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'Early Fireworks with Attractive Acquisition' of Assets from ExxonMobil (06/29/2019)

The deal and its benefits to the energy firm are addressed in a ROTH Capital Partners report.


Enriching Uranium: White House Expected to Rule on Section 232 Petition in July 2019 (06/27/2019)

A company with low-cost uranium projects stands to benefit from any uranium support measures the U.S. government enacts.


Torchlight Drops a Bombshell for Shareholders (06/25/2019)

A small-cap company sitting on a massive field with potentially several billion barrels of crude oil has caught the attention of Keith Kohl, managing editor of Energy & Capital.


Precious Metals Expert Rick Rule Shares 'Gold Nuggets of Wisdom' (06/25/2019)

Maurice Jackson of Proven and Probable and Rick Rule of Sprott USA engage in a wide-ranging discussion covering Pareto's law, the importance of courage and conviction in investment, copper, mentors and the upcoming Sprott Natural Resource Symposium.


Lithium Firm's Deposits Show High-Purity Spodumene (06/24/2019)

The implications of the results and the next catalyst are addressed in a ROTH Capital Partners report.


Analyst: Bid to Buy Battery Metals Firm Good Deal for Acquirer (06/21/2019)

Canaccord Genuity explained in a report its reasons for severely reducing its target price on this cobalt company post offer.


Rating on Solar Panel Manufacturer Downgraded on Recent Stock Strength (06/21/2019)

The potential impact on the company of likely macroeconomic tailwinds are discussed in a Raymond James report.


Skyharbour Resources Shoots and Scores in Basement Rocks of the Athabasca Basin (06/21/2019)

Good drill results from the Maverick Zone, coupled with strengthening sentiment on uranium, bode well for this company, says Peter Epstein of Epstein Research.


'Outstanding' Cost Metrics Place Oil & Gas Producer at Top of Coverage List (06/20/2019)

A review of those figures and revised Q2/19 estimates were given in a ROTH Capital Partners report.


'Strong Well Results Continue to Drive the Story' for SM Energy Even as Target Price Slashed (06/20/2019)

The raised production guidance for Q2/19 and full-year 2019 was discussed in a Raymond James report.


Delphi to Sell Excess Pipeline Service (06/20/2019)

The divestment better aligns the company's natural gas transportation capacity with its estimated future production growth.


High-Grade Uranium Target Discovered at Athabasca (06/20/2019)

The 4-kilometer-long corridor at the project remains open along strike and at depth.


Blue Sky Uranium Advances Amarillo in Argentina (06/18/2019)

A uranium exploration company with a project in Argentina is profiled in this guest post from The Northern Miner.


Explorer's PFS on Nevada Lithium Project Due Out This Summer (06/17/2019)

The phase 2 metallurgical program and phase 1 environmental assessment are underway.


MLP to Divest U.S. Gas Storage Assets, Focus on Refinery Services (06/13/2019)

The benefits of the deal to the partnership are discussed in a Raymond James report.


Miner Poised to Benefit from Higher Vanadium Demand (06/11/2019)

With demand of vanadium expected to increase and U.S. uranium possibly getting a bump by White House action, this company could be in the driver's seat with its U.S. projects.


Small-Cap Producer Achieves Record Oil Sales (06/10/2019)

The quantity sold jumped about 274% from April to May.


Texas Oilfield Services Provider to Acquire Company in Same Space (06/06/2019)

With the merger, the company can, for one, expand its production market services.


Study Results Bode Well for Oil & Gas Producer's STACK Acreage (06/04/2019)

The company will use the new data when choosing its next drilling location there.


Firm Ships First Power Storage Products to Hanwha Q CELLS (06/04/2019)

The Canadian company has been asked to send a greater quantity next time, in July.


Lithium Company's US Demonstration Plant Will Turn a Lot of Heads (06/04/2019)

Peter Epstein of Epstein Research discusses a U.S. lithium project that may be in commercial production by 2022.


Energy Services Company Surges 30% During Tuesday Trading (06/04/2019)

Basic Energy Services Inc. saw its stock price jump more than 30% following the announcement of a share buyback program.


U.S. Power Outages Signal 'Below-Radar Demand Driver for Fuel Cells' (06/03/2019)

An explanation is given in a Raymond James report for why fuel cells are superior over batteries for backup power generation during outages.


Uranium Explorer Plans Drill Program on Canadian Prospects (06/01/2019)

This company's chief geologist describes opportunities for project generation in the Athabasca Basin and beyond in conversation with Maurice Jackson of Proven and Probable.


Midland Results: Not Blockbuster but Encouraging (06/01/2019)

Money manager Adrian Day discusses recent results from Midland's drilling at Myrthril, as well as recent results from several other major gold companies, noting some are good buys.


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