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Stephane Foucaud runs institutional equity research at Auctus Advisors. He co-founded the UK business of FirstEnergy Capital (now part of Stifel Nicolaus Europe) in 2009. Foucaud was a managing director for Equity Capital Markets responsible for European institutional research. Under his tenure, he was consistently highly ranked in the annual Extel survey and was selected as the #1 stock picker in the Energy sector by Thomson Reuters (previously Starmine) in its 2017 analyst awards. Before GMP FirstEnergy, he was a senior oil and gas analyst at Société Générale in London. Foucaud also worked for Schlumberger for seven years in various technical, operational management and corporate strategy roles globally. He holds a Master of Science in Engineering from the National School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering of Nancy, France; a Master of Science in Exploration Production from the French Petroleum Institute and a Master of Business Administration from INSEAD in France.

Recent Articles

Energy Stock Gearing Up for Drilling 04/10/2024

Chariot Ltd. is gearing up for drilling off and onshore, according to an Auctus Advisors research note.

Wireline Logging Suggests Productive Zones at Helium Well 03/25/2024

Recent interpretations of wireline logs at Pulsar Helium Inc.'s Jetstream #1 suggested productive permeable zones, noted an Auctus Advisors report.

Texas Energy Stock's Target Price 90% More Than Current 03/15/2024

Increasing revenues, more potential upside in Gabon, and imminent EG potential were factors in a US$10 target price for Vaalco Energy Inc., according to an Auctus Advisors research note.

Feasibility Study a Step To Unlocking a Mega Green Hydrogen Project 03/11/2024

Chariot Ltd.'s presented feasibility study may be a stepping stone to a mega green hydrogen project, according to an Auctus Advisors research note.

Oil and Gas Co. Offers Dutch Auction Tender at 10% Its Market Cap 03/08/2024

GeoPark Ltd.'s latest announcement of a Dutch auction is a strong signal that its shares offer value, according to an Auctus Advisors research note.

Encouraging Helium Results at Minnesota Well 03/01/2024

Pulsar Helium Inc. encountered promising initial helium shows at its Topaz #1 appraisal well in Minnesota, according to an Auctus Advisors research note.

Discovery Potential 50-100% Greater With This Energy Co. 02/22/2024

Panoro Energy ASA's Hibiscus South well has the potential to be 50-100% larger than expected, according to an Auctus Advisors research note.

Safety Move Impacts Energy Co.s Operations in EG 02/09/2024

While Panoro Energy's rig in EG was terminated, the financial impact should be minimal, noted an Auctus Advisors report.

Keep Your Eye on This Oil Co in Q1 02/06/2024

Auctus Advisors analysts Foucaud remained focused on the potential of Block 56, stating, "all eyes on Block 56" in a February 6 research note.

Oil and Gas Co. Guides to 20% Output Growth 01/23/2024

There may be 20% volume growth next year for PetroTal Corp., according to an Auctus Advisors report.

Energy Co.'s Production Steady, Debt Falls and 2024 Plan Set 01/16/2024

Pharos Energy Plc. released full-year 2023 production and financial results, reported an Auctus Advisors note.

Canadian Energy Co. Releases 2024 Plan 01/09/2024

Arrow Exploration has announced its 2024 production plan, according to a report by Auctus Advisors.

Co.'s Oil Well Success Points to Resource Growth 01/08/2024

Oil company Tethys Oil AB reported it had encountered hydrocarbons at its new exploration well, noted an Auctus Advisors report.

Energy Co. Increases Holdings in JV in South Africa 12/18/2023

Recently, Chariot Ltd. announced it had acquired increased holdings in South African joint venture, noted Auctus Advisors.

Oil Producer Set for Rising Cash Flows, Dividends 12/08/2023

Recently, Pharos Energy Plc. provided updates on its operations in Egypt and Vietnam, noted Auctus Advisors.

Good News Out of Colombia for Oil & Gas Co. 11/20/2023

Better-than-expected flows and a discovery from one well plus greater volumes out of another should positively impact future production totals, noted an Auctus Advisors report.

Oil Producer Adds Reserves and Exploration Upside Across Africa 11/17/2023

Stephane Foucaud at Auctus Advisors sees over 90% upside for Panoro Energy based on increased reserves, new exploration potential, and improving fundamentals.

Energy Co. in U.K. To Acquire Helium Asset in U.S. 10/24/2023

Given its current prices, the helium at this property, both discovered and prospective, could be "very valuable," noted an Auctus Advisors report.

Helium Co. Gains More Mineral Rights at MN Asset 10/23/2023

The newly signed lease affords the energy firm exclusive rights to nonhydrocarbon gases over 1,049 net acres, noted an Auctus Advisors report.

Energy Co. Has 205% Return Implied 10/19/2023

Warrants have been exercised for shares of this energy co. These transactions should improve the cash resources of the Canadian oil and gas company and eliminate related overhang on its share price, noted an Auctus Advisors report.

Canadian Energy Co. Produces 20 Mbbl Oil During Q3/23 10/11/2023

Given the maintained target price on this oil and gas firm, the return potential for investors is 106%, noted an Auctus Advisors report.

Helium Co. To Have Twin Well Drilled at Property in Minn. 09/27/2023

This new well, to be started in early December, will be placed 20 meters from the original that flowed 10.5% helium, noted an Auctus Advisors report.

Energy Co. Offers Return of 552% 08/23/2023

Production, up slightly in Q2/23, is expected to grow further in H2/23, noted an Auctus Advisors report.

Coverage Launched on New Helium Co. With 3x Upside 08/17/2023

Aiming to advance its primary project to production as soon as possible, the firm intends to drill test it in Q4/23, noted an Auctus Advisors report.

Co. May Develop New Oilfield In Light Of Positive Well Tests 08/15/2023

Two wells in an area in Oman have been producing, and others are slated for testing in the near term, noted an Auctus Advisors report.

Oil Co. Offering 789% Gain Partners to Advance Asset 08/11/2023

The deal, made with a "high-quality" Czech oil and gas producer, will help fund and speed up development of the Austrian project, noted an Auctus Advisors report.

Oil & Gas Co.'s Production in Gabon On The Rise 08/04/2023

Another well put online during Q2/23 boosted production at this African asset during the quarter, noted an Auctus Advisors report.

Oil Co. With 163% Potential Return Puts Another Well on Production 07/28/2023

The consistent production rate from this well, in Colombia's Carrizales Norte field, is estimated to be 1,400 barrels per day, noted an Auctus Advisors report.

Oil Asset Has Estimated Mean Resource of 13 Bbbl 07/25/2023

This high-impact exploration asset enhances the investment profile of the company owning a 70% working interest in it, noted an Auctus Advisors report.

Oil and Gas Co.'s Austria Resources Upgraded 06/27/2023

This Australian company has seen its resources at its projects in Austria upgraded. One analyst says the benefit is as much about risk reduction as it is about an increase in barrels.

No Asset Sale, But Oil and Gas Co. Sees High Free Cash Flow 06/27/2023

Calima Energy Ltd.'s second-quarter 2023 production and cash flow is estimated to beat one analyst's forecasts.

Australian Oil & Gas Co. To Choose Project Partner Soon 06/26/2023

This event is expected to boost the share price of this company offering 267% of possible upside, noted an Auctus Advisors report.

Co. Resumes Halted Work in Peru 06/26/2023

This required the local Indigenous group to stop barring river transport, which it agreed to after an alliance act was signed, noted an Auctus Advisors report.

Oil Discovery Could Add More Reserves Than First Thought 06/09/2023

Other news from the same location is that certain zones did not produce when recently tested, noted an Auctus Advisors report.

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"Short flowback of TAO's BED 1-7 well produced net oil of +500 bbl."

— Stephane Foucaud, Auctus Advisors (5/12/23)

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"IHC's merger with Royal will build a material player with huge upside."

— Stephane Foucaud, Auctus Advisors (5/2/22)

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