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Historical Gamma Ray Logs Unlock Potential at Colorado Anticline

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Atomic Minerals announced a detailed analysis of stratigraphic and gamma-ray logs from historical oil well data at the Dolores Anticline project in southwestern Colorado. Read on to find out what this means for uranium strategies moving forward.

Mr. Clive Massey, President & CEO of Atomic Minerals Corp. (ATOM:CSX;ATMMF:OTC), in a company press release, reported that the company has conducted a detailed analysis of stratigraphic and gamma-ray logs from historical oil well data at the Dolores Anticline project in southwestern Colorado. According to the press release, this analysis underscores Atomic Minerals' commitment to leveraging advanced geophysical techniques to refine its exploration strategies and enhance its understanding of central uranium prospects in the region.

The company utilized historical gamma-ray logs to perform a refined geological analysis at the Dolores Anticline, which has enabled the identification of geological formations and the evaluation of their uranium potential with increased precision.

"This advanced technology strengthens our uranium exploration efforts and optimizes our strategy for assessing our broad portfolio," stated Mr. Massey. He also expressed gratitude for the ongoing support from the communities in Monticello and San Juan County, which is crucial as the projects advance.

Why Uranium?

On May 1, the AP reported, "The Senate, meanwhile, gave final approval to legislation barring imports of Russian uranium, boosting U.S. efforts to disrupt Russia's war in Ukraine. Democratic President Joe Biden is expected to sign the bill into law." Adding, "About 12% of the uranium used to produce electricity at U.S. nuclear power plants is imported from Russia, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration."

In a February 20 article, Reuters gave reasons for the interest in uranium, writing, "It also comes with the revival of nuclear energy to help countries cut their carbon emissions, which was highlighted in the December 2023 Group of Seven most industrialized nations' statement that envisioned tripling nuclear energy capacity from 2020 to 2050."

Two months later, The Motley Fool covered uranium investments in an April 13, 2024 post. In it, they warned to look at the attractive potential but to be wary of the realities.

They wrote, "At the end of the day, Uranium Energy's story is interesting. Perhaps it is even attractive for those willing to take on more aggressive investments. But you shouldn't view this as a way to get rich quickly or even as a singular way to reach a seven-figure nest egg. The inherent volatility of commodities and the added risks associated with the uranium market suggest that Uranium Energy is a high-risk investment that will be prone to dramatic stock price swings. Maybe, as part of a much more diversified portfolio, it could help you become a millionaire, but taken alone, there's also the very real risk that it could leave you broke."


The detailed analysis of gamma-ray logs from historical oil well data at the Dolores Anticline represents a pivotal catalyst for Atomic Minerals. By scrutinizing 93 drill sites and identifying 19 with anomalous gamma ray values indicative of uranium presence, the company has established a strong base for targeted exploration. This high success rate of nearly 50% in pinpointing potential uranium deposits is instrumental as Atomic Minerals lays out plans for summer drilling, which could significantly expand the scope and depth of its uranium exploration activities.

Furthermore, the company's strategy to leverage historical data to guide drilling efforts aligns with the current global push for enhanced domestic uranium sources, particularly highlighted by the recent tariff on Russian uranium imports. This strategic positioning, coupled with the supportive infrastructure and community resources in nearby towns such as Moab and Monticello, provides Atomic Minerals with the necessary foundation to potentially increase its exploration efficiency and accuracy. 

Expert Analysis

On May 9, 2024, Technical Analyst Clive Maund spoke highly of Atomic Minerals. Maund wrote, "If you are interested in a low-priced uranium stock that should highly leverage the new uptrend in the uranium sector that is believed to be starting, then this is the stock for you."

In a May 6 YouTube video, McNallie Money higlighted Atomic Mineral's potential and the groundwork they've already laid out.

streetwise book logoStreetwise Ownership Overview*

Atomic Minerals Corp. (ATOM:CSX;ATMMF:OTC)

*Share Structure as of 5/13/2024

"On the 30th of April, Atomic Minerals announced advancement on their Colorado Plateau project in the southwest U.S., talking about the successful completion of their Maiden two-hole drill program at Harts Point recording elevated gamma ray counts over a 12.9 m downhole length in one of the holes and an over 16.2 M downhole length in one of the other holes so results are pending from that. They've also Al got the Dolores update and have now completed a thorough review of the Colorado oil and gas drill hole database allowing the company to now lay out their drill hole locations." 

Ownership and Share Structure

According to Reuters, Atomic Minerals has 27.57 million (73.92M) shares outstanding and 21.25 free float traded shares.

The company reported that over 21.77% of Atomic Minerals is owned by Independent Director Evan Bell, with CEO Clive Massey holding 0.46%,  Director of Finance/CFO Alexander Bernhard Helmel holding 0.34%, and Independent Director James Hyland holding 0.33% 

The rest is in retail.

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