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Uranerz Energy Corporation is a U.S.-based uranium company focusing on near-term, commercial in-situ recovery (ISR) production in Wyoming—the country's largest uranium-producing state. Its management team has specialized expertise in the ISR uranium-mining method and has an excellent track record of licensing, constructing and operating commercial ISR uranium projects. Uranerz has already entered into long-term uranium sales contracts with two of the largest nuclear utilities in the U.S., including Exelon.

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"It's been three months since the merger of Uranerz Energy Corp. and Energy Fuels was announced. The deal is transformational in that it creates multiple avenues of producing returns for shareholders. Energy Fuels had been a conventional uranium miner and producer. Adding Uranerz will give it an in-situ recovery (ISR) method of production and therefore the flexibility to fluctuate between the two methods as needed. ISR also provides a low-cost option should the uranium price flatten or trend downward. And the merger also provides the new company with additional cash flow to reinvest into larger uranium conventional projects should the uranium price reach the $55–60/lb range. . .Uranerz makes the new company better by providing a lower-cost production footprint. Nichols Ranch will be an ISR producer and is expected to have significantly lower operating costs than those of conventional mines such as Canyon. Uranerz is also bringing some contracts that Energy Fuels can deliver into. Plus, Uranerz's additional ISR projects give Energy Fuels additional future production flexibility." read more >

"The Uranerz Energy Corp. and Energy Fuels merger is a brilliant move by both companies. They will have the low-cost production from Uranerz to fill their contracts for the next couple of years. Then Uranerz will have the upside of Energy Fuels' only operational mill in the United States and its long-term contracts. This new company will have a market cap of over $200M and will become the pre-eminent North American uranium name to institutions and U.S. investors. It will be listed on the Russell 2000 and be a prime choice for those looking to benefit from the U.S. nuclear renaissance." read more >

"Energy Fuels recently announced its acquisition of Uranerz Energy Corp. I think it's probably just the right move for the two companies. Uranerz had a long road to finally reach production, but sometimes you get a management group that's ultimate goal is to prove concept and then sell to a company that can move it forward. I think that's what has happened here. Dennis Higgs, the executive chairman of Uranerz, will be on the board of the new company. He brings a lot of capital markets experience to the company, but he will also be able to do other things as well. That's ideal for him." read more >

"The safest way to play equities in an increasing uranium price scenario is to stick to companies with legitimate and permitted deposits in relatively safe jurisdictions. Uranerz Energy Corp. has put its Nichols Ranch project in Wyoming into production recently. Although around half of the production has been sold forward at prices between about $45 and $60/lb, this is still a leveraged play on the uranium price. I think that's one to watch." read more >

"The key is finding the lowest-cost near-term producers. I am still tracking Uranerz Energy Corp., as an example. The company recently achieved commercial production from its in situ projects in Wyoming and is one of the few companies that can operate in the current low uranium price environment." read more >

"Uranerz Energy Corp. just started production and sales. We look forward to seeing its cost performance. But as we have been pointing out for quite a long time, there is an unavoidable supply deficit approaching. Uranium producers stand to benefit most. Uranerz is well positioned for earning long-term profits. . . last March, there was a lot of positive sentiment behind uranium. The prevailing analysis was that uranium was set to move this year because of Japanese restarts. Unfortunately, that did not come to pass. There were a lot of delays with the Japanese restarts, and the uranium sentiment turned sour. At that time, Uranerz was receiving final approval and moving to go into production. Passing through that gateway, plus the positive sentiment toward uranium, contributed to the big rise in March. And in early November Uranerz jumped again, due to the re-emergence of positive sentiment on uranium and the fact that Uranerz is now selling yellowcake." read more >

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Michael Berry, Writer Disruptive Discoveries Journal
Chris Berry – House Mountain Partners LLC.
Rob Chang, Senior Analyst and Head of Metals & Mining – Cantor Fitzgerald
Chris Chang, Equity Research Analyst – Laurentian Bank Securities
Brent Cook, Analyst, Geologist Exploration Insights
Angelos Damaskos, Chief Executive Officer – Sector Investment Managers Ltd
Raymond Goldie, Analyst – Salman Partners
Jeb Handwerger, Author Gold Stock Trades
Colin Healey, Analyst – Haywood Securities
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Steve Palmer, President and Chief Investment Officer – AlphaNorth Asset Management
Joe Reagor, Analyst – ROTH Capital Partners
David Talbot, Vice President, Senior Analyst – Dundee Capital Markets
Mike Wichterle, Equity Research – Cantor Fitzgerald

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Investing Highlights
Newest uranium producer in North America
Control a large strategic land position in the Powder River Basin
Signed premium offtake agreements with U.S. utility companies
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Receive ~US$6M in revenue
Complete first year of production
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