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Pan Orient Energy is a Canadian publicly listed junior oil and natural gas company. The Company's principal properties are located in three diverse locations:

In Thailand, the Company's 50% owned subsidiary Pan Orient Energy (Siam) Ltd. is operator with a 100% working interest in oil producing Concession L53/48 on-shore.

In Indonesia, the Company has interests in three production sharing contracts on-shore: Batu Gajah (77% and operated), Citarum (97% and operated); and East Jabung (49% and non-operated after farmout).

In Canada, the Company’s 71.8%-owned subsidiary Andora Energy Corporation holds interests ranging from 10% to 100% in 88 contiguous sections of heavy oil sands leases in the Sawn Lake Property which lies within the central Alberta Peace River Oil Sands area.

Expert Comments:

Chen Lin, What Is Chen Buying? What Is Chen Selling? (8/21/15)
"Oil price continues to weaken as I expected. I am pleased to see Pan Orient Energy Corp. and Canacol Energy hold up well in the midst of a bloodbath of energy stocks. I strongly believe these two companies, with limited downside and strong upside, are the best for this downturn."

Chen Lin, What Is Chen Buying? What Is Chen Selling? (8/20/15)
"As Pan Orient Energy Corp. discussed in its recent press release, the new Indonesian well will be drilled in the next few weeks. The chance of success is extremely high since oil and gas was discovered at several locations nearby. If the well is successful, the company intends to bring it into production in 6–12 months."

Bill Newman, Mackie Research Capital (8/12/15)
"Pan Orient Energy Corp. maintains a strong balance sheet with no debt and positive working capital of $87M. At the current stock price, the company trades below its cash value of $1.55/share. . .we maintain our Buy recommendation and $4/share target price on its strong financial position and high-impact exploration drilling in Indonesia commencing in H2/15."

Bill Newman, Mackie Research Capital (8/4/15)
"Pan Orient Energy Corp. released an independent prospective resource evaluation for the Anggun prospect. . .the mean estimated recoverable prospective resource in three potential reservoir targets totals 251 MMbbl or 123 MMbbl net to the company's 49% interest. . .the 250 MMbbl Anggun prospect is a company maker play if successful."

"Pan Orient Energy Corp. recently sold a 50% interest in the L53 block in Thailand for CA$49M. The company retains a 50% interest in the block. With the sale, we estimate Pan Orient has net positive working capital of approximately CA$92M, which works out to $1.66 per share versus the current market price of about $1.50 per share. The company is trading below cash value right now. Part of the reason for the discount is likely due to that fact that Pan Orient is nearly a pure exploration company, although it does have about 300 bbl/d net of production remaining in Thailand

The real upside in the story in the near term is exploration drilling in Indonesia. In August, Pan Orient expects to spud the Akeh-1 exploration well on the Batu Gajah block, and if the well is successful, then the company should immediately follow up by drilling two more Akeh appraisal wells. We believe this is a relatively low-risk play because the Akeh prospect is located a few hundred meters away from the Selong oil and gas discovery, which is located on the adjacent block. . ." read more >

Bill Newman, Mackie Research Capital (7/2/15)
"For the remainder of 2015, Pan Orient Energy Corp. plans to spend ~$6M, which includes the drilling of the Akeh-1 exploration well on Batu Gajah and the A North East exploration well in Thailand. If the Akeh-1 well is a success, the company may spend an additional $8M on two Akeh appraisal wells. . .at the current stock price, Pan Orient Energy trades below its cash value."

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