Smartcool Systems Inc.

Smartcool Systems Inc. provides cutting edge energy efficient and energy cost reduction solutions for businesses around the world.
Developments in Heat Pumps that both heat and cool spaces efficiently through the refrigeration cycle is providing a broader opportunity for Smartcool’s technology even in temperate climates. Smartcool’s technology can be very effective on both heating and cooling in reducing overall compressor run time and thereby reducing energy consumption. The ECO3, ESM and ECOHome are Smartcool’s unique retrofit technologies that reduce the energy consumption of compressors in air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump systems by up to 40%, giving customers a return on investment in as little as 12 months.

Expert Comments:

This project kicks off roll-out of its system at other locations for its client.
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Ron Struthers
Ron Struthers of Struthers' Resource Stock Report looks at two small-cap companies that have announced major developments.
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Alex Koyfman, Penny Stock Millionaire (2/1/19)
"Smartcool Systems Inc. has successfully secured orders to install for Hall Hunter Partnership in the United Kingdom. . .the company continues to grow, and the revenue jump between 2017 and 2018 may indeed be repeated in 2019, which would be a game changer if it comes to pass. We're still buying."

The Canadian company is deploying its energy-reducing retrofit technologies at two of this customer's sites.
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The company continues work to increase efficiency and reduce costs for a local energy supplier.
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The company notes 2018's momentum has continued into this year.
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Ron Struthers, Struthers Resource Stock Report (1/10/19)
"Yesterday Smartcool Systems Inc. announced that sales for Q4/18 exceeded CA$2.4M. This is the highest quarterly sales achieved in the company's history. . .the stock did not respond much, but I see it as a Strong Buy at these prices."

Alex Koyfman, Penny Stock Millionaire (11/23/18)
"After an initial installation of Smartcool Systems Inc. technology on three restaurant locations for a national restaurant group, the company's U.K. subsidiary has received a purchase order for 16 additional locations. . .results of the initial installations exceeded the customers' criteria, yielding over 20% savings on the energy consumed by the equipment it was controlling."

Ron Struthers, Struthers Resource Stock Report (11/22/18)
"Smartcool Systems Inc. announced that its U.K. subsidiary has received a purchase order for installation of its proprietary optimization technology at 16 casual dining restaurants. It looks like sales continue to ramp up for the company."

Recent sales of its generator optimization systems, designed in 2008, boosted the total.
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Grant Longhurst of discusses two long-term trends in energy and one company that can benefit from both trends.
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Ron Struthers
Technical analyst Ron Struthers outlines the impacts of record sales for this energy efficiency firm.
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MoneyTalks (11/5/18)
"Our favorite pick so far is a '14-year overnight success story' based right here in Canada. Smartcool Systems Inc. has a proprietary retrofit technology that reduces energy consumption in HVAC and heat pump systems by 20–30%, the kind of bottom line savings in energy and money that is being demanded by every developed nation on the planet. . .as quarterly financial numbers hit new highs and as new global sales operations are launched, we suggest you put the company on your watch list."

Alex Koyfman, Penny Stock Millionaire (8/31/18)
"Smartcool Systems Inc. has now closed the acquisition of Total Energy Concepts, originally announced on March 13, 2018 and amended on June 19, 2018. . .this acquisition marks a significant expansion of the company's suite of energy efficiency products and the launch of its new strategic energy efficiency solutions offerings in Europe, the Middle East, North America and the Caribbean."

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