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Chris Berry Michael Berry

Transformative Energy Technologies: Michael and Chris Berry
Source: George S. Mack of The Energy Report  (6/13/13)
The synergy of temperament and intellect has fostered much success for the father-son team of Michael Berry, editor of Morning Notes, and Chris Berry, founder of House Mountain Partners LLC. In this Father's Day interview with The Energy Report, the Berrys reveal what they've learned from each other's investment strategies over the years, and mull energy metals and emerging green technologies that could be "compelling investment opportunities." They also reveal that, for all the familial camaraderie, there are energy issues about which they strongly disagree. More >

Bob Moriarty

Bob Moriarty: US Energy Self-Sufficiency Nothing But 'Feel-Good BS'
Source: JT Long of The Energy Report  (4/30/13)
What the "tree huggers" don't realize, says founder Bob Moriarty, is that "the BMWs they drive to anti-Keystone protests need fuel." But the pipeline supporters who expect that fuel to come from American sources are just as delusional, Moriarty asserts in his scathing interview with The Energy Report. That's why he's looking beyond North America for lucrative oil plays. Find out which international producers may be ideally positioned to supply an energy-hungry U.S., and why Moriarty believes oil should be taxed "to the limit." More >

bright lights texas oil

The Bright Lights of Big Oil
Source: Frank Holmes, Frank Talk  (4/11/13)
"We believe these economic bright lights have created significant opportunities for natural resources investors." More >


The New Frontier of Energy–The Old World
Source: Marin Katusa, Casey Research  (4/2/13)
"We firmly believe that we are in the middle of an European energy renaissance." More >

oil volatility

Two Reasons to Expect Greater Volatility in Oil Prices
Source: Kent Moors, Oil & Energy Investor  (2/14/13)
"A combination of rising demand and tension in the Middle East means oil prices will continue to climb." More >


What’s Black, Dusty. . .and Set to Profit?
Source: Matt Insley, Daily Reckoning  (2/7/13)
"It’s a coal bloodbath! But it’s also a perfect opportunity to 'buy low.'" More >


A Different Way to Invest in Natural Gas Stocks
Source: Keith Schaefer, Oil & Gas Investments Bulletin  (2/5/13)
"Ask producers about condensate." More >

On 'Peak Potash' and Doomsday Investment Themes
Source: Chris Mayer, Daily Reckoning  (1/31/13)
"Never fall for an argument that says we’ll run out of some natural resource or bet on the 'end' of cheap anything." More >

US Energy Independence: The Next Big Thing for 2013?
Source: Rita Sapunor of The Energy Report  (12/27/12)
Energy investment is about more than just the commodities; it's about growth. That's why, for example, the emerging economies theme has been an important one for investors who know that every business and modern home in Brazil, Russia, China or on the African continent will need to keep the lights on somehow. But the next big thing for 2013 may be in our own backyards: the drive toward U.S. energy independence. How feasible is this goal, and how can investors profit from it? With this question in mind, The Energy Report looked back at some of the most memorable interviews of 2012 for expert advice on how to get positioned. More >

Why Oil Is a 'Must-Have' Profit Play for 2013
Source: Kent Moors, Oil & Energy Investor  (12/13/12)
"A number of factors may push Brent and WTI prices higher next year, particularly in the first quarter." More >

World Order

How Oil and Gas Investors Are Playing the 'New World Order'
Source: Peter Krauth, Money Morning  (12/11/12)
"Every day it seems the energy scene is changing at a lightning pace, creating a new world order in energy." More >

Natural Gas: To Export or Not to Export?
Source: Matt Insley, The Daily Reckoning  (12/11/12)
"According to a report from the National Economic Research Associates, the U.S. would enjoy a 'net benefit' from exporting natural gas." More >

Keystone XL

Keystone Oil Pipeline Decision Key to Obama's Energy Policy
Source: Tony Daltorio, Money Morning  (11/20/12)
"The U.S. State Department, which is ruling on the project, is currently conducting another environmental assessment on the Keystone oil pipeline project. This assessment will be concluded by the summer of 2013." More >

The Energy Upside of the Fiscal Cliff
Source: Kent Moors, Oil & Energy Investor  (11/20/12)
"A pronounced move down in the market usually results in energy share prices falling faster. But when the recovery occurs, energy leads shares up." More >

Designing the World’s First Floating LNG Export Terminal
Source: Keith Schaefer, Oil & Gas Investments Bulletin  (11/20/12)
"It looks like the little guy is going to be the first out of the gate." More >

US energy independence

The Rocky Path to US Energy Independence
Source: Kent Moors, Oil & Energy Investor  (11/15/12)
"Before you decide to declare 'energy independence,' take a look at some of the downside that may come with it." More >

Kenya Urges Oil Producers to Collaborate
Source: Jacinta Moran, Platts  (11/15/12)
"Kenya wants countries in the region to increase collaboration in infrastructure development and financing in order to bring newly discovered resources to market." More >


IEA's Positive US Energy Outlook Hinges on the Fracking Fight
Source: Jeff Uscher, Money Morning  (11/13/12)
"The IEA forecasted that the U.S. will become the world's largest oil producer by 2020." More >

API Thinks Energy Was an Election Winner
Source: Gary Gentile, Platts  (11/13/12)
"After spending millions of dollars to promote positions championed by Mitt Romney and Republicans in Congress, the American Petroleum Institute issued the following post-election verdict: we won. Huh?" More >


The Real Energy Opportunity After Hurricane Sandy Is Logistics
Source: Kent Moors, Money Morning  (11/6/12)
"Yes, gasoline, oil and timber are needed. Unfortunately, that is not where you can exploit for profits." More >

Pay Attention to This Important Oil Chart. . .
Source: Matt Insley, The Daily Reckoning  (11/6/12)
"There's a lot of news set to hit the wires this week—but none may hold a candle to what the price of oil has to say." More >

Putting America’s Energy Boom In Perspective
Source: Matt Insley, The Daily Reckoning  (10/25/12)
"Today we're on the global hunt for oil and gas, and yet again it's brought us back to one hugely profitable place: our own backyard!" More >

Americans Use More Efficient and Renewable Energy Technologies
Source: R&D Magazine  (10/25/12)
"Americans used less energy in 2011 than in the previous year due mainly to a shift to higher-efficiency energy technologies in the transportation and residential sectors." More >

Canada Denies Petronas: A Catch-22 for LNG Exports
Source: Keith Schaefer, Oil & Gas Investments Bulletin  (10/23/12)
"Stocks that foreign companies looking to cash in on Canada's short shipping lines have been eyeing won't be bought out now—at least not for a while." More >

Hydraulic Fracturing and Water Use: Get the Facts
Source: Dana Bohan, Energy InDepth  (10/11/12)
"Given that large portions of our nation are facing serious drought conditions, there are justifiable concerns about our water supply. To fully understand this issue, it's important to analyze real-world data relating to water consumption." More >

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