has different types of projects that could take off in this commodity sector." More >

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