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Mart Resources Inc.


Mart Resources Inc. is an international oil and gas company focused on production and development opportunities in low-risk, high-reward proven but undeveloped oil and gas fields in Africa. Mart is developing its core strategic asset, the Umusadege field, in partnership with Midwestern Oil and Gas and Suntrust Oil. Daily production rates in excess of 12 Mboe/d.

The information provided below is from analysts, newsletters and other contributors. Please contact the company and visit its website before making an investment decision.

Expert Comments:

The Energy Report Interview with Chen Lin (12/11/14) "Mart Resources Inc. has been my home run of the past few years. I've already received a dividend that was more than my original investment. Mart just announced the new pipeline has started flowing. Once the new pipeline is fully ramped up, we should see the production triple, which will generate huge cash flow. Mart's production cost is exceedingly low." More >

Amin Haque, Industrial Alliance Securities (10/16/14) "While Mart Resources Inc.'s production downtime and pipeline losses in September were not out of line compared to other months this year, we expect relief from these twin exposures when the Umugini pipeline commences flow. Mart reported the completion of this pipeline earlier this month. We expect flow to commence at the end of October. . .current production, expected ramp up of production growth, higher crude entitlement from the partnership and reasonable netback (~$35 in cash netback under a $85/bbl Brent price scenario) should maintain healthy operating cashflow. . .we maintain our Buy rating."

Chen Lin, What Is Chen Buying? What Is Chen Selling? (10/16/14) "Mart Resources Inc. is one of my favorite stocks. . .the company has a little dilution risk, mainly related to the OML18 acquisition. As I stated many times, I had reservations on the OML18 and only hope it finishes the new pipeline as soon as possible. Once the new pipeline is functioning, Mart will generate huge cash flow."

The Mining Report Interview with James Fraser (9/16/14) "One name that was featured in our April Top 10 report is an energy stock. We usually don't cover energy stocks but we believe Mart Resources Inc. has too much potential to ignore. It's a small oil producer in Nigeria that pays a dividend and has several catalysts in the next six months. The big catalyst for Mart is the new Umugini pipeline. Mart could double its cash flow once the pipeline is complete. The CEO owns just over 8M shares and it is rumored that Mart could make an acquisition during the next couple of months. If Mart can deliver on its catalysts, we should see a significant re-rating of the stock price. The stock has gone from $0.10/share all the way up to $2. Now it's at $1.25/share as investors wait for that pipeline to come on-line. Investors should be cautious, though, because its main assets are in Nigeria." More >

Amin Haque, Industrial Alliance Securities (9/11/14) "Mart Resources has provided an operational update on its August 2014 performance. . .field production in August (based on calendar and production days) averaged 7,847 bpd and 12,816 bpd (compared to 7,439 and 11,958 bpd, respectively, in July). . .we expect further growth momentum with the completion of the company's proposed acquisition of Royal Dutch Shell Plc's divested assets in Nigeria and are maintaining our Buy rating."

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Tickerscores (9/3/14) "Mart Resources Inc. is extremely profitable and paid a Q2/14 dividend of 1.5 cents/share (5 cents/quarter in the previous two years). . .Mart has significant growth catalysts in the next six months, which have the potential to move the share price much higher. . .if everything goes smoothly, Mart's share price could appreciate over 50% before the end of 2014."

Street Smart Investor, Seeking Alpha (7/30/14) "Production and revenue for Mart Resources Inc. are likely to surge in FY15 as the company starts using its export pipeline for oil sale to Royal Dutch Shell Plc. . .I still believe that Mart has significant upside potential. . .investors can buy the stock with an initial time horizon of 12–18 months."

The Energy Report Interview with Steve Palmer (7/24/14) "Mart Resources Inc. is a good mid-cap name that pays a dividend. It is producing oil in Nigeria. It has experienced significant pipeline losses due to a lot of theft: Its current pipeline is in a swampy area that is difficult to monitor for theft. But in August, the company plans to switch pipelines. Using the new Royal Dutch Shell pipeline will allow Mart to avoid high pipeline losses while increasing production. Importantly, Mart has some wells under development that are not producing at the moment, but that will be tied into the new pipeline when they come on line. . .Mart has access to Shell's new pipeline. Once it starts flowing product through that pipeline, its net production should increase materially. Mart has very aggressive plans for increasing production in the near term. Most of Mart's wells are verticals, which produce 2–3 Mbbl/d, but it has drilled a horizontal well that should produce significantly more than the vertical wells, and increase its overall production. The results on the new horizontal well will be released in the near term." More >

The Energy Report Interview with Chen Lin (6/24/14) "According to the Mart Resources Inc., it will finish pipeline construction by the end of June and start commissioning right after. I expect it will commission the new pipeline in Q3/14. The pipeline will potentially triple the company's oil production. That will make Mart a completely different producer.

Another part of the news is that Mart is bidding on some huge oil fields being sold by majors, like Royal Dutch Shell Plc. Nigerian media is saying that Mart has already won one or more of the bids. I think the company still needs to work on the details, as well as financing. The big advantage for Mart and its local partners is that when they buy from big oil companies like Shell, they enjoy a five-year tax holiday as an indigenous company. That's the same as Mart enjoyed with its current field, though that holiday just expired. . ." More >

Chen Lin, What Is Chen Buying? What Is Chen Selling? (6/18/14) "I look forward to the potentially dramatic growth of Mart Resources Inc. with the new pipeline and the possible giant field from Royal Dutch Shell Plc. . .the potential Shell acquisition is the opportunity of lifetime. According to Nigerian media, Mart and its partners 'won' 45% of Oil Mining Lease 18, which is a billion-barrel oil and gas field right next to the coast. (The other 55% is owned by the government.) Perfect location, excellent infrastructure and it only needs more development. Mart will likely ask to become the operator and, due to its reputation, Mart may well get it."

Amin Haque, Industrial Alliance Securities (6/18/14) "Mart Resources Inc. announced its successful bidding as part of a consortium for a petroleum license in Nigeria divested by an oil major. The company also made major progress toward significant production growth in H2/14."

Chen Lin, What Is Chen Buying? What Is Chen Selling? (5/16/14) "I listened to Mart Resources Inc is onto something. It deposited $56M into a special account and the management hinted that they are likely looking at some oil-producing assets that majors are selling. . .I see the potential transaction is a huge boost to the company. . .if successful, it can launch the company to a completely different platform. . .Mart should have a summer full of significant news and I am looking forward to it."

Amin Haque, Industrial Alliance Securities (5/14/14) "This was a good quarter for Mart Resources Inc. both operationally and financially. The performance in this quarter should demonstrate to investors the earning power of the company when pipeline losses and production stoppages are at a moderate level. We expect Mart to exceed our estimate for production, revenue and operating cash flow in Q1/14."

Chen Lin, What Is Chen Buying? What Is Chen Selling? (4/11/14) "Mart Resources Inc. is quite optimistic about the new pipeline to be completed in Q2/14. It is looking to start commissioning it from July-August. With the pending horizontal well, the company can easily increase production to 30–35 Mbbl by the end of Q3/14. The next few months will be critical for Mart, I hope it will pull this off."

Chen Lin, What Is Chen Buying? What Is Chen Selling? (4/3/14) "Mart Resources Inc. graduated to the Toronto Stock Exchange this week! I am so glad to see one of my favorites grown up."

Chen Lin, What Is Chen Buying? What Is Chen Selling? (3/27/14) "Looking into the summer, I see Mart Resources Inc. has extremely important milestones coming."

Amin Haque, MGI Securities (2/28/14) "We believe Mart Resources Inc. is poised to emerge as a successful midcap Nigeria-focused crude producer in 2014. . .we maintain our Buy rating on the company and our 12-month target price of CA$2. . .[the] current level of production and cash flow do not accurately represent the potential of Mart."

The Energy Report Interview with Justin Anderson (2/27/14) "[Mart Resources Inc.'s Umugini pipeline] should be completed midyear 2014. I think people appreciate that the company needs the pipeline to make the operation more robust. That is probably reflected in the stock. I don't actually see a huge potential from the pipeline completion alone. I think the more important thing will be production. If everything goes perfectly, the pipeline gets commissioned, production goes past 20,000 barrels/day through the line and the losses are cut to under 10% or 5%, that would be a positive thing for the stock, there's no question. It's certainly a possible scenario. . .it is encouraging see recent news that it's talking to the government and establishing a committee to review the losses. Just having two export options will be a good thing for the company." More >

Chen Lin, What Is Chen Buying? What Is Chen Selling? (2/13/14) "Mart Resources Inc. is making good progress on the new pipeline and it is still on schedule to complete it in H1/14. The new pipeline will be the key milestone for the company as the export-route loss is much less (single digit losses were reported recently), and Mart can also more than double its capacity."

The Energy Report Interview with Chen Lin (2/6/14) "2014 will be a very important year for Mart Resources Inc. It is planning to build a new—reduced flow loss—pipeline that can more than double its exportable capacity. When that happens, there will be a huge jump for Mart's stock, a windfall cash flow, and potentially an increased dividend. It already pays a 17%/year dividend, so look for a double-digit dividend or even greater. We have been collecting the dividend now, while waiting for Mart to complete the new pipeline. Mart has two Nigerian companies as its partners, which is good. You want local companies to be your face in Nigeria." More >

Chen Lin, What Is Chen Buying? What Is Chen Selling? (1/22/14) "The key for Mart Resources Inc. for 2014 is the new pipeline, expected by the end of H1/14. Though the pipeline schedule has been delayed for a few times, I am sticking with the management on this one. The recent dispute with Agip Oil Co. should help Mart's financial situation for the next a few months since Mart will get paid in full. In the meantime, the company should be able to get TSX and London listings in 2014 that will increase its exposure. The company is also looking for new marginal fields and other opportunities in Nigeria."

SmallCapPower Interview with Keith Schaefer (1/8/14) "Some of these international plays hit mighty big wells. . .Mart Resources Inc. in Africa had a great property and even with 350 million shares out, it was able to bring on enough production to get the stock from $0.15 to $2."

Jay Taylor's Gold, Energy & Tech Stocks (12/13/13) "Mart has been a stellar performer. It is up 127% since I first picked it up and it is paying a $0.20 annual dividend, which is 28.2% yield on our initial recommendation at $0.71. . .Mart [is one of] Chen Lin's favorites and mine too."

Chen Lin, What Is Chen Buying? What Is Chen Selling? (11/22/13) "Mart Resources Inc. is exploding lately. . .I have believed in the company for a long time and I have been recommending it in my letter as well as to anyone I talked to recently. My advice was falling into deaf ears. Now it finally goes up but has a lot more to go."

The Energy Report Interview with Amin Haque (11/21/13) "Mart Resources Inc.'s new pipeline was proposed quite a while ago. The company's initial guidance said the pipeline should be in commission by late 2013, which has not happened. In its latest press releases, Mart indicates that the pipeline could be delayed until H1/14. It has, however, made progress in building the pipeline, and remains optimistic. Mart should be able to complete it next year, but it still has challenges to address, which will take time. . .bringing an alternative pipeline online will seriously decrease losses [and] allow it to produce more, to generate more cash, and at the end of the day, increase its dividend. . .there are other producers in the same region who are partnering with Mart to construct the pipeline, including a small producer named Energia. Energia's partner is Oando Energy Resources. Mart also has two other indigenous partners in its Umusadege oil field." More >

Amin Haque, MGI Securities (11/20/13) "We maintain our Buy rating and our target price of $2 on Mart Resources Inc., expecting realization of the anticipated production growth in mid-2014. There could be further upside if the company manages to acquire new assets in the upcoming Nigerian marginal fields round."

Chen Lin, What Is Chen Buying? What Is Chen Selling? (11/12/13) "Mart Resources Inc. got hit again this morning because of the 28% loss of the pipeline in September. Though I am not happy about the losses, the company's own production is quite solid. I believe that if the loss can be controlled at around 20–30% or less, the dividend is solid. I am collecting dividends and waiting for the new pipeline."

The Metals Report Interview with Steve Palmer (11/12/13) "I look for companies with more growth potential, such as Mart Resources Inc. in Nigeria. Mart is getting very significant results at the wellhead. Its stock is currently depressed, because it reached its pipeline capacity. But in 2014, the company plans to access a new pipeline constructed by Royal Dutch Shell." More >

Chen Lin, What Is Chen Buying? What Is Chen Selling? (11/1/13) "I still believe Mart Resources Inc. is a very attractive stock for 2014, especially after the recent selloff. Mart just needs to deliver the new pipeline."

Amin Haque, MGI Securities (10/31/13) "We maintain our Buy rating on Mart Resources Inc. . .the company maintains its potential for substantial production growth. . .because of the substantial bank line in place, Mart is not in any immediate liquidity risk that could force it to reduce dividend or hold back capital spending."

The Energy Report Interview with Chen Lin (10/31/13) "If you look at the long-term performance, probably Mart Resources Inc. was still my best performer. I got it at $0.15. I think I told my subscribers it would become one of my largest positions. It's over a dollar now. Consider how much dividend that's paid. You get all the money back if not more. Mart is going to build its own pipeline for its Nigerian oil field because the current pipeline is poorly maintained, and the stock suffered because the pipeline loss recently was as high as 20–25%. People were concerned so much oil was stolen. However, when Mart builds its own pipeline, which the company expects to do in H1/14, then it can improve oil production and move to a much better maintained pipeline with much less loss. That will be a major catalyst.

"Again, it's a Nigerian company. A lot of people have doubts about a Nigerian company. Sometimes people need to see the pipelines built before investing in the stock. You need some patience. They're paying about $0.20/ year dividend. I just received my recent quarterly dividend. You keep getting paid while waiting. . .hopefully when the new pipeline starts, the new route from the Shell exit facility, we will see a very different company. Then Mart will triple production, so you will see much larger production, more cash flow and potential increase of dividend, which is already very high. . .2014 could be a banner year for the company, with huge cash flow coming in. The stock should be a multiple of the current price." More >

Chen Lin, What Is Chen Buying? What Is Chen Selling? (10/15/13) "I continue like Mart Resouces Inc.; I believe the dividend is secure and management is determined to keep it. . .the major breakthrough for the company will be when the new pipeline is ready; right now it is scheduled for H1/14."

Chen Lin, What Is Chen Buying? What Is Chen Selling? (10/10/13) "Mart Resources Inc. got hit hard today. . .but the story is not changed. Some investors didn't like the 20–25% loss. My understanding is that it changes every quarter. Next quarter could be better as the entire Nigerian oil industry, as well as government, are asking why. Mart's dividend is safe and I am happy to collect it until the new pipeline is built."

Douglas Ehrman, Seeking Alpha (9/30/13) "Mart Resources Inc. recently reported positive operating results, an aggressive $0.05/share quarterly dividend and increased visibility on the operational environment in Nigeria. Despite what some see as a questionable geopolitical environment, Nigeria remains the largest oil and gas reserve in sub-Saharan Africa, as well as one of the highest quality sources of oil available. . .the aggressive dividend goes a long way to mitigating risk in the region, and with significant upside potential, understanding the Nigerian question is worth the effort."

Chen Lin, What Is Chen Buying? What Is Chen Selling? (9/18/13) "Personally I believe Mart Resources Inc.'s dividend is secure with even with the 20–25% pipeline losses. The company's future is bright, with new pipeline getting close to completion. The target for completion is Q1/14."

Chen Lin, What Is Chen Buying? What Is Chen Selling? (9/17/13) "Mart Resources Inc. actually is going to make over $100M in free cash flow per year when the Agip pipeline is up, despite the theft and all the difficulties in Nigeria. The company will likely triple or quadruple its free cash flow next year when the new pipeline is up. By that time its free cash flow will be close to its current market cap."

Amin Haque, MGI Securities (8/16/13) "Mart Resources Inc. is a participant in the Umusadege field, one of the most successful marginal fields in Nigeria. . .we are initiating coverage of the company with a Buy rating. . .Mart shares provide an attractive 57% price return and a 14% dividend yield for a total return of 71%, and offers an ideal choice for investors looking for an oil-focused, low-exploration-risk international E&P investment. . .we expect the pipeline constraints to be removed and Mart to make progress in acquiring additional assets by the end of 2013. . .we believe the current price is an excellent entry point for investors."

Chen Lin, What Is Chen Buying? What Is Chen Selling? (8/13/13) "Mart Resources Inc.'s second pipeline got delayed till Q1/14. What can I say, it is Nigeria, everything is slow there. But I am glad to see the oil is still flowing nicely and the dividend should be secure until the second pipeline is built."

Chen Lin, What Is Chen Buying? What Is Chen Selling? (7/15/13) "Mart Resources Inc. just released nice numbers for the month of June. Everything seems to be coming back to normal. We are waiting for the new pipeline news, hopefully everything is on time."

Chen Lin, What Is Chen Buying? What Is Chen Selling? (7/10/13) "Energy prices are moving up, which is nice for my energy stocks. Mart Resources Inc. is rebounding nicely. . .and is projected to finish the new pipeline this quarter."

The Energy Report Interview with Chen Lin (6/25/13) "My favorite is still Mart Resources Inc. It's doing very well and paying about a 14% dividend. We can see production at least triple later this year when the new pipeline is built, which it expects in Q3/13. It could be delayed a month or two, which is normal in Nigeria. My plan is just to hold onto my shares, collect the dividend and wait. It's one of the few stocks that you're getting paid on while waiting for it to turn around. The stock has actually declined along with many of the energy stocks. It was over $2 at one point in January. Now it's $1.50, but the good thing is the dividend rate is going much higher because it's paying a $0.20/year dividend." More >

Chen Lin, What Is Chen Buying? What Is Chen Selling? (6/20/13) "Mart Resources Inc. jumped nicely yesterday despite the market dropping 200+ points. . .Mart's movement is likely due to its successful presentation at the HK Standard Chartered conference the night before. . .Mart presented right after Royal Dutch Shell, what great exposure!; I am pleased to see it started to make an impact to the stock price. Mart is a great story, we just need to speak out and let more investors to know/understand it."

Value Digger, Seeking Alpha (6/3/13) "Mart Resources Inc. is preparing to spud the UMU-11 well, continuing Umusadege field development. Will the history repeat itself? Assuming the UMU-11 well is as successful as UMU-9 and UMU-10 wells, the share price can rise substantially from the current levels."

Chen Lin, What Is Chen Buying? What Is Chen Selling? (5/29/13) "I am holding tight onto Mart Resources Inc. . .[it has] a strong balance sheet, is a low-cost producer and should do well if we have volatility in the oil price."

Chen Lin, What is Chen Buying? What is Chen Selling? (5/16/13) "Mart Resources Inc. is paying a ~14% dividend at the current price, which is secure. It has a major pipeline expansion slated for Q3/13 that could triple its oil production, which will likely lead to a higher dividend next year."

Western Investor, Seeking Alpha (5/8/13) "A significant number of positive catalysts are likely to push Mart Resources Inc. to new highs this year. . .production at the onshore field started in 2008 and has consistently increased ever since. . .Mart has also developed a substantial reserve base that has been consistently increasing. . .even after the recent pullback the stock is up about 40% over the last year and nearly 230% over a two-year period. On top of this, shareholders have received $0.25 in dividends within a one-year period. . .management has consistently created shareholder value and demonstrated its willingness to return capital to shareholders."

Fiona MacDonald, Proactive Investors (4/30/13) "Mart Resources Inc. announced that production from its Umusadege field in Nigeria has resumed following the completion of pipeline maintenance and repairs. . .the Umusadege oil field, an onshore oil and gas field located in the North Central area of the Niger Delta basin, contains 13 known reservoirs and substantial hydrocarbon reserves potential, according to data derived from 3-D seismic surveys and evaluations based on existing wells . . .news of the resumption in production saw company shares on the Toronto Stock Exchange up almost 4%."

Amin Haque, Stonecap Securities (4/23/13) "Mart Resources Inc. is expected to release its FY 2012 results today; we do not expect any surprises given that Mart regularly provides mid-quarter operational updates. For 2012, our estimates are average production of ~5,150 bbl/d (4,941 bbl/d in 2011) from average field production of 7,900 bbl/d. . .cash flow per share of $0.29 ($0.15 in 2011). . . during 2012, Mart received the benefit of the Umu-6, 7 and 8 wells completed in 2011 and Umu-9 well completed in 2012; Umu-9 was an excellent well, flowing a total of 11,718 bbl/d from five sands."

Chen Lin, What Is Chen Buying? What Is Chen Selling? (4/23/13) "Mart Resources Inc. should have secured dividends coming for a long time. The company is an ultra low cost producer and the margin should have be quite stable even with some drop in the oil price. . .it is a solid stock in the energy space with little downside left, I believe."

Chen Lin, What Is Chen Buying? What Is Chen Selling? (4/18/13) "Mart Resources Inc.'s pipeline is working again. The stock jumped nicely this morning. . .the company's dividend should be secure and we are looking for a huge jump in production when the new pipeline is ready."

Amin Haque, Stonecap Securities (4/16/13) "We expect production and reserves to significantly improve toward the end of 2013. . .despite current operational challenges, production growth and pipeline access in H2/13 portend excellent growth in production and cash flow."

Chen Lin, What Is Chen Buying? What Is Chen Selling? (4/15/13) "Mart Resources Inc. will get paid for March as if it shipped 320 MMbbl oil in March (10 Kbpd); it will receive the money in April as usual and it can pay the oil back interest free when the pipeline is back in operation. As I said many times (this is what happened two years ago), the company can still get paid when the pipeline is interrupted."

Chen Lin, What Is Chen Buying? What Is Chen Selling? (4/3/13) "I hope Mart Resources Inc. will get the AGP pipeline back online, which should lead to positive stock performance. . .the company is very unique because its wells showed very little decline in the past 4–5 years of production. . .it spends up to $10M to drill a well, which so far seems to run forever (unlike fracked wells in North America). . .the return of capital is unbelievable."

The Energy Report Interview with Amin Haque (3/28/13) "Mart Resources Inc. has enough cash to pay dividends and complete its 2013 development program, which is going on full swing. It recently shared some news about its 10th well, UMU-10. It also plans to drill three or four wells during the rest of 2013 so that by the time the alternative pipeline is ready, there should be enough production to take advantage of the extra pipeline capacity. So far, things seem to be going well on the development front. . .one [source of upside potential] is higher production from the current field. Second, there's the plan to drill an exploration well either on the eastern or the western flank of the current field. If it makes a discovery, that would be very encouraging. Third, with increased production, Mart would have a large cash position, which it can use to acquire new assets. We keep hearing about the next marginal field bid round in Nigeria. Mart would be in a good position to take advantage of a new bid round." More >

Amin Haque, Stonecap Securities (3/27/13) "Mart Resources Inc. announced the availability of a $100M term loan from a Nigerian bank. While the company has enough cash to meet dividend payments and fund its capex plan, this term loan provides it with added flexibility."

Chen Lin, What Is Chen Buying? What Is Chen Selling? (3/26/13) "Mart Resources Inc.'s pipeline is not a major issue to me. . .I said many times before, the best time to buy Mart shares in the past years has always been in time of pipeline 'crisis.' This morning, the company announced it is getting a $100M loan to accelerate the field development. I like the idea to have as much capacity as possible so when the new pipeline is built, the company will be able to get a huge production jump as well as cash flow jump. . .Mart has been one of the top three performers on my watch list in the past 2–3 years."

Amin Haque, Stonecap Securities (3/12/13) "Mart Resources Inc. provided operational updates on the production and development activities in its Umusadege field. . .an ambitious development program is underway to maximize production before availability of a new pipeline in July 2013. . .we expect production and reserves to significantly improve toward the end of 2013. . .the company should be able fund its dividend payments and a $70–$80M capex plan in 2013 through a combination of cash flow from operations and an estimated ~$55M in cash."

Chen Lin, What Is Chen Buying? What Is Chen Selling? (3/11/13) "Mart Resources Inc. announced more UMU 10 results; 3,076 bbl/d is not as high as some other wells but these are new zones. Most important, the company is making good progress on the new pipeline."

Garett Ursu, Cormark Securities (3/4/13) "With a strong balance sheet, $0.20 dividend and expected growth, Mart Resources Inc. should appeal to value, growth and income investors alike. . .we continue to view Mart as one of the most attractive names in our universe with material catalysts expected near term. . .and we reiterate our Top Pick rating."

Amin Haque, Stonecap Securities (3/1/13) "Mart Resources Inc. continues to make advances toward diversifying its oil transportation options; a feeder pipeline under construction with a 35,000 bbl/d capacity would connect Mart's OML 56 to Shell's Eriemu manifold, from where the crude would be taken into the trunk-line to Shell's Forcados facility. While one of the two necessary agreements with pipeline operators is pending completion, Mart and its partners continue to advance the project; we expect the signing of the agreement to and the construction of the pipeline to complete in time to accommodate the higher production from the field in Q3/13."

Chen Lin, What Is Chen Buying? What Is Chen Selling? (2/20/13) "Recently Mart Resources Inc. has been going up like crazy. This really stands out, as energy juniors have been weak so far this year, especially those in the North America. . .the company should have significant news coming. . .and should get a huge boost of the new pipeline this year. . .the stock is on a huge run lately, but considering the recent drill successes and potential dividend increases, I think it still has room to go higher."

Amin Haque, Stonecap Securities (2/7/13) "Mart Resources Inc. started 2013 on strong financial footing. A number of events are expected to drive the production and reserve growth of the company. . .with $54.5M cash at the end of Q3/12, Mart is expected to start its 2013 development program with a strong balance sheet and maintain its dividend payment. We believe the company is fully capable of meeting a $70–80M capex requirement for its growth plan with current cash balance and future operating cash flow."

The Energy Report Interview with Chen Lin (1/17/13) "I was heavily invested in Mart Resources Inc. the end of 2011. I will continue to be bullish on [the] stock and [it] continues to be [on of] my heavy holdings. We will likely see dramatic increases in Mart's production when it finally builds out its pipeline. Oil production could easily double, if not triple, after the pipeline is built, so I expect the dividend increase to follow. Right now it's paying about a 13% dividend. I would expect to see a much higher dividend after the new pipeline goes in. . .it paid $0.20 in total dividends in 2012 and it's been a big winner. I started buying the stock at $0.15–0.16. I expect the dividend should be relatively stable because the cash flow is just incredible. . .the stock has a very bright future. China recently made an acquisition in Nigeria paying about $23/bbl oil, so you can see that the upside is very significant. Most recently, Mart announced initial results for the UMU10 well. These new discoveries at deeper zones will not only increase the reserve and production, it may even carry an additional tax holiday that can be very beneficial to Mart shareholders." More >

Nathan Kirykos, The Motley Fool (1/14/13) "Mart Resources Inc. is a company that has catalysts that you cannot afford to overlook. . .the company is currently working on a second independent 50-km pipeline as an alternative to the current one-and-only pipeline. . .once the installation of the new pipeline is completed, it will be an infrastructure catalyst for Mart, allowing it to gain access to Royal Dutch Shell Plc's export facilities."

Garett Ursu, Cormark Securities (1/10/13) "We continue to view Mart Resources Inc. as one of the most attractive names in our universe with further material catalysts expected near term. Trading at 4x 2013 EV/DACF with a 10.9% yield and strong balance sheet, the company should appeal to every investor class. We reiterate our Top Pick rating and increase our target price to $2.75 from $2.50."

Jay Taylor, Hotline (12/28/12) "I believe there are some highly undervalued companies in the energy sector that can grow dramatically. . .Mart Resources Inc. is paying a dividend in excess of 11%. . .I believe that this company's earnings and hence its dividends are likely to rise significantly as more wells are being drilled and more pipeline capacity is in the works."

Chen Lin, What Is Chen Buying? What Is Chen Selling? (12/27/12) "Mart Resources Inc. finally got its pipeline flowing again. Great news, now we are focusing on UMU10 results and the new Shell pipeline. 2013 looks bright for Mart."

Jay Taylor, Gold, Energy & Tech Stocks (12/20/12) "With Mart Resources Inc. making money hand over fist, its working capital position is strong, even as it continues to aggressively explore and develop its oil reserves. This has been a winner for me. . .it has a great chance to move higher, in my view, given expected pipeline capacity, and it continues to report success in its drilling. This could very well be a takeover target by the Chinese at some point in time, which could result in a considerable capital gain especially if its resource and pipeline expansion grow to anticipated levels. If you are looking for a growth story with good income, Mart looks attractive, though of course you must be willing to accept Nigerian political risk."

Chen Lin, What Is Chen Buying? What Is Chen Selling? (12/20/12) "Mart Resources Inc. should have the new pipeline ready by midyear, according to a recent management interview. . .we could see rapid increase in its production and potential for more dividends. . .right now we are patiently waiting for AGIP to fix the pipeline. The Q4/12 results could be weak, but it is only temporary."

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