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The Shell Group (The Group) is a global group of energy and petrochemical companies with around 90,000 employees. The Group's businesses include oil and gas exploration and production, LNG, power generation, manufacturing, marketing and shipping of oil products and chemicals and renewable energy products. Shell's strategy seeks to reinforce the company's position as a leader in the oil and gas industry in order to provide a competitive shareholder return, while helping to meet global energy demand in a responsible way. Shares in the parent company, Royal Dutch Shell Plc, are traded on stock exchanges in Europe and the U.S.

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Trefis (10/5/15)
"The Royal Dutch Shell Plc-BG Group Plc deal could face regulatory sanctions, but Shell will do everything it can to save the deal. Ever since announcing the $70B deal to acquire BG back in April, Shell has been busy obtaining the required merger related approvals from various regulatory authorities. . .the deal will allow Shell to consolidate its leadership position in the global LNG market and increase its exposure toward the exploration and development of deepwater hydrocarbon reserves, primarily the pre-salt reserves offshore Brazil."

David Addison, Seeking Alpha (9/10/15)
"In theory, Royal Dutch Shell Plc's strategic pivot to costly but plentiful energy sources makes sense if one truly believes that low energy prices are an anomaly. . .as a company, Shell will likely emerge from the cyclical energy market intact. Legacy upstream assets boast reasonable decline rates and operating structures. The downstream segment is robust, especially the ubiquitous retail arm. . .even if its bets on higher energy prices do not pan out, the company could easily shed future production and still remain viable."

"Liquified natural gas (LNG) prices around the world are quite low right now. Costs are lower, and there's lots of supply coming onstream, but big companies like Royal Dutch Shell Plc and Exxon Mobil have invested heavily in LNG projects in British Columbia because they know when oil prices come back, another huge disconnect from gas will occur. Right now, oil and gas are actually quite close in price per British thermal unit. But when oil was at $100/bbl, gas was $3/bbl, and that spurred a lot of demand for gas. Companies like Shell look at 20-, 30-, even 40-year cycles. And they like what they see. . .when oil is once again much more expensive than gas, you'll see demand for gas rocket right back up. I think that's what these big guys are seeing, and why they are still moving forward in a big way on gas projects. They understand that you have to work the cycle two or three times over the life of your asset, and you're going to make most of your money at the top and not very much at the bottom. They see today as the bottom that sets them up for success at the top of the next cycle. . .LNG in Canada is a bit of a binary trade right now with the Canadian election coming up Oct. 19. . .if the right-wing Conservatives get back in, then I think Shell. . .will probably move forward." read more >

The Value Portfolio, Seeking Alpha (8/31/15)
"Royal Dutch Shell Plc represents a solid investment for those who think that this oil crash will be long and drawn out. The company is trying to improve its credit rating, pay down its debt, cancel projects, and raise cash through asset sales. More so, the company is doing a great job of rewarding shareholders through dividends and through a major planned share buyback which should reduce the outstanding share count by roughly 13%."

Ray Merola, Seeking Alpha (8/28/15)
"I believe the probability of a Royal Dutch Shell Plc dividend cut is highly unlikely. In any event, the payout is air tight through 2016E. . .the company has arguably one of the two best balance sheets in the energy industry."

Pim Keulen, Seeking Alpha (8/24/15)
"Considering a long-term scenario with low oil prices, I believe Royal Dutch Shell Plc is the No. 1 stock for oil and gas investors to pick. With its acquisition of BG Group, the company gets even less dependent on oil prices in the future. . .Shell is outperforming its major U.S. oil and gas competitors."

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