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Mart Resources Inc. is an international oil and gas company focused on production and development opportunities in low-risk, high-reward proven but undeveloped oil and gas fields in Africa. Mart is developing its core strategic asset, the Umusadege field, in partnership with Midwestern Oil and Gas and Suntrust Oil. Daily production rates in excess of 12 Mboe/d.

Expert Comments:

"Mart Resources Inc. has been my home run of the past few years. I've already received a dividend that was more than my original investment. Mart just announced the new pipeline has started flowing. Once the new pipeline is fully ramped up, we should see the production triple, which will generate huge cash flow. Mart's production cost is exceedingly low." read more >

Amin Haque, Industrial Alliance Securities (10/16/14)
"While Mart Resources Inc.'s production downtime and pipeline losses in September were not out of line compared to other months this year, we expect relief from these twin exposures when the Umugini pipeline commences flow. Mart reported the completion of this pipeline earlier this month. We expect flow to commence at the end of October. . .current production, expected ramp up of production growth, higher crude entitlement from the partnership and reasonable netback (~$35 in cash netback under a $85/bbl Brent price scenario) should maintain healthy operating cashflow. . .we maintain our Buy rating."

Chen Lin, What Is Chen Buying? What Is Chen Selling? (10/16/14)
"Mart Resources Inc. is one of my favorite stocks. . .the company has a little dilution risk, mainly related to the OML18 acquisition. As I stated many times, I had reservations on the OML18 and only hope it finishes the new pipeline as soon as possible. Once the new pipeline is functioning, Mart will generate huge cash flow."

"One name that was featured in our April Top 10 report is an energy stock. We usually don't cover energy stocks but we believe Mart Resources Inc. has too much potential to ignore. It's a small oil producer in Nigeria that pays a dividend and has several catalysts in the next six months. The big catalyst for Mart is the new Umugini pipeline. Mart could double its cash flow once the pipeline is complete. The CEO owns just over 8M shares and it is rumored that Mart could make an acquisition during the next couple of months. If Mart can deliver on its catalysts, we should see a significant re-rating of the stock price. The stock has gone from $0.10/share all the way up to $2. Now it's at $1.25/share as investors wait for that pipeline to come on-line. Investors should be cautious, though, because its main assets are in Nigeria." read more >

Amin Haque, Industrial Alliance Securities (9/11/14)
"Mart Resources has provided an operational update on its August 2014 performance. . .field production in August (based on calendar and production days) averaged 7,847 bpd and 12,816 bpd (compared to 7,439 and 11,958 bpd, respectively, in July). . .we expect further growth momentum with the completion of the company's proposed acquisition of Royal Dutch Shell Plc's divested assets in Nigeria and are maintaining our Buy rating."

Tickerscores (9/3/14)
"Mart Resources Inc. is extremely profitable and paid a Q2/14 dividend of 1.5 cents/share (5 cents/quarter in the previous two years). . .Mart has significant growth catalysts in the next six months, which have the potential to move the share price much higher. . .if everything goes smoothly, Mart's share price could appreciate over 50% before the end of 2014."

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