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Sector Expert: Brian Ostroff

Windermere Capital

Image: Brian Ostroff

Brian Ostroff is a managing director at Windermere Capital, where he focuses on the junior and mid-tier mining sectors. He also serves as CEO of Arianne Phosphate. He brings over 25 years of small-cap mining expertise to the table, having served at RBC Dominion Securities and as a managing partner at Goodrich Capital, an M&A advisory firm.

Recent Interviews

Surging Agricultural Prices, $17 Trillion and Phosphate (11/23/20)

Brian Ostroff, managing director at Windermere Capital and CEO of Arianne Phosphate, discusses the recent rise in agricultural commodity prices and their spillover into fertilizers.

Fund Manager's Top Picks for the Early Stages of a Trend Change (7/25/19)
Bear and Bull

Brian Ostroff, a partner at Windermere Capital, in this interview with Streetwise Reports, discusses three companies in his portfolio that he believes are poised to benefit from the rise in commodity prices.

How Does Top Resource Fund Manager Brian Ostroff Invest in Domestic Peace of Mind? Two Words: Gold and Phosphate (10/2/13)

International uncertainty about conflict, growth and market transparency can make the world a scary place to invest your life savings. In this interview with The Gold Report, Windermere Managing Director Brian Ostroff focuses on North American gold and phosphate stories that offer an alternative to risky jurisdictions and can be profitable at even conservative resource prices. By understanding the unique supply and demand factors for each subsector, he isolates the opportunities that often get buried in the big, bad commodity basket.

Recent Quotes

"There have been a lot of good reasons to own DAN, including the high quality of the phosphate it produces at Lac Ó Paul."

— Brian Ostroff, Windermere Capital (3/8/14)

"A lot of people throw around the words 'world class,' but DAN's asset is just that."

Resource Investing News Interview with Brian Ostroff (11/5/13)

"DAN has tripled the resource at its Lac Ó Paul pit; it is the biggest undeveloped phosphate asset in the world."

The Gold Report Interview with Brian Ostroff (10/2/13)

"BAR has done very well."

The Gold Report Interview with Brian Ostroff (11/26/12)

"AGE is onto something very exciting and will continue to prove it up."

The Gold Report Interview with Brian Ostroff (11/30/11)

"AGE has wonderful management and a lot of opportunities."

The Gold Report Interview with Brian Ostroff (4/15/11)

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