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Oil and Gas Co. Gains Momentum With Operations Update
Research Report

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New Stratus Energy Inc. is building momentum with its update of its Venezuela operations, according to an Echelon Capital Markets research note.

Echelon Capital Markets analyst Adam Gill published a research note on New Stratus Energy Inc. (NSE:TSX.V) on March 4, 2024, reiterating a Speculative Buy rating and a CA$1.40 price target. The report highlighted the company's initial success in reactivating production in Venezuela and its strong financial position.

"New Stratus announced an operations update this morning, showing initial success on getting production reactivated on its opportunity in Venezuela," Gill wrote. "The first operations were in the Lido-Limon field, with the replacement of mechanical pumps on the LZ621 and NG-522 wells. This resulted in gross production (NSE has 20% WI) at 3,589 Bbl in January (~116 Bbl/d) and 2,317 Bbl in February (~80 Bbl/d) with some slowdown in February given maintenance on a gathering line."

As of March 4, 2024, production for Vencupet from the first two reactivated wells is 260 Bbl/d (20% net to NSE for 52 Bbl/d). Gill noted that "reactivation operations are ramping up into March and April, with an additional five wells to be restored, expected to drive production to 1,000 Boe/d (gross) by the end of April."

Gill also pointed out that New Stratus is in a solid financial position to fund the restoration program in Venezuela, sharing that the company has CA$35.4 million in current working capital, which, according to Gill, works out to CA$0.28 per share.

Gill also stated that he expected more cash to follow into the company through the spring, as "there are 12.6M warrants remaining with an exercise price at CA$0.45 (stock is current at CA$0.63), which should result in a ~CA$5.7M injection of cash into the Company near-term."

In the report, Gill commented that he thought the company was "low risk from a geological perspective." He said he believes that production will be catalyzed by the company's reactivation of wells that have previously shown production. 

He also noted that "there are also other revenue streams that lower the risk to commodity exposure near term."

Regarding the company's valuation, Gill stated that "at a 20% discount rate and only given risked resource value on the initial 90 well reactivation program, we see CA$0.79/shr. in value, more than underpinning the current stock price."

His CA$1.40 price target was based on a 15% discount on the risked total resource potential.

"On 2025, we see EV/DACF standing at 1.4x (international peers at 2.3x) and offering an 11.2% FCF yield," he concluded.

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