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NGL Energy Shares Rise 21% as It Seeks to Raise $2.05 Billion from Senior Secured Note Offering
Source: Streetwise Reports  (1/21/21)
Shares of NGL Energy Partners LP traded higher after the firm made a series of announcements over the past three days regarding an update on financial operations, a settlement with a customer in bankruptcy, a quarterly Class D unit distribution and a $2.05 billion senior secured debt offering. More >

Western Midstream Posts 99% YoY Increase in Q3 Earnings, Announces $250 Million Buyback Program
Source: Streetwise Reports  (11/10/20)
Shares of Western Midstream Partners traded 23% higher after the company reported Q3/20 financial results that included a nearly 100% growth in net income. The firm also provided FY/21 guidance and announced a $250 million buyback program. More >

Altus Midstream Shares Flow Higher on Q3 Earnings and Plans for $1.50/Share Dividend in Q1/21
Source: Streetwise Reports  (11/5/20)
Shares of Altus Midstream Co. traded 170% higher after the firm reported Q3/20 financial results and announced plans to pay a quarterly dividend of $1.50 per share beginning in March 2021. More >

NGL Energy Partners Shares Rise 80% as the Firm Confirms 2020 Guidance
Source: Streetwise Reports  (3/19/20)
Shares of NGL Energy Partners traded higher after the company confirmed its fiscal 2020 EBITDA guidance and provided an update on current operations and capital expenditure reductions. More >

Tallgrass Energy Shares Rise 20% on Blackstone Partners Acquisition Deal
Source: Streetwise Reports  (12/17/19)
Shares of Tallgrass Energy LP traded 20% higher after the firm advised that it entered into a definitive merger agreement with Blackstone Infrastructure Partners to acquire all of the company's publicly held outstanding class A shares for $22.45 per share in cash. More >

Analyst: Outlook Positive for 'Water-Driven Turnaround Story'
Source: Streetwise Reports  (1/4/19)
This master limited partnership's presentation to analysts provided Raymond James with multiple reasons for long-term investment. More >

Adam Karpf

Simplification: A Positive Change for MLP Industry, Investors
Source: Adam Karpf for The Energy Report  (5/30/17)
The master limited partnership (MLP) industry, focused on energy infrastructure, is in the process of a major transformation known as "simplification," where limited partners have merged with or acquired the interests of the general partner. Adam Karpf, portfolio manager for MLP strategies at CIBC Atlantic Trust Private Wealth Management, discusses the trend toward simplification and the benefits for management teams and investors. More >

A Year of Tips for Winning the Natural Resource Investment War
Source: The Energy Report Staff   (12/29/15)
Energy investors are no strangers to boom-and-bust cycles. In fact, a number of the experts interviewed by The Energy Report in 2015 took a certain amount of glee in the opportunities they knew would open up in low-price markets for oil and gas, uranium and lithium. Let's take a trip around the world as we recall the words of wisdom these experts shared, and see if they can spark a better understanding of what we can expect during the next turn around the sun. More >

John Ragozzino

Three Upstream MLPs with the Discipline to Succeed in the Coming Recovery: RBC Analyst John Ragozzino
Source: JT Long of The Energy Report  (4/29/15)
Are you ready for $74 per barrel oil? In this interview with The Energy Report, RBC's John Ragozzino tells us he's anticipating a V-shaped oil price recovery that could bode well for upstream master limited partnerships, the companies that invest in oil and gas assets and have been hit hard by lower prices. He has followed MLPs through the highs and lows, and he knows which had the strength to hedge at the right times and which are liquid enough to take advantage of growth opportunities that could be right around the corner. More >

Hinds Howard

Hunting on the Backbone for Valuable Master Limited Partnerships with Hinds Howard
Source: Peter Byrne of The Energy Report  (11/6/14)
Hinds Howard knows what makes a master limited partnership worth buying and holding for income and tax advantages. In this interview with The Energy Report, the head of MLP research for asset management firm CBRE Clarion Securities explains why the recent downturn in the sector was a practically meaningless dip, and describes why MLPs are an ever-strong growth proposition built on the energy resource backbone: drilling, pipelines and refineries. More >

John Edwards

Credit Suisse Expert Targets MLPs that Could Increase Dividends and Yields in 2015
Source: JT Long of The Energy Report  (10/23/14)
War, severe weather and record natural gas production are buffeting energy stock prices. Where can investors turn for safety? In this interview with The Energy Report, Credit Suisse's John Edwards suggests that midstream master limited partnerships, while they have been volatile of late, are fundamentally stable business models, and have less exposure to volatility than explorers and producers. As a bonus, he names his top companies in a rising yield environment. Let's just hope oil stays above $80/barrel. More >

Ethan Bellamy

Energy Master Limited Partnerships Go Mainstream: Baird's Ethan Bellamy
Source: Peter Byrne of The Energy Report  (10/9/14)
As Robert W. Baird & Co.'s Ethan Bellamy explains, master limited partnerships are yield-producing investments that can bring remarkable returns to smart investors and provide short-term buy-sell profits. In this interview with The Energy Report, Bellamy discusses a fistful of partnerships worth an investor's dollars. More >

Frank Curzio

How to Exploit the Coming Natural Gas Export Explosion: Frank Curzio
Source: JT Long of The Energy Report  (5/8/14)
There's more than one way to invest in energy, and you don't have to choose between majors and juniors. Frank Curzio, editor of the Small Stock Specialist newsletter, tells us exactly why every investor needs a diversified portfolio of juniors, large-cap oil and gas producers and natural gas services. In this interview with The Energy Report, Curzio talks of a shifting political climate and why it could mean a massive boom for U.S. natural gas exports. Don't let yourself be caught out in the cold when the natural gas market catches fire. More >

Ronald Muhlenkamp

Get Positioned Now for the Next Great Natural Gas Switch: Ron Muhlenkamp
Source: Tom Armistead of The Energy Report  (1/23/14)
Cheap natural gas means Americans can buy the equivalent of a barrel of crude for $35. That's the exciting reality that has Ron Muhlenkamp, founder and portfolio manager of Muhlenkamp & Co. Inc., putting his investment dollars behind the next great fuel switch, this time in the transportation sector. With his fund having finished 2013 with a tidy 34.4% gain, he is now eyeing companies poised to outfit the U.S. transportation sector with all things natural gas, from fuel tanks to motors to filling stations. And let's not forget the folks who get it out of the ground. As Muhlenkamp tells The Energy Report, we've only just begun, so there's plenty of room to run with well-positioned companies. More >

energy rebalance

Why 'Energy Rebalancing' Means Huge Profits This Year
Source: Kent Moors, Oil & Energy Investor  (1/8/14)
"These profit opportunities involve big shifts in sourcing and systems that will combine with some major revisions in finance." More >

2014 oil and gas

2014 Outlook for Oil & Gas Stocks
Source: Keith Schaefer, Oil & Gas Investments Bulletin  (1/1/14)
"My outlook for the remaining oil and gas sub-sectors—from best to worst. . ." More >

Hinds Howard

Three Ways to Profit from MLP Funds: Hinds Howard
Source: Tom Armistead of The Energy Report  (9/5/13)
Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) started to enter the limelight in 2011, but the best may be yet to come. Low interest rates are acting as a tailwind in the space, and the sector experienced its best performance in Q1/13. Hinds Howard, chief investment officer of Guzman Investment Strategies and author of the MLP HINDSight blog, tells The Energy Report about the unprecedented growth MLP funds are enjoying. He names the top performers, reveals the pros and cons of this complex investment vehicle and shares his secrets for wringing the most value out of it. More >

Neal Dingmann

Stock Picking in the US Shale Basins: Neal Dingmann
Source: Tom Armistead of The Energy Report  (7/18/13)
As an oil analyst at SunTrust Robinson Humphrey, it's a given that Neal Dingmann has his eye on energy stocks come rain or shine. But whether you're bullish or bearish on U.S. shale development, it's wise to know which stocks are poised to deliver shareholder value. In this interview with The Energy Report, Dingmann tiptoes through North America's major shale plays (including an interesting hybrid) and points out the cream of the crop. More >

mexico natural gas pipelines

Who Will Benefit from the Mexico Natural Gas Export Boom?
Source: Dave Forest, Oil & Gas Investments Bulletin  (7/10/13)
"Mexico could be the surprise driver of marginal demand—and gas prices." More >

MLPs taxes

How to Play by the Rules and Beat the Tax Man with MLPs
Source: Kent Moors, Oil & Energy Investor  (4/18/13)
"MLPs allow owners to move tax liability directly to their personal returns, bypassing the need to pay corporate taxes." More >

Michael Peterson

Profit from Domestic Energy Growth with Upstream MLPs
Source: Zig Lambo of The Energy Report   (4/16/13)

Sideways oil and gas markets don't mean that investors can't find good upside opportunities and get paid while they wait for more exciting times. Michael Peterson, managing director and senior equity analyst at MLV & Co., tells The Energy Report why upstream MLPs offer stability and continued growth and which names stand out from the crowd.

More >

tax pools

Oil and Gas Tax Pools: A Little-Known Investor Strategy
Source: Keith Schaefer, Oil & Gas Investments Bulletin  (3/21/13)
"Discover which companies have big tax pools that will keep the taxman away." More >

Bruno  del Ama

Bruno del Ama: Junior MLPs Are Undervalued and Ready for Growth
Source: George S. Mack of The Energy Report  (2/7/13)
Master limited partnerships (MLPs) aren't just pipeline builders, nor are they all large caps. Bruno del Ama, CEO and co-founder of Global X Funds, sees significant value in junior MLPs anchored to exploration, production and storage as well as transportation. In this interview with The Energy Report, del Ama talks about a rare bottom-floor opportunity to profit while avoiding the tax and bookkeeping pitfalls of MLP investing. More >

Elliott Gue

What the Narrowing WTI/Brent Price Gap Means for Investors: Elliott Gue
Source: Zig Lambo of The Energy Report  (1/29/13)
Increasing pipeline capacity in the U.S. is expected to help close the troubling price differential between West Texas Intermediate and Brent prices. In this interview with The Energy Report, newsletter editor and international stock market strategist Elliott Gue discusses how this trend and other developments are affecting investment prospects, sharing some favorite names with upside potential. More >

Chen Lin

Chen Lin: How My Portfolio Gained 63% in 2012
Source: Zig Lambo of The Energy Report  (1/17/13)
Chen Lin has gotten so much attention for his investment success, new subscribers to his newsletter, What Is Chen Buying? What Is Chen Selling?, have to line up on a waiting list. Luckily, he sat down with The Energy Report to share some of the investment ideas that helped his portfolio climb 63% in 2012. Learn how Lin played price differentials and dividends to create outstanding gains in a challenging year, and what his moves for 2013 may be. More >

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