Penny Queen

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Bion Environmental Technologies, Connecting the Dots 01/17/2023

In light of Bion Environmental Technologies signing a letter of intent to develop a 45,000- head sustainable beef project with Olson Farms/TD Angus, Penny Queen reviews the company to tell you whether she believes it is a good buy.

Major Contract and Faster Commercialization for Chemicals Co. 11/29/2022

Since hitting the market on November 10, 2022, ASP Isotopes has been busy and has now announced a US$675 million-dollar contract. Expert Penny Queen shares this news and reviews why she still believes this company is worthwhile.

Clean Nuclear Med Tech With Quantum Blue Sky 11/09/2022

With MedTech ASP Isotopes hitting NASDAQ tomorrow, expert Penny Queen reviews the company to tell you why she believes it is worth your attention.

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