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Sector Expert: John "Jack" C. Hurley

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John "Jack" C. Hurley is a value investor. His investment philosophy is centered on sustainability, emerging technologies and finding fundamentally undervalued business entities positioned to benefit from long-term secular trends. Hurley has a B.S. in chemistry and is currently a part time graduate student at Rutgers University pursuing an MBS in sustainability with a concentration in energy technologies..

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Companies Commented On

  • Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies Corp.

Recent Interviews

The Future of Battery Storage and Management (3/9/21)
Energy storage

Value investor Jack Hurley profiles Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies, a company that provides the ability to manage any battery system down to the individual cell level and communicate DER bi-directionally between consumers and utilities.

A Solace to the Stress of the SolarWinds Hack (1/21/21)

Against the backdrop of the massive SolarWinds hack, value investor Jack Hurley discusses his investment thesis for Leonovus Inc., whose products provide an "ironclad level of cybersecurity."

Company Providing Microgrid Optimization Set for 'Exponential' Revenue Growth (12/8/20)

Value investor John "Jack" C. Hurley outlines the value proposition behind technology company CleanSpark.

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