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Medallion Resources Ltd.


Medallion Resources Ltd. is rethinking rare earths. Headed by Dr. Bill Bird and supported by an experienced technical team, the company is well positioned to identify and exploit the world's most promising rare earth opportunities. Medallion's strategy is to target large deposits amenable to straightforward, low-cost mining and metallurgical processes that lead to near-term rare earth production and long-term, low-cost supply. The company is committed to following best practices and accepted international standards in all aspects of mining, mineral processing and the safe management of waste materials.

The information provided below is from analysts, newsletters and other contributors. Please contact the company and visit its website before making an investment decision.

Expert Comments:

(12/11/14) "Recently, Medallion Resources Ltd. announced that it had begun lab-scale extraction tests on monazite from a producer that Medallion is currently considering using as a source of feedstock. The extraction testing on this monazite will go a long way in determining how to best commercialize the company's rare earths strategy. . .in spite of the slow-moving nature of this story, I am still enamored with Medallion's long-term prospects."

Nick Wells, Rare Earth Investing News (11/2/14) "As the rare earths market looks to settle following this summer's World Trade Organization ruling on China, focus is shifting to companies looking to produce rare earths outside that nation. We recently had the chance to speak with Don Lay, president and CEO of Medallion Resources Ltd., a company that is looking to do exactly that. In the interview he explains Medallion's unique approach to the rare earths market—processing monazite—also touching on what monazite is and why he believes so strongly in it."

Vertus Equity Research (9/17/14) "Medallion Resources Ltd. securing a long-term feedstock contract would immediately catapult the company into the feasibility stage and trigger a rerating; at that time, depending on the size of the resource, we would expect to see it trading at multiples of its current value. We assign a high probability to Medallion securing a feedstock contract."

Brien Lundin, Gold Newsletter (Jefferson Financial) (7/11/14) "Medallion Resources Ltd. has raised gross proceeds of CA$700K by placing the first tranche of a financing designed to raise as much as CA$1M. . .the company will use the money to continue to pursue its monazite rare earths concept. . .the cash injection buys the company time, both to refine its vision for a monazite processing facility and to find a supplier for the raw material to feed the plant. I still like this company as a long-term (and, potentially, highly profitable) way to play the rare earths story."

Eric Muschinski, Gold Investment Letter (6/15/14) "Medallion Resources Ltd. has raised $700K, alleviating fears that it was running on fumes. . .I strongly doubt that we'll see the stock go much lower and the upside remains enormous over the long term."

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Eric Muschinski, Gold Investment Letter (5/21/14) "I do believe we'll begin to see progress in the months ahead for Medallion Resources Ltd. as it pertains to feedstock supply agreements and other important developments. . .the company can be positioned to have a sexy story going into a new rare earth speculative phase in the future. Even not yet in production, if this happens, the stock could surprise all of us on the upside."

The Gold Report Interview with Chris Ecclestone (5/5/14) "I know Medallion Resources Ltd. very well. Its concept is to get REEs as a byproduct of ilmenite and rutile mining. The company wants to put its project at the entrance to the Persian Gulf. That's a smart move because of the cheap energy. Most of the world's ilmenite and rutile production is around the Indian Ocean." More >

Eric Muschinski, Gold Investment Letter (2/23/14) "Medallion Resources Ltd. is working hard behind the scenes. . .the long-term story is intact, but the company needs to execute to get us excited again. I think some good news is close."

Christopher Ecclestone, Hallgarten & Co. (2/5/14) "Medallion Resources Ltd. is focused on extracting the REE component in mineral sands from a refinery that will be located in the cheap energy location of Oman in the Gulf states. To affect this industrial strategy, the company signed memoranda of understanding in June 2013 with Oman-based Takamul Investment Co. and Jordan-based Arab Mining Co., with the partners investigating the viability of financing, constructing and operating a monazite-based, rare earth production project in the industrial city of Duqm, Oman. From there, it can draw on the substantial mineral sands mines with monazite dotted around the Indian Ocean."

Eric Muschinski, Gold Investment Letter (1/19/14) "I believe Medallion Resources Ltd. has a couple or a few more weeks of possible slumber, but this stock is going to roar back this year. . .I think the monazite deals will happen and happen soon. When small companies deal with large ones they are at the mercy of the pace of the conglomerate and that is what has happened here. But, the good news is that I don't think there are any issues fundamentally and am looking for an agreement soon. . .I think rare earth stocks may kick back into gear big time at some juncture this year and Medallion will benefit significantly from a better sentiment in the sector. . .shares bought here [at current levels] could be wildly profitable in the coming months/years."

The Gold Report Interview with Eric Muschinski (11/13/13) "I only like Medallion Resources Ltd. in the rare earth sector. The company is shortcutting the entire exploration/production cycles that every other public rare earth company has to do. . .Medallion doubled after we picked up coverage from $0.20 to $0.43/share over the summer but is now back in the low-mid $0.20s. I think it's an excellent buying opportunity. . .it is still fairly early in Medallion's development but the company is knocking out huge barriers to entry with recent alliances in Oman. Its financial partners on this project are huge and eager to create jobs in the Middle East and enter the rare earth sector, diversifying out of oil money.

"Medallion will likely structure a deal that carries the company to production (or most of its costs to production) while maintaining control and majority ownership in the project. I expect a lynchpin monazite supply agreement and coverage by a reputable brokerage firm by year-end. Early next year I see many possible catalysts, including initial results from an environmental study, securing financial terms with partners and accelerated plans to get to production in 2015–2016. This is eventually a cash flow play; Medallion could earn $50M to $70M in its first year of production, but it's a tiny $15M market-cap stock, so the upside is enormous if it pulls this off." More >

Eric Muschinski, Gold Investment Letter (11/11/13) "Medallion Resources Ltd. stock is an investment, not necessarily a trade, but I do believe substantial benchmarks are on the horizon, due prior to year-end. . .long-term investors should be buyers here in the low-mid $0.20s, it will pay off huge in due season."

Eric Muschinski, Gold Investment Letter (11/6/13) "Medallion Resources Ltd., when successful with several huge milestones later this year, will begin a new ascent towards new highs. 2014 will be a huge year for Medallion and the upside is dollars per share while here the downside is pennies. Astute investors should be buying Medallion at current prices and will be rewarded significantly."

Eric Muschinski, Gold Investment Letter (9/24/13) "Medallion Resources Ltd. is the only public company we know of approaching production through the proven method of producing REEs by processing monazite. . .the company has secured the location for its first production plant (Oman) and financing partners (Sovereign Wealth Funds in the Middle East). Any day now, Medallion could secure its first monazite feedstock supply agreement. This next development will bring in new investors off the sidelines as they see that the company is undeniably securing its stronghold in the global REE market."

Euro Pacific Capital (8/12/13) "Medallion Resources Ltd. has recently signed two significant memorandums of understanding with regional strategic investors, which moves the company closer to establishing a production facility. . .Medallion's innovative plan to acquire sources of monazite to process into both heavy and light rare earths has two significant advantages over current rare earth competitors: elimination of resource exploration and development risk [and] reduction of process complexity. . .an abundance of monazite supplies ensures the company can capitalize on the restricted global rare earth supply and increasing demand for non-China rare earth sources."

The Metals Report Interview with Chris Berry (7/30/13) "Medallion Resources Ltd. recently raised capital and has entered into two agreements with institutions based in Jordan and Oman to jointly research ways to construct a monazite heavy mineral sands processing facility. The company continues to execute its strategy of constructing a supply chain focused on low-cost production of REEs and the share price has responded. Medallion offers a much different take on investing in early-stage REE companies—one that I have liked for some time." More >

Eric Muchinski, Gold Investment Letter (7/15/13) "Medallion Resources Ltd. is trading fantastically as well. As suggested, selling started to dry up today after the last settlement date of warrants on Wednesday, and voila—testing 52-week highs into the close. Tomorrow we may see new 52-week highs and I still encourage everyone to keep their eye on the ball and be ready to buy more on any pullbacks. The share structure/market capitalization is so small/tight that any real buying could just send this ripping higher. In fact, I don't see any significant resistance until we hit $0.50 and MDL is not overbought. . .the stock is still very cheap on a going-forward fundamental basis."

The Metals Report Interview with Chris Berry (3/26/13) "Medallion Resources Ltd. plans to process monazite from heavy mineral sands to produce separated REOs. Medallion's management team has the technical expertise to see this business model through. There are several catalysts here, including reaching agreements on the ideal jurisdiction to build a plant and procuring monazite feed stocks. It's a totally different take on the REE space—one that could be achieved at low overall costs. I appreciate it, and I'm interested to see it move forward." More >

Brien Lundin, Gold Newsletter (Jefferson Financial) (3/1/13) "Medallion Resources Ltd. is continuing to advance its monazite-processing strategy for quick entry into rare earths (REs) production. . .I am still intrigued by the concept of leapfrogging the exploration process and using the monazite processing idea to jump straight into RE metals production."

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