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Renewable Energy Firm CEO Increases Stake in Expanding Co.

Revolve Renewable Energy announced Chief Executive Officer Steve Dalton has increased his stake in the expanding company, which develops utility-scale wind, solar, hydro and battery storage projects in North America. Some researchers say the industry is ready to take off.

Co. Looks To Ride Coming Wave of Renewable Energy

Renewable energy sources including solar, wind, storage, and hydropower are set to take off this year, researchers say. That could amount to a big opportunity for those investing in companies like Revolve Renewable Power Corp.

Acquisition is Milestone for B.C. Energy Co.

Research Report
Now it is reaping the benefits of the strategic transaction, noted a Water Tower Research report.

Renewable Power Co. Hopes To Ride Sector Takeoff

Revolve Renewable Power Corp. develops utility scale renewable energy projects in North America. According to one report, the sector is set for a "variable-speed takeoff" in 2024.

Solar Energy Company Expands Network Overseas

Three Sixty Solar Ltd. has signed an MOU with a variety of partners in the U.S., the Middle East, and Turkey. Read on to see why analysts rated this company's stock as a Buy.

Solar Co. Anticipates Patent Approvals in 2024

Three Sixty Solar reflects on its exciting start in 2023 and why it's eager for 2024. Read on to see what one technical analyst has to say about the company's stock.

Solar Company Sees First Purchase for Tower

Three Sixty Solar has announced its first purchase order for its solar tower by Rocky Mountain Log and Timber. Read on to see why analysts like this company's stocks.

Vertical Solar Farm Co. Plans to Build Tower in India

This company, which builds solar power towers that go up instead of out to save space, said it is planning to install one in India. Read on to see why one technical analyst called this company's technology a "big deal."

Vertical Solar Startup Sells Third Tower, First in US Market

When we last reported on Three Sixty Solar Ltd., the upstart Canadian solar firm had just signed a letter of intent for its second tower installation. The company has now announced a third sale, its first in the US market.

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