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'Top Pick' Cleantech Firm Reconfigures Existing Technology to Simplify Electric Vehicle Charging
Source: Streetwise Reports  08/03/2021

A Haywood report noted that this new use for Exro Technologies' coil driver has "important indications to cost reduction" on both the vehicle and infrastructure sides.

First Cobalt Corp.: North American Battery Materials Powerhouse in the Making
Source: Peter Epstein for Streetwise Reports  07/22/2021

Peter Epstein of Epstein Research profiles First Cobalt and explains why he is bullish on the company.

Battery Metals Bounce Higher as Producers Make a Push for New Mining and Processing Tech
Source: McAlinden Research for Streetwise Reports  07/16/2021

McAlinden Research Partners anticipates that as governments continue to prioritize clean energy developments and electric vehicle (EV) sales remain at record levels, rising demand for battery metals should push prices for lithium and nickel higher.

EVgo's Shares Surge after GM Names Company Preferred EV Fleet Provider
Source: Streetwise Reports  07/15/2021

EVgo Inc. shares traded 14% higher after the company reported it was chosen to be a preferred provider by GM for electric vehicle fleets.

Compass Minerals Identifies 2.4 MMT Lithium Resource at Utah Solar Evaporation Site
Source: Streetwise Reports  07/14/2021

Compass Minerals International shares traded 13% higher setting a new 52-week high after the company reported it discovered a sustainable 2.4 million metric ton lithium resource within the ambient brine of the Great Salt Lake at its Ogden, Utah, solar evaporation site.

Cypress Development Corp. De-risks Flagship Project with Direct Lithium Extraction Partner
Source: Peter Epstein for Streetwise Reports  07/12/2021

Peter Epstein of Epstein Research explains why he believes there will be significant lithium production from the U.S. and the role that Cypress Development could play.

PEA 'Signals Doubling of Production' for Potential Uranium Takeout Target
Source: Streetwise Reports  07/09/2021

An Eight Capital report raises its target price on Azarga Uranium after the company released a preliminary economic assessment on its Gas Hills uranium project.

Helium Exploration & Development Company Offers 'Key Advantages'
Source: Streetwise Reports  07/06/2021

An Eight Capital initiation report details the factors that make Imperial Helium attractive.

Positive Project PEA Makes Uranium Company 'Two Trick Pony,' Says Analyst
Source: Streetwise Reports  07/06/2021

The preliminary economic assessment for Azarga Uranium's Gas Hills project and what it means for the company are discussed in a Haywood Securities report.

Long-Term Rise in Electric Vehicle Sales Likely to be Driven by a Buildout of Charging Infrastructure
Source: McAlinden Research for Streetwise Reports  07/05/2021

McAlinden Research Partners concludes that the investment in charging station infrastructure must rise in order to meet the push from automakers and governments for increasing electric mobility.

Vertex Energy Shares Rise 36% on Sale of Oil Collection and Recycling Portfolio
Source: Streetwise Reports  06/30/2021

Vertex Energy shares climbed to a new 52-week high after the company reported it entered into an agreement to sell its used motor oil collection and recycling assets to Safety-Kleen Systems for $140 million.

Helium Company 'Continues to Stand Out as a Leader in the North American Helium Pubco Space'
Source: Streetwise Reports  06/29/2021

Royal Helium's recent financing, its path to first production and its resource growth plan are all discussed in a Cormark Securities report.

Solar Company's Project Backlog 'Anticipated to Result in High Margin Recurring Revenue Stream'
Source: Streetwise Reports  06/29/2021

An addition to UGE International's project backlog is covered in a PI Financial report.

Solar Installations Steady but Polysilicon Costs Climb, Extending Delays
Source: McAlinden Research for Streetwise Reports  06/25/2021

McAlinden Research Partners maintains that robust corporate and governmental investment in renewable energy should drive global solar installations higher in 2021, while noting that the industry will continue to struggle with supply-side headwinds and volatility ahead.

'Undervalued' Helium Company Presents 'Key Opportunity' for Investors
Source: Streetwise Reports  06/24/2021

The factors making Royal Helium stock attractive are outlined in an Eight Capital report.

Lithium Play Poised to Add Properties, Explore Brine Deposits in Argentina
Source: Streetwise Reports  06/24/2021

Argentina Lithium is operating in the "lithium triangle" in a country where Joe Grosso and his team have made more big discoveries than anyone else.

US Lithium Company 'Announces Significant Increase in Project NPV'
Source: Streetwise Reports  06/17/2021

The new data and their expected impact on Piedmont Lithium's stock are discussed in a ROTH Capital Partners report.

Outperform-Rated Oil & Gas Company Adds 'Black Swan to the Flock' with Acquisition
Source: Streetwise Reports  06/17/2021

Tourmaline Oil's purchase of a private energy firm is discussed in a CIBC report.

Firm Lands Its Largest-Ever Solar Energy Project in Metro New York City
Source: Streetwise Reports  06/11/2021

UGE International's newest self-financed project and its backlog are discussed in a PI Financial report.

Gas Company Hits Thickest Net Gas Pay to Date With Latest Appraisal Well
Source: Streetwise Reports  06/11/2021

A Research Capital Corp. report provides Canacol Energy's recent well-drill results and next steps.

Technical Picture for Hydrogen/Oil Stock 'Has Strengthened'
Source: Clive Maund for Streetwise Reports  06/11/2021

Technical analyst Clive Maund charts Jericho Energy Ventures' stock and explains why he anticipates that it will advance.

Renewables May Present Opportunity for Big Oil
Source: McAlinden Research for Streetwise Reports  06/11/2021

As pressure mounts on the energy industry's carbon emissions, McAlinden Research Partners asserts renewable energy could be the release valve.

Firm Boosts Guidance for Installed Renewable Energy Capacity by 70%
Source: Streetwise Reports  06/09/2021

Ørsted's updated operational and financial projections are presented in a Pareto Securities report.

The Origins of COVID-19, Transitory Inflation and Precious Metals
Source: Michael Ballanger for Streetwise Reports  06/08/2021

Sector expert Michael Ballanger discusses the origins of the pandemic and the latest market moves.

Orbital Shares Shoot Higher After Subsidiary Lands 700-Mile Engineering and Construction Project
Source: Streetwise Reports  06/01/2021

Shares of Orbital Energy Group Inc. traded 115% higher after the company reported its subsidiary Gibson Technical Services secured a contract to provide approximately 700 miles of turnkey engineering and construction services across Central Mississippi.

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