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Target Price Boosted 160% on Nuclear Power Co.
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This developer of nuclear microreactors has experienced "solid momentum" since its initial public offering last month, noted a Benchmark Co. report.

Because the stock of Nano Nuclear Energy Inc. (NNE:NASDAQ) rose about 400% since going public at US$4 per share last month, spurred by two developments, The Benchmark Co. increased its price target on the company to US$39 per share from US$15, reported analyst Michael Legg in a June 25 research note.

"Our new net asset value calculation benefits from the stock's recent appreciation with the increased share price offsetting previous dilution in our model," Legg wrote.

The new target, the analyst explained, is derived from Benchmark's net present value analysis of Nano Nuclear out to 2042, with a 25% discount applied.

"Our share count increases to 38 million (38M) shares from 29M today, factoring in equity raises over the next five years," the analyst wrote. "Should the company receive government grants, our share count assumptions could prove conservative."

89% potential return

In comparison to the US$39 per share price target, the U.S.-based nuclear energy company is trading at about US$20.87, noted Legg. From this price, the return to target, or potential gain for investors, is 89%.

Catalysts for the stock, he pointed out, are further operational success and increased knowledge and demand for small modular nuclear reactors.

Nano Nuclear remains Buy-rated.

Recent positive events

The energy company is developing two clean energy, portable microreactors named ODIN and ZEUS and building out a related supply chain.

Earlier this week, Legg reported, Nano Nuclear announced it acquired the intellectual property for the annular linear induction pump (ALIP) technology, used in small nuclear reactor cooling and heat transfer. The developer will apply the ALIP technology, which employs electromagnetic pumps versus physical pumps, to ODIN to further optimize this microreactor.

Also positive for the company and its stock was the passage last week of the Accelerating Deployment of Versatile, Advanced Nuclear for Clean Energy (ADVANCE) Act by the U.S. Senate. The law aims to facilitate the domestic development of advanced nuclear reactors.

"We believe this passing is further justification that nuclear is needed to reach climate initiatives, as nuclear is the only large-scale, reliable, emission-free energy source," Legg commented.

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Investment Risk Risks include the inability to source capital and fund NNE's buildout, the need to secure government permits related to nuclear power, loss of key management, unproven technologies at scale, larger well financed competition, and unforeseen regulations. 

Valuation Methodology Our target price of $39 is based on our NPV analysis built out to 2042 utilizing a 25% discount rate. Our share count increases to 55mm shares from 29mm today, factoring in equity raises over the next 5 years. Should the company receive government grants, our share count assumptions could prove conservative. We believe the stock will benefit from increased knowledge and proliferation of demand for SMRs as safety and use cases gain public acceptance as climate change initiatives favor emission free energy and see such as key catalysts for the stock alongside continued operational progress.

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