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Pan Orient Energy's Exploration Drilling Set to Commence Q4/16
Source: The Energy Report  08/25/2016

Pan Orient Energy's strong balance sheet puts it in position to begin drilling at East Jabung in Indonesia at the end of this year.

Nailing the Bottom of Oil
Source: Bob Moriarty for The Energy Report  08/21/2016

Bob Moriarty points investors toward information that accurately captures movement in energy markets.

The Buy Signal for Oil Is In
Source: Jack Chan for The Energy Report  08/20/2016

Technical analyst Jack Chan documents a major new buy signal for oil stocks and ETFs that will enable investors to hold for the long term.

Eguana Skunks Tesla
Source: Bob Moriarty for The Energy Report  08/15/2016

Bob Moriarty discusses a tiny Canadian technology company based in Calgary with an award winning battery/power converter that is more powerful, more portable and easier to install than the Tesla equivalent.

Oil Shares Now Attractive for the Long Term
Source: Jack Chan for The Energy Report  07/30/2016

Technical analyst Jack Chan charts a new major buy signal for oil stocks.

Six Mining Companies to Watch as M&A Heats Up
Source: Thibaut Lepouttre for The Gold Report  07/22/2016

Precious metals prices have gained momentum since the start of this year, and corporate M&A activity is heating up again. Caesars Report's Thibaut Lepouttre highlights a handful of mining companies with market capitalizations attractive to larger companies looking to boost their project pipelines.

Five Energy Companies Make Paradigm Capital's Top Picks Cut
Source: The Energy Report  07/19/2016

Analysts with Paradigm Capital selected a quartet of oil and natural gas companies and one energy services company to highlight in the firm's recently released Top Quarterly Picks Q3/16 report.

Ups and Downs in Oil and Gold
Source: Jack Chan  07/16/2016

Technical analyst Jack Chan charts a major buy signal in oil and a possible correction in gold.

Torchlight Energy: Schlumberger Testing Data Shows Orogrande Project Highly Comparable to Midland Basin
Source: Dallas Salazar  07/07/2016

Torchlight Energy recently updated investors as to scientific information returned from third-party providers who performed testing on its University Founders B-19 #1 well. Results were overwhelmingly positive and reflect the substantial upside opportunity in the wildcatter-stage E&P.

Shining a Light on Torchlight Energy
Source: Bob Moriarty  07/05/2016

Bob Moriarty calculates the more-than-tenbagger value proposition of a small energy company operating in the Orogrande and Midland Basins in Texas.

Buy Signals in Place for Gold, Silver, Oil
Source: Jack Chan  07/04/2016

Technical analyst Jack Chan charts major buy signals for gold, silver and oil.

Markets Roiled as Britain Votes Itself Out of EU
Source: Clive Maund  06/24/2016

Britain has voted to exit the European Union and its prime minister has resigned in the wake of the Brexit vote. The markets have, so far, reflected the world's uneasy reaction to the event. But it is early days, says newsletter writer and technical analyst Clive Maund, who offers his views on the day after Brexit.

How the Brexit Vote Will Affect the Markets
Source: Clive Maund  06/23/2016

Regardless the outcome of the Brexit vote, the European Union is failing, according to newsletter writer and technical analyst Clive Maund. The consequences will likely include a soaring dollar and a falling euro, market volatility and a slide in the prices of some commodities, but Maund has identified ways investors can profit from the chaos.

Oil Prices Send Sell Signal
Source: Jack Chan  06/20/2016

Technical analyst Jack Chan believes a correction in oil prices is underway, and advises investors to use caution in a vulnerable market.

NexGen Drilling Reveals Massive Pitchblende
Source: The Gold Report  06/17/2016

Drilling has revealed massive pitchblende near NexGen Energy's Arrow zone on the Rook 1 property in the Athabasca Basin. Here's what the analysts have to say.

Crude Oil Is Due for a Correction
Source: Jack Chan  06/06/2016

Technical analyst Jack Chan demonstrates the divergence between oil equity prices and the underlying commodity.

$50/Barrel Oil Won't Last: Why Chances of a Breakdown Are High
Source: Clive Maund  06/03/2016

Technical analyst and newsletter writer Clive Maund lists the reasons he believes oil prices, which recently peaked above $50/barrel, are headed for a fall.

Oil Climbs over $50: Can Investors Bank on a Recovery?
Source: Tracy Salcedo of The Energy Report  05/26/2016

The price of a barrel of oil has almost doubled from its low of $28 at the start of the year, prompting speculation that a recovery is underway, which may result in the revival of companies in the exploration, production and services sectors that have foundered since prices collapsed in 2015.

Two Overlooked Streaming Stocks with Huge Upside Potential
Source: Jason Hamlin for The Gold Report  05/19/2016

Streaming/royalty stocks have been darlings of the commodity investment world. In the precious metals sector, this type of company provides financing for mining companies in the form of an upfront cash payment in exchange for a percentage of production or revenues from the mine. Jason Hamlin of Gold Stock Bull profiles two streamers often overlooked by investors.

Three Overlooked, Undervalued Picks for Today's Energy Market
Source: Chen Lin   05/12/2016

The energy sector is a tricky place to invest right now, with a fine line separating the next bankruptcy candidate from a tenbagger. Chen Lin of the popular newsletter What Is Chen Buying?, What Is Chen Selling? helps investors navigate this minefield with three companies he believes will come out on top.

Energy Sector Showing Sell Signals
Source: Jack Chan for The Energy Report  05/09/2016

Technical analyst Jack Chan highlights sell signals in the energy sector.

When Will Uranium Emerge from the Shadow of Fukushima?
Source: The Energy Report  05/09/2016

Joe Reagor of ROTH Capital Partners explains the factors that have kept uranium spot prices down, how much longer they will be in effect, and why uranium should be on investors' radar screens today. He also discusses four uranium companies that are in position to benefit from the looming uranium shortage.

Some of Brien Lundin's Precious Metals Picks Are Up More Than 400%. What Is Next?
Source: Patrice Fusillo of The Gold Report  05/03/2016

A battle royale is brewing between gold bulls and commercial traders who are short gold, says Brien Lundin, publisher of Gold Newsletter. That tug of war, which should play out in the coming weeks, could result in either a severe correction or a spectacular rise in the price of gold and silver. No matter which way it goes, in this interview with The Gold Report, Lundin recommends that investors continue to look at companies with world-class resources that are still being priced at a fraction of what their values should be. Lundin should know; some of his recommendations are up more than 400% from December and January.

Back-to-Back Good News for Nevada Energy Metals
Source: Keith Kohl   04/27/2016

Not long after Nevada Energy Metals expanded its presence in the Clayton Valley, the company announced it added claims to its San Emidio property. Keith Kohl of Oil & Gas Trader explains what this means to investors.

Low Prices for Oil Cure Low Prices for Oil
Source: Bob Moriarty  04/27/2016

Veteran investor Bob Moriarty discusses one company that is poised to benefit from the volatililty in the oil markets.

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