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Mart Resources Inc. is an international oil and gas company focused on production and development opportunities in low-risk, high-reward proven but undeveloped oil and gas fields in Africa. Mart is developing its core strategic asset, the Umusadege field, in partnership with Midwestern Oil and Gas and Suntrust Oil. Daily production rates in excess of 12 Mboe/d.

Expert Comments:

FirstEnergy Capital (5/18/15)
"Mart Resources Inc.'s share of oil produced at Umusadege in Nigeria over Q1/15 was 8,785 bbl/d. . .cash flows from operating activities were an inflow of $17.9M. . .operations have commenced on the UMU-8 well site to sidetrack and deepen the existing UMU-8 well."

"I think the $0.80 offer for Mart Resources Inc. will stand. The buyer is a Mart partner in Nigeria, Midwestern. It knows the project very well. I heard the owner of Midwestern is very wealthy, so I think it will go through. I'm holding my share for the $0.80." read more >

Chen Lin, What Is Chen Buying? What Is Chen Selling? (2/19/15)
"Mart Resources Inc. will have huge growth in 2015 thanks to the new pipeline and OML-18. . .I believe stocks like Mart will be one of the few energy companies that can offer big production growth in the next few years."

Stephane Foucaud, FirstEnergy Capital (2/3/15)
"Mart Resources Inc.'s losses in December were only 14%, with shut down being only 0.5 days for the month. The 29 Mbbl/d reached in January is evidence that production keeps growing, indicating that the company remains on track to produce 30–35 mbbl/d in 2015."

Stephane Foucaud, FirstEnergy Capital (1/30/15)
"Mart Resources Inc. is a pure play on Nigeria. . .with the recent acquisition of Oil Mining Lease 18, this is a reserves and production growth story that also offers value. . .we have an Outperform recommendation on the company with a target price of CA$1.30/share."

"Mart Resources Inc. has been my home run of the past few years. I've already received a dividend that was more than my original investment. Mart just announced the new pipeline has started flowing. Once the new pipeline is fully ramped up, we should see the production triple, which will generate huge cash flow. Mart's production cost is exceedingly low." read more >

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Jeff Desjardins, President – Visual Capitalist
Stephane Foucaud, Managing Director, Institutional Research – FirstEnergy Capital
Amin Haque, Analyst – MGI Securities
Chen Lin What Is Chen Buying? What Is Chen Selling?
Steve Palmer, President and Chief Investment Officer – AlphaNorth Asset Management
Porter Stansberry, Pres & CEO – Stansberry Research

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