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Nemaska Lithium Inc. is a development company with a high-grade lithium asset and patent-pending processes to produce high purity lithium hydroxide and lithium carbonate using electrolysis technology. The company's key asset is the Whabouchi deposit located in Quebec, Canada. At an average grade of 1.53% Li2O, it is the second richest hard rock deposit in the world. Nemaska Lithium has also developed a proprietary process to produce lithium hydroxide, a compound which is expected to outpace all other raw materials (including lithium carbonate) in battery applications. Nemaska Lithium is predicting to produce lithium hydroxide at competitive prices to its peers and, in many instances, at a lower cost.

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"Nemaska Lithium Inc. is focusing on lithium hydroxide, and I believe that this is a very interesting opportunity to companies such as Nemaska Lithium that are developing hard rock mineral deposits. Lithium hydroxide use is going to increase due to the development of the battery industry, mainly for electric cars. Lithium hydroxide works better in some cathode materials for lithium-ion–type batteries than lithium carbonate." read more >

"Nemaska Lithium Inc. is a hard-rock project in Québec I'm monitoring. The company is focusing on the lithium hydroxide market and less on the lithium carbonate market due to favorable economics. Additionally, with the majority of lithium hydroxide being produced in China, the ability to offer a secure source of battery-grade material to the automotive industry is a key advantage Nemaska is looking to obtain. . .2015 is a pivotal year for Nemaska. The company is aiming to construct a small-scale pilot plant with the capacity for 500 tonnes per year (500 tpa) each of lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide. The total cost is estimated at $38M and the company is currently working on arranging the financing. The goal is to prove to larger potential offtake partners that its process works and can produce a lithium product that can be scaled into existing supply chains. . ." read more >

"An earlier-stage company that is coming along is Nemaska Lithium Inc. It has a CA$31.8M market cap and is arranging financing for a pilot production plant along the St. Lawrence River that will process the lithium concentrate it produces from the Whabouchi mine in central Quebec. It has been successful in the last two fund raises in gaining additional money even though the company is not yet in production. That means there is confidence that the story will ultimately come to fruition. [Whabouchi] is a spodumene bearing pegmatite with consistent grade across its deposit. It is outcropping and easy to define in 3-D for volume and mining purposes. The geologist in me says that it's the kind of deposit that is commercially exploitable. It's a deposit that's simple to mine and process. That is the most important thing when it comes to commercial viability." read more >

The Critical Investor, Seeking Alpha (11/30/14)
"Nemaska Lithium Inc. is a sleeping, undervalued giant in Quebec. . .it has one of the best hard rock lithium deposits worldwide. . .the project can focus, through deposit characteristics and patented processes, on producing the more profitable lithium hydroxide."

"We cover Nemaska Lithium Inc. Nemaska has the Whabouchi project, the second-highest lithium grade deposit in the world. It's also in Québec and has 20 million tons in Measured and Indicated resources. It is a project that we are watching very closely. It's in the early stages, but it has great potential. . .the grade alone wouldn't do it, but the fact that Nemaska has a sizeable deposit close to good infrastructure—hydropower, road access—and a positive feasibility study, means it could potentially build an economically competitive lithium mine and plant in Quebec." read more >

Arie Papernick, Secutor Capital Management (5/21/14)
"Nemaska Lithium Inc. recently announced positive feasibility study results for its Whabouchi lithium hydroxide project. . .the company delivered solid feasibility results with improved economics over the 2012 PEA. . .with the feasibility study complete, Nemaska is now awaiting the receipt of permits so it can move forward with discussions regarding project financing."

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