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Solar Energy Company Expands Network Overseas

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Three Sixty Solar Ltd. has signed an MOU with a variety of partners in the U.S., the Middle East, and Turkey. Read on to see why analysts rated this company's stock as a Buy.

Three Sixty Solar Ltd. (VSOL:NEO; VSOLF:OTC) announced in a press release on January 10, 2024, that the company had signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Infraforward Strategies, Tareeq Al-Ahmadi Company, Fibercom Company, and Zamil Group Trade and Services Company for vertical solar tower systems.

Together, the companies that Three Sixty Solar signed with represent the installation of solar towers in the United States, Iraq, Turkey, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Infraforward's focus is on digital infrastructure and green energy, while Tareeq Al-Ahmadi and Fibercom focus on construction, and Zamil Group is primarily a trading company with partnerships overseas.

Technical Analyst Clive Maund published an updated review of Three Sixty Solar, where he reaffirmed his positive view of the company and rated it as "an Immediate Strong Buy."

The co-founder of Infraforward Strategies, Ahmed Alomary, commented, "We are excited to have signed this MOU with Three Sixty Solar and our partners in the Middle East and Turkey. Since meeting Three Sixty Solar early in 2023, we have held the belief that their technology can be well applied in the renewable energy and telecom projects that we have been working on overseas."

Alomary continued, "With the addition of our partners in Iraq and Saudi Arabia, we believe that we can achieve deployment of the technology quickly and, with our partners in Turkey, we believe we can make the costs competitive."

6.9% Expected Annual Growth

According to Grand View Research, the market for solar energy is expected to grow by 15.7% by 2030 and is estimated to be worth US$160.3 billion in 2021. Grand View identified government initiatives prioritizing green energy as major drivers for solar energy, as well as the research race on the part of both private companies and government entities for more efficient energy production.

Fortune Business Insights predicted that the market will be worth US$373.84 billion in 2029 and grow by 6.9% each year. Fortune identified the development of photovoltaic technology as a major focus of the market and reported that the majority of solar panel manufacturing, at about 70%, is focused in China, representing a shortage of supply for solar panels manufactured elsewhere.

An Immediate Strong Buy

On July 24, 2023, Technical Analyst Clive Maund published an updated review of Three Sixty Solar, where he reaffirmed his positive view of the company and rated it as "an Immediate Strong Buy."

Maund commented on the company's stock patterns, "The shorter-term 6-month chart shows recent action in more detail, and the most important point to observe is the really big volume on the rally so far this month and how it drove the Accumulation line up to clear new highs which certainly looks bullish."

In March of 2023, Maund had also reviewed the company as "a Very Strong Buy" and stated that he believed that the company was a great long-term investment opportunity, especially given its bullish stock patterns.

streetwise book logoStreetwise Ownership Overview*

Three Sixty Solar (VSOL:NEO;VSOLF:OTC)

*Share Structure as of 1/11/2024

The company has a number of reports, according to the company's investor presentation, including its 5-year goal to establish 500 MW of solar towers internationally and to develop 25 solar farms in North America and Europe by 2027.

Ownership and Share Structure

Reuters provided a breakdown of the company's ownership and share structure, where management and insiders own approximately 2.96% of the company. According to Reuters, CEO Brian P. Roth owns 2.79% of the company with 1.25 million shares, and Director Scott McLeod owns 0.17% of the company with 0.08 million shares.

Reuters reports that institutional investors own approximately 17.12% of the company, as 0996996 BC Ltd. owns 17.06% of the company with 7.64 million shares, and Carret Asset Management, L.L.C. owns 0.06% of the company with 0.03 million shares.

According to Reuters, there are 44.78 million shares outstanding with 35.82 million free float traded shares, while the company has a market cap of CA$5.02 million and trades in the 52-week period between CA$0.14 and CA$0.91.

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